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Monster Trumpet

  1. blargman
    What do you guys think of these? I just bought a pair and I'm significantly underwhelmed.  I can't seem to get a good seal with them( though admittedly I do have some weird ear canals). I also can't understand why they put the volume adjustment like 5 inches from the head phone. It looks like I'm wearing an earring. Overall they sound decent when I can get a good seal by forcing my ear canal around them with my fingers.  Already I'm looking at alternatives.
  2. DaBomb77766
    I think often the remote for IEMs is up high like that so they can actually have a functional chin slider...otherwise it'd stop too low, unless they had the split design of the Apple earbuds.
    Have you gotten a good seal with other IEMs before though?
  3. blargman
    Yeah, I just replaced some cheaper Klipsch's that I had previously.  I've owned JH13's and ER4P's. I always have some difficulty. Perhaps I just need to work at it some more. Just frustrating. Obviously the customs were the best :D
  4. blargman
    I will give them props on the # of inserts. There were 6 in the main package. Then I was looking for the manual and noticed there's a bag with another 5. haha. I think I in this bag I found some that I like a bit better. :wink:
  5. ZARIM
    If you have difficulity wearing them because deep insertion then buy some IEMs which stay in outer ear like Sennheiser IE8/80, JVC FX700, Sony EX1000, GR07 and Denon AH-C400.
  6. blargman
    Nah the Monster's fit on the outside of the ear pretty well with their rounder rubber tips.  Wasn't very comfortable though. I sold them. They just weren't a good fit for me.  Bought some sony xba-3ip's. Night and day. They fit perfectly with the default tips :D Love em so far. They seem like a solid cheapish IEM.
    /thread !
  7. mclover
    I received trumpets as a exchange unit from Monster for my coppers, they sounded pretty nice..but the bling factor, placement of the mic/remote really killed them for me.

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