1. Prophet293

    Looking for that perfect pair

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking for a pair of headphone that looks good, light/compact and sounds great.   The Bowers & Wilkins P5 was my go to headphone for almost 2 years until I recently purchased the Denon D7100. While the 7100 sounds absolutely amazing off the iPhone 6, it's just too dam...
  2. daviekatz

    Best thing-that-fits-in-your-ear for $300 (and a basic questions)

    Hello Everyone,   First, a questions about terminology. What's the difference between IEMs, earbuds, earphones, and canalphones?   I'm looking for the best sounding thing-that-fits-in-your-ear (I'll just refer to them as IEMs for simplicity) for $300. I listen to a diverse array of...
  3. Boater

    Denon C400

    I wondered if anyone had changed the cable for this headphone want to use a soft material to reduce the bone conduction don't really matter the Apple Control (like the sound of C400, but the cable...)   or, is there any post about how to diy a headphone with Detachable Cable (like Shure)...
  4. ShooterMacG

    Sony XBA2iP or Denon ah c400

    These are both going cheap on amazon at the moment. Both are dual balanced armature IEMs. I have heard that the Denons distort at high volumes (I don't really go too high myself) I'm looking to pick up one or the other next week. Which would you choose and why?
  5. lipan03

    focusrite 2i2 vs. m audio fast track c400 DAC

    i am looking to buy a audio interface.whith a good DAC, that will be better than my fiio e10.  which one would you pick ? 
  6. drawingbreath

    IEM for replacing Denon AH-D7000

    Hi everyone Our office is about to move from separate rooms to an open plan environment; something no one is looking forward to. For the last year I have been using and appreciating my AHD7000's at work each day, but because sound isolation isn't the best I think now is the time to get some...
  7. Faringan

    Best IEM for rock (under 250 €)?

    Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful  ) forum months ago... I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range... My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music. I'm searching for something that...
  8. blargman

    Monster Trumpet

    What do you guys think of these? I just bought a pair and I'm significantly underwhelmed.  I can't seem to get a good seal with them( though admittedly I do have some weird ear canals). I also can't understand why they put the volume adjustment like 5 inches from the head phone. It looks like...
  9. BRSxIgnition

    New DENON "Music Maniac" & "Urban Raver" Lines: D7100, D600, D400 & C300 Impressions Thread

    As a part of DENON's new product line of headphones, the AH-D600's and AH-D7100's make up the two flagship models - called the 'Music Maniac' line.     *Denon AH-D7100 Left, AH-D600 Right.   ... And the AH-D400 and AH-C300 make up the mid-range models - called the "Urban Raver" line. The...
  10. jude

    Denon Officially Announces Its New Headphones!

    I was invited for a visit to Denon's U.S. offices last week to meet with Denon's Petro Shimonishi (Senior Global Product Manager - Headphones) and Danielle Kohler (Headphone Product Manager-The Americas) for an introduction to Denon's new headphones--a lot of new headphones, with 11 new models...
  11. preventme


    hey guys! right now the situation is that I owned and using the SHURE SRH440 with 840pads and I loved it but wanna try something new because of some cons. cons #1 headphones need to be carried in a bag. therefore if im travelling without my bag I will not bring my headphone. cons #2 sometimes...
  12. dweaver

    Denon AH-C300 Urban Raver and AH-C400 Music Maniac Discussion Thread

    Thought I would start a thread for these two new babies to the market.   AH-C400 Music Maniac     AH-C300 Urban Raver   I am most interested in the Maniac model my self but the Raver has some very cool features (if it just wasn't described as bone jarring!!!). Anyway, have at...
  13. Denon AH-C400

    Denon AH-C400

    Denon’s new $249 AH-C300 may be the biggest, bassiest in-ear monitor in headphone history. Each of the IEM’s seemingly bulky earpieces has one of Denon’s patented Double Air Compression Drivers. It’s an arrangement with dual 11mm drivers, both firing at each other into a chamber that vents...