1. jolness

    Shure se115 cable splitting

    The shielding on my shure se115s (dont judge they were a gift, and while the sound signiture isnt perfect, they arent too bad honestly with a bright source or amp. I haven't used them in a few months, found them and noiced a small split in the shielding. My question is 4 fold. 1) Can they be...
  2. augustao

    IEMs with good soundstage and clarity

    Hello,   I have a pair of Denon AH-D5000 and I really like its clarity, soundstage and instrument separation. When compared to the Koss Porta Pro, Philips SHE3580, Shure SE115, these all sound congested and muffled to me. I'd like IEMs close to the Denons. What would you recommend?   Edit...
  3. gisxer

    Need New pair with In-line mic and isolation

    I have a pair of Shure SE115m+ that I use with my Android phone.  I use them for commuting to work on the subway and they are thrashed from a few years of use. The cable has split in several places and the electrical tape I used to try to repair it is not doing the trick, so I want to get a new...
  4. Stormbringer

    IEMs for iPhone [alternative for Etymotic HF2/HF3]

    ===== February 2014 EDIT (same question) =====   Original post was in November 2012 (when I thought I lost my IEMs). Now, in February 2014, I surely lost my Etymotic HF2's. The cables were on two parts torn already, but I enjoyed the Etymotics for 4 years. So I need something new.   However...
  5. xfls

    Good handsfree adapter with mic?

    I searched the forum but it looks like that all the quality ones (Shure MPA, Audio Technica AT-MP100..?) are not available anymore. There is some cheap ones on ebay but I need something that would last more that 1 week. Maybe Belkin Mic with Remote for iPhone, Griffin SmartTalk Headphone...
  6. Adel

    new in ear monitors

    hey all people   i got my creative ep630 for about 2 years now and i want to change them to a better one even that they are doing great with deep bass but they are overtaken the cleary sound and thats what i want to change   i have looking one 3 in ear monitors that i have looking at. i...
  7. liveify

    Help me choose? Comfortable IEM's with sound signature close to HD598 ~$200

    I am looking to buy a pair of IEM's for around $200. I have never had IEM's over $50 but I am looking to get good ones. I have Senn HD598's that I love; they're the best headphones I've ever heard and they're very comfortable..   The two biggest things I'm looking for are comfort and sound...
  8. GeneralSmirnoff

    SHure OEM Fit Kit

    SO I found my pair of SE115 headphones and I sent a nice message to Shure saying that my tips ripped. Long story short, they're gonna send me a fit kit. Did any of you guys get this kit and if so what does it include?
  9. bmeat

    ultimate ears question

  10. tmac1131

    shure se102 VS shure se115 VS senn mm50?

    i need these iem for my iphone   tnx in advance
  11. scatteredshadows

    Best built IEM/ear buds under $150, suited to working out

    My price range is flexible downwards but I want to stick as close to $150 as possible on the upper end. I have some higher end headphones and IEMs for careful listening and quiet environments, so these mainly will be used at the gym, when doing housework or other more physical activities where I...
  12. KaZaric

    What's with Shure selling all those insanely pricey mic cables for entry iems like se215s?

    I don't get their marketings at all, why don't they make a mic version of se215 like 115s? Instead you gonna buy another mic cable that costs like like $50? What's the point of buying an entry iem like this then? And what's with that great wall of china length cable huh? Damn they must be nuts
  13. nicholars

    What are the best IEM for £100 - £200 ?

    I have some shure SE115 atm.... They are quite good but I would like some better ones...   I am looking for :   Excellent bass > Deep, good PRAT   Good mids > preferably not too recessed mids   Highs > Non sibilant, Dont mind slightly recessed highs, find harsh / excessive treble...
  14. Taco799

    Suggestions for cable thump free in-ear earbuds?

    I am a college student and i walk around all day between classes, the last thing i want after coming out of math and putting in my headphones is to get a headache from the cable hitting my chest and stomach, and just ruining all the sound.   i am just looking for a pair of in ear headphones...
  15. pragmatick

    Phone + Headphones = Bad quality?

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right subforum, but I thought the issue is general enough. I bought a HTC phone (Diamond2) and Shure SE115 headphones. I connect them via a Micro-USB to 3.5mm adapter. The sound quality is abysmal. I don't have the highest standards and expectations, but it...
  16. cmzwirner


    Im seeing mixed reviews on this IEM. Im finally coming here to post a question, which i should have done in the first place.   I lost my SE115's and would like to purchase something a little bit better. I have been looking around, and i have been drawn to the westone 2's. I found them for...
  17. veggiop

    Headphone opinions please!

    Hello all! I now need to go purchase a new set of headphones, I previously had the Shure SE115 set, before that the Monster Turbines and before that the Bose inear sets. As you can see I dont like the crappy sets (but not the super expensive stuff :P ) I enjoy lots of bass and great highs...
  18. qdhaley

    Good set for under 70?

    Hey guys, I just broke my pair of Sonys, so I was wondering what you'd recommend for a nice pair of headphones under 70 dollars.  I'm willing to buy used, I just want something that sounds good.  Thanks all!
  19. eske

    excess cable solutions for IEM

      From what I'm reading on the forum, I'm dramatically limiting myself if I only look for In-Ear phones with a "short cord"   Forgetting about that is leading me towards the Shure SE215   but as I have a BT remote clipped to my collar  - What would be the best way to deal with the...
  20. NoNoise

    Noise Isolation earphones

    Hi, I'm new to this website.   Can someone recommend me some earphones that offer the best noise isolation with audio quality as second priority.   I have a pair of UE 700s. They work great, but I was wondering if there are other earphones out there that have better noise isolation.  ...
  21. Ja jay deeeeEEE

    Shure SE115

    I have been using Bose IE now for 1year and i felt like upgrading, so i went and picked up some se115's. Can anyone tell me if the se115's need 'burn in' time as i find the bass lacking quite abit. I have already got a good tight seal with memory foam tips but they seem inferior compared to my...
  22. lweijs

    Replacing my Sennheiser CX300 II's.

    Alright, well yesterday I (for the very first time) broke a set of eargear. So I need to find a new set of IEM's, I would like to upgrade a little. I was looking at the Shure SE115, SE215 or SE315.   Originally I was looking to spend about 150AUD, which would mean I'd have to go for the...
  23. koonyue

    Safe volume level in iTunes (MacOS)

    Hi guys,   I have just got my first in-ear Shure 115.   However, my wife complain on the volume of my music, obviously she think an in-ear type is quite scary.   Therefore I am seeking for yours volume reference, here's mine:   MacOSX sound level: 6 steps iTunes slider: around...
  24. ambigramic

    Looking for iem's that are good for studying... (blocking out alot of sound)

    my budget is around $100 and i need iem's (preferably) that can block out alot of sound and little sound leakage as possible. i would be studying mainly at the library and sometimes at home, and was deciding to go with the shure se115's (apparently can block out about 35db) and they fit in my...
  25. PANGES

    Shure SE535 sound really muffled??

    I was just curious if anyone could give me some insight as to whether there's something wrong with my earphones, or if this is simply the way they are. I'm thinking about sending them in to Shure, or Earphonesolution, or wherever they need to be sent to be checked and/or repairs/replaced...