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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. skajohyros
    Please compare zs10 to zs5 v1. Thanks
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  2. CoiL
    You locate in UK? Willing to sell Your ZS5v1? :D It is quite ok post cost from UK to Estonia.
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  3. loomisjohnson
    the zs10 seems to be taking the atypical path of getting generally less-than-favorable first impressions--usually the new kz releases get initial accolades before regressing to the mean. it could be that they are an unexpected tuning to which listeners need to adjust, or it could mean they're not that good--i'll be curious to see more reviews
  4. Oscar-HiFi
    They were a gift from my girlfriend, I bought them with the silver cable too. I couldn't sell them, so they will remain with me but likely won't get used much :)

    This was the first time in about 8 months that I listened to them haha
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  5. Podster
    Well @sino8r , all of mine Red, Black and Gray have the ridge so I may have just gotten lucky with ridge production runs. Seems the few I've seen without a ridge are the green model. I can tell no difference in my red and black models but as advertised the Gray is/was supposed to be bass enhanced but I'm not so sure it's bass enhancement or for some reason I just feel the gray pair is somewhat more efficient, for me at same volumes as used on the red and black the gray pair sounds a little more lively and does seem to bring out a little more bass:thinking: Then again I have no testing tools other than a worn out set of ears:rolling_eyes:
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  6. Otto Motor
    After Three Days With The KZ ZS10...Yet Another Zombie Earphone From KZ
    ...and using it over extended periods of time with different equipment...

    How can it be characterized...everything in the following is my opinion and therefore subjective: The ZS10 has very good resolution, a thick lower end and recessed mids with fine treble.

    How does it compare to other recent KZ multidrivers: the ZS10 is essentially a marginally better resolving ZSR with a similar bass but more distant mids and no sibilance or overdone treble. It has a thicker bass compared to the ZS5 v1 but similarly recessed mids, albeit not hollow or nasal sounding. And, just like the ZSR, the ZS10 bears little resemble to the more analytical ZS6.

    These statements are testable! Your turn...

    My overall verdict: Nothing special!

    Who needs the ZS10: Anybody who likes the design/looks, collects KZ iems, is half deaf, and who doesn't own all the latest KZs. If you have the ZSR, you should at least catch a few more reviews and educated opinions before spending your money.

    Other opinions: I have only read the glaring review at the phonograph.net. They don't state their source (forgive me if I can't find it), between the lines you read that they use a FiiO E12 Montblanc amp...which makes for a different listening experience compared to a phone alone (I have this amp, too). Their review is full of emotion (hype, praise) from the beginning, that is the observation part...which is not acceptable. Considering all the ads on their site, I suspect they have a conflict of interest. According to the phonograph, the ZS10 is the best thing since the slice of bread. I would be cautious.

    Why am I so critical: KZ has been baiting us suckers with tons of recent new earphones by increasing the number of drivers as buying incentive. I have all of them. Bottom line is that the number of their Bellsing drivers is is not correlated with listening pleasure. Many of us will prefer the tonality of the "lower-end" ZSR.

    Why won't the ZS10 be my daily drivers: the combination of thick bass and thin mids is not appealing to my hearing.

    What role will the ZS10 have in my collection: it will go into my big graveyard of half-baked KZ multidrivers as another zombie earphone (KS3, ZST, ES3), as yet another example how KZ didn't see the forest for the trees. Considering that they can't get better mids out of 5 drivers shows me that they still have much thinking to do. In the meantime, I get "more" music out of my single-driver $60 Fidue A65 earphone.

    Which KZ earphones do I actually use on a regular basis: ZSR, HDS1/3, EDR1/2...the rest I rather look at and think back what good deals they were.

    P.S. A general word on in ear monitors: The Edge of U2 uses a single-driver iem and Beyonce uses a 12-driver iem. Go figure...

    f21bb932098d2825c6444a258d29d3a5.png hype.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  7. mbwilson111
    We watched this on the big TV. Beautiful city!
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  8. phower
    I am not sure whether KZ has real designers. It feels like a Chinese takeout. Your order is

    2 BA
    2 DD
    1 Silver cable
    Total $40+$1 for mic.

    Thank you. come again.:smiley:
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  9. Otto Motor
    It is the recessed mids in combination with a thick bass ...the lack of ability to produce presence in the vocals department has been KZ's problem all along (since introducing multidrivers). You'd expect improvement from the additional drivers added from model to model but this quantity turns out to be window dressing and does not translate into quality. KZ keep on creating high expectations and continue not fulfilling them. My patience is coming to an end. Surely, the ZS10 must be the world's worst 5-driver earphone in terms of mids...and the cheapest.

    Your partner Vidal is sensitive to bass. I really look forward to his opinion.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  10. B9Scrambler
    I'm so glad I'm going to say jack #@!% about the ZS10 until my review is posted. This thread is a trip and half :)
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  11. loomisjohnson
    i ended up selling my (suddenly in high-demand) zs5v1, which i admired but never fell in love with, and ordering the zs10 just to see what they could do with a gazillion drivers. it hasn't even shipped from a month ago, but maybe it'll show eventually. in the meantime i've been spending the most time with my shiny new toy, the senfer ues, which is uncannily close to the real ue900s, and with the ed9, which remains unvanquished in my kz pantheon and has more of the vocal presence you refer to....
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  12. HungryPanda
    I'm happy listening away with my ZS6 (Green one) with upgraded silver cable and enjoying them very much

  13. Slater
    The 2-pin plug is molded into the shape of an "H". The indentations of the "H" fit into notches machined into the metal shell (like a key in a way).

    It is mechanically held in place by this method, and cannot fall in or out (despite some of them feeling a little bit "loose"). Gluing is totally unnecessary. You will be fine.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  14. Podster
    What I'm basically taking from all these reviews are the ZS10 are lackluster due to the heightened bass and recessed mids, everyone complained about all the treble and sizzle from ZST to ZS6 (mind you I've never heard any of that from any of them but I like maybe even love my treble) so killing the treble in the ZS10 has basically killed all that sweet female vocals which has been a staple for anyone who liked the ZST thru ZS6! Reminds me of the old saying watch out what you ask for because as far astray as KZ can get they are listening I believe.

    ZS10 does not sound like an iem for me (of course I could be wrong and I will be watching for B9's review, a truly trusted ear for Pod) and then there is the fit issue. I'll keep letting the stew cook and who knows I may change my mind plus it gives them time for the new to roll off and more importantly the price to go down:wink: And in layman's terms this has just been another A-Holes opinion:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  15. Slater
    Zero difference.
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