Jan 31, 2014
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philosopher and procurer

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    philosopher and procurer
    gargling, greco-roman wrestling, gladiator movies, various mental illnesses
    Headphone Inventory:
    too many to list without embarrassment. some current faves, with brief comments (in no particular order):
    senfer ues--balanced and remarkably refined for a cheap piece, with particularly noteworthy instrument placement.
    ibasso it01--brightish and detailed;easy to drive, great isolation and rich sounding, with a large holographic stage. believe the hype.
    bosshifi b3s--bassier and more v-shaped than the (excellent) original b3, while retaining the same great overall clarity
    pioneer sech9t--excellent daily driver--refined without compromising on the fun factor. layering/imaging are exceptional.
    simgot en700 bass--beautifully built and more balanced than touted, with lush, full-bodied mids and highs and wide, uncongested stage. very natural sounding.
    fidue a73--warmish and generally balanced, but with deep enhanced low end; loud, immersive and a real live-in-concert feel.
    focal sphear--well-rounded mainstream player; thick-textured with an engaging non-fatiguing signature. good value.
    kz zsr--rich, exciting and enveloping, if not a paragon of accuracy
    dqsm d2--rich, energetic and crystal clear, near-basshead bottom that is nonetheless very fast and well-etched. imaging and stereo separation are fantastic; its quality belies its sinister rep.
    moni one--supremely resolving and detailed treblehead iem; not for the treble-sensitive. deep insertion and correct tips critical
    pmv a01 mk2--nicely balanced and extremely "analog" sounding; big immersive soundstage, although bass isn't quite as well etched as some
    granvela urbanfun--remarkably refined for a budget hybrid; stands out for atypically balanced signature and overall accuracy
    einsear t2--nicely tuned (balanced with mildly juiced low end), quite detailed and nuetralish; very comfortable and good for extended listening
    music maker tk13--more refined and less aggressive/bassy than the tk12, with similarly large stage and clarity.
    trinity delta--big and warm sounding, with wide stage and particularly accurate instrument placement
    meelec a161p--considerable punch for a single BA; lush sounding and very forgiving of source
    kz edr1--when suitably powered, these are remarkably good for $5.
    adax ht06-- a lean, clean u-shape, with just-right amount of low end and well extended treble; drums and other quick transients are reproduced very naturally.

    over ear/on ear
    sennheiser momentum
    beyerdynamic t51i
    philips m1
    beats solo
    velodyne vleve

    faael snow lotus (really, really good)
    seafh f64

    currently under evaluation:
    rbh eph2
    echobox finder
    kz ed16
    hisenior b5+
    nicehck hk6
    Source Inventory:
    i do most of my listening on the go from an htc 10, occasionally with a u-dac or topping nx1s, which obviously skews my preferences
    Music Preferences:
    shoegaze, power pop, hard bop, jangly guitars, classic soul
    former two channel junkie; current iem junkie


    check out reviews, opinions and thoughts at large at: http://www.aproear.co.uk/
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