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TRN impressions thread

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  1. tamburash
    I think it is time for TRN to get its own thread.

    It is a young company of 2 individuals that came from KZ family and are trying to produce similar low budget IEMs.
    They got 3 products so far under their name: V10, V20 and V60.
    V10 was a partial failure, good on paper, bad in reality (harsh highs).
    V20 is a little gem under 20$ - very balanced dual driver (1DD and 1BA) IEM with plenty of bass, great mids and detailed highs.
    V60 is still in the process of finding itself (the first batch sent was faulty and is in the process of exchange for all the customers that bought it).

    Will write a lengthy impression of V20 here a little later and will be following their future products and decisions.
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  2. dbaker1981
    Got any impressions on the V80?
  3. vegetaleb
    What do you think of the TRN V20? Is it as good as KZ ZSR?
    Is this TRN cable good quality specially the memory wire part?
  4. HiFlight
    I have a V80 and like it very much. Not only great sound but very nice fit. Quite small, about the size of my CA Orion or perhaps a bit smaller overall.

    Funny story, I recently took it to a mini-meet and passed it around and asked what folks thought of my new "flagship" and what they estimated the cost to be. Most guessed around $250. Made me smile. Jaws dropped when I told them that the price was $38.00! It's probably the most sound for the least amount of money that I have ever owned. Very good bass and sub-bass but not intrusive into mids. Quite realistic vocals. Highs are fairly well extended however I have not encountered any tendency toward sibilance. Scales well with tip and cable rolling.

    Build quality is excellent with an all-metal shell that fits very nicely due to its small size. Only hint to price might be the print on the side of the shell. It doesn't scream high-end. I did find that the overall tonality seemed to smooth to a more cohesive presentation as additional hours of play time were accumulated.
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  5. B9Scrambler
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    This thread should be more popular. :frowning2:
  7. chinerino
    i have the V80s, the DD i opened them before its a pretty good one which is why TRN V80 really gives me that bass OMPH which i liked however i have some issues with the treble and sibilant,the s sounds especially, a EQ dip in 6-8k helped and other than that its a super impressive iem with many boxes checked
  8. Slater
    I can’t say enough good things about the TRN BT20.

    The battery life, range, connection reliability, fit (especially with glasses), and sound quality is excellent.

    It’s far superior to the BT3 and BT10.

    During the next Aliexpress sale, I’m going to order tge mmcx version which I plan on pairing with a set of graphene earbuds.
  9. FastAndClean
    v80 is very good for the price, nice high quality bass, good mids, wide stage, the treble is a little bit grainy and rough sounding, that is the only problem that i can find with them, but overall for 26$ they are unbeatable
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  10. pbui44
    But I thought TRN was just another subsidiary of KZ.:floatsmile:

    Yeah, my revised-model TRN V10 has been one of the best-scaling 2-pin Chi-Fi IEMs with my Audeze Cypher 2-pin Lightning cable, as the impedance seems to have increased with the revised V10 from the first V10 models. I can hear both Dynamic coils working in a functionally-unison fashion, all with the BAs providing softer and more atmospheric treble, making for a semi-sweet sparkle.

    The stock EQ app definitely contributes to this preferred sound signature I have going, but cleans up a whole lot of the imbalance in the stock sound and the imbalance between channels as well. Clearing up the imbalance between channels is very essential to get a much coherent IEM sound that leaves you to hear more-forward details. Yup, that is all from the TRN revisions. I just hope these revisions will pass onto their wireless cables.
  11. Slater
    They are ex-KZ engineers. It’s a separate company.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Even unbeatable by a KZ?
  13. Slater
    The treble on the v80 was just a little too much for me.

    A bit too aggressive, grainy, artificial/metallic sounding on cymbals, and sssssssssibilant.

    I know some people love the v80 though, so give it a try. For me it was kinda meh and I gave them away.

    It’s very possible that burn in or modding (foam mod, tip rolling, cable rolling, EQing, etc) could have improved the treble for me. But I just have way too much other gear to waste time with wishful thinking.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  14. Oh Well
    What price did these go for on sale? (Atm seems to be hovering around 31-33 usd.) Also, any recommendation on specific aliexpress vendors for these?
  15. Slater
    During 11.11 they were $26, and I had a $4 coupon so I paid $22.

    However, my vendor didn’t have them in stock, so I had to wait a longer time than other people to get them. I was in no rush though.

    As far as sellers, I try to look for thr ones that have been in business the longest, plus with the highest feedback score. So for example, I’d prefer a seller that’s been in business 4 years with a 99% feedback score vs a seller that’s been in business for less than 1 year with a 96% feedback score.

    I also prefer to buy from a seller that specifically does audio, vs one that mostly does cell phone chargers. This way, if there’s a channel imbalance or wiring phase issue they are more likely to know what the heck you’re talking about and thus be easier to resolve the problem.

    Just keep in mind one seller vs another isn’t some guarantee of not having any QC or other problems, faster shipping, etc.
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