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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Taters00
    Was a bit bored and had my ATEs with the shells open... 2-Part Epoxy mod? Waiting for them to dry before I stick them in my ears.
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  2. sino8r
    So, I got the zs10s at the end of last week. They sound good but not great. After using the zs6 for a couple of months now they really sound flat. I missed the more v shaped sound of the zs6. I am in my mid 30s so the extra treble sounds good to me. Plus with the addition memory foam tips, they are tamed enough for continuous, loud usage. Since I got TRN bluetooth, I've been using the zs6 more and more over my jaybirds. The zs10s just sound plain after using the zs6s. They just sound like every other decent headphones I've used. I think I'm sending them back. They do sound better than the tennmak trios I just got. Those are going back as well. Should have guessed they'd sound even more dark than the zs10s being dual drivers lol! I guess I'm sticking to the zs6s and the sibilance. Haven't tried a impedance adapter yet. Oh well... We're the Zs10s supposed to an updated version of the zs6 or is that reserved for an upcoming version? I'm new to the KZ brand.
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  3. sino8r
    If that's the case, send them back and get a torx screwdriver. It will come in handy with every device you use.
  4. William Tavares
    It's a 90 day trip.
  5. sino8r
    Is there any difference between the zs6 with and without the ridge/lip? I'm guessing there aren't any differences like zs5 v1 & 2
  6. sino8r
    Yeah, screw that. Just open them with the torx and glue very carefully.
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  7. WildSeven
    Got my Green ZS6 from NiceHCK, NO nozzle lip confirmed.
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  8. CoiL
    I told ya! ZS5v1 is "accidental legend" of KZ. It is darn great with right setup :wink:
    I`m still searching for second one - if anyone here is located in EU and wishes to sell his/her ZS5v1, then please PM me and make fast selling thread (just to make it according to head-fi rules).
    I know 2 offers for ZS5v1 but they are located in US and posting cost is ridiculous!
    I think I just "NEED" to buy ZSR in red or white before they dissappear. Though, I have absolutely no need for it and my Rose North Forest has been already shipped and on its way towards me.
    But I kind of just "need" to have "best" KZ according to general consensus.
  9. MariusAB
    Hello, has anyone here had experience with soudmagic brand E10 model and could say if it's sounding quality is somehow similar to Kz sounding? I am waiting to receive first KZ model - it's Zs6, but it will be my first KZ model and first hybrid model (haven't heard any before). I had famous soundmagic E10 model before and i liked it very much. There wasn't too much low but just enough for me and also middle ant highs were very clear and balanced. But i have lost it but still remember their sound signature, their sounding was way above the other earphones i had then in similar or higher prices. This time i desided to try KZ, but don't know what to expect, at the moment i have only other opinions and recommendations.
  10. F4yze
    Okay I found my favourite configuration for the zs10. I replaced the nozzle screen with a washer like my zs6 and used wide bore foam tips. It brought the mids forward.
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  11. paulindss
    Looking forward to this :)
  12. cyberjunkie
    Didn't get a lot of time to listen to on holiday, but I'm playing with them now. Been listening to Ghost, Periphery and some Buckethead.

    1. These definitely have the shrill highs chopped off and the bass is toned down, so they're not as tiring for long listening sessions. Some of the needed sparkle is gone, might could be fixed with EQ tweaks
    2. They're bulkier and the standard medium size buds don't seem to stay in my ears as easily. I'll try some other sized buds in a bit.
    3. They're more detailed than the ZS5
    4. Sound staging / spacing is better than other ZST and ZS5 - instruments separate better, snares especially against a whole
    5. A little more coloured than other KZ earphones - I felt the ATE (while not nearly as detailed) were closest to natural sounding - ZST, then the ZS5 had harsher highs.
  13. Bartig
    There is no reason to take a step back to the SoundMagic E10. It's a little legend from 2010-2014, but then it was beaten drastically by better cheap chi-fi. The KZ ATE was my first chi-fi early 2017, while my E10 was my reference model. I got hooked instantly to the rich sound of the ATE, far more detailed and immersive than the smooth sounding SoundMagic. I would definitely not consider the E10 anymore.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  14. MariusAB
    Thanks for good explanation, so it seems then i haven't made a mistake to trying KZ chifi brand. In these 2013-14 SM E10 looked as one of the best choice in price level about 50 dollars (even now their price is about the same). Now i am waiting because it should be difference from my usual cheap earphones to try the first hybrid from KZ. If they could have their shops in Europe, this would be much easier to try, because buying without trying as we all know not the best choice. Anyway i am happy that chi fi is becoming good alternative to usual costly brands.
  15. Oscar-HiFi
    Just got my ZS5 v1 out of my drawer at work (bought them ages ago and haven't really used them). They really are an excellent IEM, especially for the price.

    For fun passed them around the office, and got some Effect Audio cables out to test them with. Using them with the Horus was good fun, then the Lionheart and lastly the Ares II.

    Yes they change a little with each cable, the pairing that most made sense is with the Ares II due to pricing, it tightens up the sound and I genuinely think that Ares II + ZS5 v1 rivals anything under £200.

    Also I had ZS10 delivered yesterday, but haven't opened them yet.
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