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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Tinaudio T2 cable issue
    ...wrong thread
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  2. MariusAB
    Actually i have started from Hi fi but not head fi. My experience in head fi is very narrow. In chifi is absolutely zero. But more and more i realize that head fi could be no less or even more interesting hobby and much less costing - with chifi especially. More possibilities to try also. I guess few from the loved models i see in your underlined signature :) Mostly from chi fi... From KZ , are they really making listenable earphones for such money as EDR example - i still can't understand this. My relatively cheap speaker system wires cost alone as all popular KZ phones combined. This is only example...
  3. BattlePope
    Hi all,

    Recently got a pair of ZS3's and really like them so far. One of the cables it came with was kinda ripped though so it doesn't stay in my ear nearly as well as the other (undamaged) cord. Figure I might as well get a cord replacement to remedy this. Was going to get the standard silver cable that everyone recommends (these, right?) but was wondering...is there a good Bluetooth cable alternative? I've seen them on Amazon but was curious if they're any good. Silver cable or Bluetooth? Interested in the Bluetooth for general convenience and running.


    Edit: I'm also wondering if the ZS3's aren't staying in as well due to the poor fit of the ear tips. Tried all 3 sizes that came with the ZS3's and (with virtually all of them) I'll get a great fit initially but then they slowly pop out a bit resulting in a noticeable difference in sound. This is my first pair of quality IEMs and as such don't have any other ear tips I can try out. I know it's hard to make a recommendation and that probably trial-and-error is the best way for me to find a tip that fits me well but...can anyone recommend an ear tip that typically provides a pretty good fit (for most users) that won't break the bank?
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  4. Bartig
    Haha, love that Phonograph sticker!

    But wait! I wrote the ZS10 off, but it seems like I had a polarity malfunction. Plugged one of the cables in ‘wrong’ now and suddenly, the strange and fake tonality seems to be gone and there is now something I can actually call a soundstage.

    The ZS10 adventure continues :p
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  5. bsoplinger
    Speaking of removing stupid lettering… Has anyone been successful removing the lettering from the ZSR?
  6. F4yze
    Reading all these negative reviews for the zs10 makes me feel glad that I'm still highly enjoying it :ksc75smile:
  7. Zlivan
    Earphones out of phase sound like crap, that would be the first thing I'd check if they don't sound as expected.
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  8. stryed
    I did not do it on purpose...but I've lost my second commuting KZ5v2. Will definitely not bring out the IT01 with my habbit of losing IEMs (might have been stolen!!! Them bastards!).
    Hesitating betweeen a new ZS5 that I like for soundstage and good response to EQ in the bass department (that could hold its candle against my IT01 outdoors), or the ZS6, ZSR or ZS10. I'l surprised the KZ6 is still so pricey.

    There's a special ZS10 on KZ's aliexpress store where they give away a EDR1 too!

    EDIT: ****! I've found them in my other jacket. :triportsad:
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  9. Slater
    You don’t like upside down lettering on your IEMs?
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  10. riffrafff

    Okay, then. That was...different. :astonished:
  11. bsoplinger
    I'm too old and fat to walk around on my hands :cry::dizzy_face::astonished::head_bandage:
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  12. Fargeg
    The best solution is clearly to move to Australia, then
  13. snip3r77
    It's great to know that ppl finally realise kz sucks. I'm just lucky that my first buy is my last buy , the zs5v1

    More ppl should know that cheap is what kz has , be more resourceful look for other iem like t2 , tfz , meme and the likes
  14. lmfboy01
    Maybe you got a dud, so yeah their QC aint great, probably more hard then before with additional drivers. I can tell you for sure that my left sides dynamic isn't pumping any bass like my right side. Gotta contact my dealer to see whats up.
  15. B9Scrambler
    Sounds like KZ did you in hard my boy. :frowning2:

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