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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    The Soundmagic E10C at $50 compares very well to the KZ HDS3 ($5). No joke! Read the review on headflux.de

    Their verdict: "...In summary, the affordable KZ can really convince more than the budget icon SoundMAGIC E10..."

    I confirm this.
  2. sino8r
    Thanks! So did the zs5 v1 & 2 have any visible differences internally or were they just tuned differently? Also, if you do add a impedance adapter to the zs6 does it kill the treble and volume, just the sibilance or all the above?
  3. Fransuaa
    Hey. I just bought a pair of KZ ZSR and I really don't like the right / left text on them. Is there a way to remove them without damaging the entire earphones' paint?
  4. Superluc
    With my rig i feel like it takes away something from all the highs, while not take enough from those peaks for tame the sibilance. Doing a bit of more limited EQ and add a pair of foams is a better solution.
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  5. Qualcheduno
    Remembering how much I was impressed the EDR2s I ordered for my GF, I've bought another pair and today they arrived. Now I have to wait for the KZ tips, in the meantime the Tennmak Turbo tips will suffice.
  6. Makahl
    I've sanded down my ZS3 using sandpaper (water) #400 and I liked the matte black result, but if you want to back the shiny layer you'll just need higher sandpaper and some time polishing.

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
  7. Fransuaa
    So what number do i need exactly? Im very bad at this. Sould i start directly with the high one? Thanks for you answer
  8. Makahl
    It's pretty easy in fact, this user has posted more details: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-2008#post-14153690

    I forgot to say, I just sanded down ZS3 after failing using alcohol isopropyl/acetone (however, that worked on ZST for removing its tags) so might give it a try too.
  9. Podster
    I have found if you tip your head/opposite ear to those gawking the letters are right side up:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mine annoy me as well but not enough to ruin that sweet glossy finish, you could always tell people the stamper does it while standing on his/her head:wink: :upside_down:
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  10. MariusAB
    Your cable in this photo is painted somehow by yourself? Or you could buy such color cable for KZ, because original they don't sell black color. Am i wrong?Everywhere i see it's whiter silvered or the one i have ordered - a little bit darker oxygen free cooper silvered (forhaps it's newer the same that comes with zs10). Because black color is one of my favorites and it really looks coll when cable and the earphones are the same.
  11. Slater
    ZS1 v1 and ZS2 v2 have differences internally - a different BA driver combination, different BA driver placement, and different internal wiring. They are tuned differently as well.

    Visually, from the outside, they appear identical. Without opening them up or removing the nozzle screen, the only way to tell the version is to shine a light into the nozzle and look for 1 BA driver or 2 BA drivers (which are mounted in the nozzle).

    This is an example of a ZS5 v2 (notice the 2 BA drivers in the nozzle):

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  12. Makahl
    No! It's the TRN V10 cable. you can find it here.
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  13. MariusAB
    Thank a lot for this comparison link, well, i am shocked :) I really haven't thought that SM E10 so much dethroned today (lost it's glory but not the price somehow). After this i am waiting for my Kz much more, because it should be new waters for me. I don't know i i had the right choice starting from Zs6 (as i see there many are favoring ZSR as the best overall sounding). But after i will receive ZS6 and become familiar with it, i could make other Chifi investment, this time with ZSR...Who knows...
  14. MariusAB
    Sadly i haven't seen this option when i have ordered mine, but as i see it's universal - fits to ZSR, ZS, so it's better choice than separate cables with different angles..Becouse of nice black colour it's worth to try. Thanks a lot. Don't think that anyone received upgrade in sound with such cables going from originals from kz, but the look is completely different.
  15. Otto Motor
    Welcome to a fine hobby. You will be going through a learning curve that helps you define your listening preferences. And you already started with a very polarizing earphone, the ZS6 with its prominent treble. I recommend starting with iems that are generally loved - a list upon request.

    My rule of thumb: the best earphone is many earphones...at least initially.

    And yes, the KZ HDS1 and HDS3 as well as the KZ EDR1 and EDR2 are all good earphones...and all of them together cost you a total of $20.
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