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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Bass filters are the shiny gold-plated ones. They are a tad shorter, and have a smaller opening at the end. If you look inside of the filter, there's a piece of black foam stuck in.

    The other filters (called alto by KZ) are dull (not shiny) brass colored, a tad longer, and have a larger opening at the end. If you look inside of the filter, there's nothing inside (just empty space).

    Hope that helps
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  2. mbwilson111
    This is the one I like best.
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  3. Superluc
    Inverting the channels ?
  4. DocHoliday
    The point I was making is the variables involved when considering "natural" sound. In the examples I provided one can clearly detect the difference in vocal positioning. The reason I always post a given track in reviews and posts is because I want the reader to have full access to what I describe.

    Suppose I reference a track (Ella Fitzgerald's "Basin Street Blues") in my post or review and I write "it sounds as though I am in the second row and Ella is singing to me". If the reader accesses file#1 below then he/she might be able to identify with my observations. However, if the reader looks up Ella Fitzgerald's "Basin Street Blues" on his/her own and listens to file#2 then my description would be confusing because file#2 (which is "Basin Street Blues" sung by Ella Fitzgerald) sounds as though I am perhaps 80 to 100 feet away from Ella and she's singing to a crowded room and not to me per se. Where the microphone was placed during the recording is the defining factor.



    My original comments were directed toward early jazz and early orchestral/symphony recordings.

    There is an endless debate regarding recording methods of three of the main houses:
    ("multi-microphone recording" better known as "multi-micing")

    Deutsche Grammophon (DG)
    CBS (Columbia)

    .....and what effects said methods had on the final product.
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  5. Slater
    I'd love to have the vocals of #1 with the instruments of #2!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this. I definitely see what you mean about the differences.
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  6. Slater
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  7. TLDRonin
  8. Otto Motor
    I was the guy with the earphones and the German accent!
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  9. William Tavares
    my ZS6 came today and the right side connector is loose... tried to put instant glue on it and it went into a pin hole -_- luckly i cleaned mostly, however i haven't found a solution. What's the name of those screws?

    I've modded them by tapping one of the BA from each side, it sounds miles better now (i used glue and a small ball of paper), and rubber tips from vsonic.

    I did glued all the 4 BA's and it ruined the sound, fortunatley i could wipe the glue ball (mostly)...

    i just want to solve that loose connection but opening this seems to be a challenge.
  10. Slater
    Oh, I see. It was the 2nd video.

    Wow, you are a TV star LOL

    So what were the IEMs you showed on TV for $13.50? I wasn't able to identify them. They any good? :)
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  11. Otto Motor
    I had been a TV star all along :)...this one ends up with beer and wine as always.

    The Calgary coverage was longer but harder to find.

    The earphones shown on TV were the Joyroom JR-E103. Well made but problematic sounding. See audiobudget.

    Delayed delivery_ Canada Post says you get what you pay for | CTV Vancouver News.jpg
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  12. Colors
    Just ordered a pair of black no-mic ZSR. First KZ purchase.

    Hoping it lives up to the hype! I expect DUNU-2000 level performance for $30! :)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  13. TLDRonin
    Yeah, gluing all 4 BA's would change the issue from too much treble to no treble
  14. C2thew
    Cant tell if you are trolling.... You can open the shell with removing by using a torx screwdriver which will then give you a better angle to the 2 pin connector port but if your connectors fit; just leave it alone.
  15. William Tavares
    i'm afraid it gets loosen or "fall" inside the case.

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