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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. dj nellie
    Someone mentioned that they've already made the shells for the JH-3As.  If not, they scanned your ear impressions when they arrived.  And even if they didn't do that, if your audiologist used good material, the impressions hold their shape for at least 4-6 months anyway.
    You could still have bad luck/weird ears like me and need several refits anyway, though.
  2. Trogdor
    I was of course joking.
  3. dj nellie
    Ah, hard to tell with people getting so antsy about the delays.
  4. Kunlun

    Seriously, though, this was an easy call. "Only 6 weeks away" never, EVER means that you will receive any sort of new model electronics gear in 6 weeks.
    It's nature's way.
  5. alyanm


    Haha, that's the truth!  I've been on the other end of this game -- in firmware we just say something between 2 weeks and 8 weeks when we really don't know how long its going to take :wink:
  6. sling5s
    According to brittany, it will ship on THE target week.
  7. Trogdor


    That's in 2 weeks time.
  8. Roscoeiii

    Can you say more about why the folks at jh audio felt this wasn't a good portaphile solution and led you to go with the 13s
  9. alyanm


    Sure, well its primarily about the form factor.  The jh-3a is about the size of two iphones stuck together -- imagine that in your pocket along with your DAP of choice.  Its a bit bulky.  I believe someone who saw it at Canjam called it "Transportable" as opposed to truly "Portable".  For me, I mostly listen to my IEMs while I'm on the move -- traveling on airplanes, going for walks, doing workouts.
    I think if you were just carrying it to your office desk or listening to it in your hotel room it would be perfect.
    The other factor is that you are tied to the 3a.  You don't have the option of reducing the footprint if you don't happen to feel like bringing the 3a with you. 
    And finally, the sound quality improvement of the 3a is not going to be as significant in the kinds of noisy environments that I would be using it in (airports, gyms, ...)
    I actually ended up getting the 16s because I liked them better.
  10. thread
    BTW, guys. At CanJam, Jerry was saying the battery life on this thing should be about 20 hours. Of course with all the drama, such a number is subject to change.
    But from what we're told, any changes from what we saw at CanJam should be only improvements.
  11. singh
    so any update on the digital input supported , i mean coax is almost certain , what about optical and USB.
  12. Trogdor


    USB for sure though 16-bit/44.1kHz only.  I think optical is a no at this point.  I really wish the JH3A ships by the 2nd week of December.  So far I have no answer from JHA.  Anybody try Facebook?
  13. Trogdor
    Y'know, stupid question, but when they do ship (hopefully within 2 weeks), did Brittany or Jerry say if they are going to ship ALL pre-orders?  I'm a little worried that only a dozen or less will be ready to ship out.  I think I was like 23.
  14. Bina
    It is not clear, I asked them about that on facebook 
    And they just responded with this:
    I hope they will send all preorders, they have finished design and JH-3A hopefully is build by bigger company, so I hope they will as much of them as possible.
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  15. sling5s
    I was told by Brittany that it will ship on the 2nd week of December and that there is no delay.  I assume that means all pre-orders, or they would have made some qualifications. 
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