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IEM's with BEST bass response £100-£250

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  1. nicholars
    I am thinking of selling my Shure SE215 and HD650's and getting one really good pair of IEM's....
    So this would give me a max budget of £250 which I assume should get me a very nice pair of IEM's....
    I have been reading about it and it seems that BA drivers will never have as much bass response as dynamic drivers, So it seems that high end dynamics are the way to go for me.....
    I am looking for the best bass possible, I dont mean boomy mid bass, I mean powerfull, punchy, textured, fast sub bass down to 10hz.
    I am also looking for all the other aspects to be good such as soundstage, imaging, smooth/warm midrange and smooth treble. It is no use having good bass if they have harsh, bright treble because I cannot stand this.
    So far the only pair which look good to me are the Sennheiser IE80's although I am not sure how good the bass on these is.
    Any suggestions?
  2. selferinoz
    sorry if this is unrelated, but can u compare the sound in general between your SE215 and HD650's ?
  3. Alondite
    The Vsonic GR07 seems to fit your description nicely. the bass is exactly as you described, and they perform excellently across the entire spectrum.
  4. nicholars
    Well they are both very relaxed in the treble and both have very nice, smooth, forward midrange...
    In terms of bass the Shures are better because they go lower although the HD650 midbass is good, they dont have any sub bass.....
    Soundstage, imaging and "air" the HD650 obliterates the Shures.
    Overall they are both good... Shures are a good allrounder but they have never made me go "wow these are amazing" more like "mmm yes these are very competent all rounders"
    HD650 I really like the sound of them but the lack of sub bass and slightly too laid back sound spoils it for me. Shures are very competent headphones as well but they are lacking any "wow factor"... They do sound very nice though and are very good value.
    I am looking for something with the HD650 strengths but with AMAZING sub bass and a slightly more agressive, exciting sound.
  5. Jmstrmbn
    I'd recommend looking at earsonics SM2 they have extremely deep bass, I've tested it down to about 15hz and the mids and highs are accurate but seemed to be tuned for neutrality and because of this the bass always shines through.
  6. amf123
    The IE8's or IE80's should suit you just fine.  The bass is strong and impactful and they also have slight treble attenuation so they sound exactly what your looking for.  The only drawback is the sound is very fit-dependent which some people seem to have issues with.  The bass is further enhanced and the treble is also slightly further reduced when used with comply tips.  I modded mine to make them fit a coule of mm further into the ears as otherwise they're a very shallow fit.
  7. nicholars
    Do the IE80 have good quality bass though? Is it fast and textured or slow and bloated? As I said I want bass quantity and sub bass but it is no good if it is bad quality.
    The earsonics are not available in the UK unfortunately.
    Do you think the IE80 are worth the cost? Are they durable and well built? I am a bit paranoid they would break especially when costing £220
  8. AstroTurf
    Etymotic ER-4 series amped will kick bass.

    Oh, It also keeps the sound real and punchy.

  9. eke2k6
    I found the IE8 better than the IE80, and the GR07 better than both. Here is my comparison of the FX700, IE8, and GR07
    FX700: I can see why some regard it as the best dynamic universal. Timbre is great, detail is ridiculous, and it has this extremely lively, edgy sound that can be addictive on the right songs. The treble extends to the feet of Zeus, and the bass reaches down to the depth of the river Styx. Sorry, I love Greek mythology. I wouldn't consider the midrange recessed, it's just not that forward. It's there and it's detailed, but you can tell the bass and the treble are the stars of the show. There's a whole lot of bass, but it's so rich and textured that it's never really a problem. The overall sound is just so open, and the imaging is addictive. I feel like I'm listening to a headphone moreso than an iem, a really engaging headphone. The only (personal) con that I have with with it is that there is just so much treble on some songs. I feel like the overall sound is tilted towards the upper regions, with lots of bass to prevent the sound from becoming cold or overly clinical. When I listen to instruments like drums and cymbals, I can hear the treble boost in the overly lively snap of the snare, or the slight splashiness of the cymbals. I also feel like the treble tilt improves the apparent detail presented. Going back and forth with the GR07 on Mumford and Sons' "Little Lion Man," the FX700 presents about 5% more detail in the opening guitar sequence. Would I keep them for my daily use? No. They're a bit too aggressive, even at less than 1/2 of my iphone's volume and the mids are a bit dry for my taste. Otherwise, they're an EDM lover's dream come true, and the ultimate incarnation of the V-/U-shaped signature.
    GR07: Way more polite than the FX700. I'd say the timbre is on par with the FX700, without that treble tilt, so it sounds more natural (to me at leas). Detailing is less aggressive, and the overall signature is more laidback, allowing me to listen for hours without a hint of fatigue. Dynamics on the GR07 are good, but not on the same level of the monster that is the FX700. So on about 10-15% of my library, I found myself longing for the edginess of the FX700. Keep in mind that the remaining 85-90% of my library was done better to my ears by the GR07. One of the things I love about this iem is that it lets me hear my music as it is. It's ever so slightly warm, without really coloring the music. That is not something I can say about the FX700. Not to say that the GR07 is boring; it's what I call a "lady in the street, but a freak in the bed." It's not a stripper with tattoos all over her body, but a girl with a little butterfly on her pelvis where you alone can see it. What my strange analogy implies is that the Gr07 is not an "always on" iem. It has no midbass hump, yet it can rumble your socks off it it needs to. It's still my favorite iem. The
    IE8: The IE8 sounds way better than I expected, listening to the accounts of some. Yes, there is a midbass veil that obscures detail in the mids, but the rest of the spectrum is done pretty well. The highs are well extended, and have plenty of sparkle, and the mids, though veiled, are present and enjoyable. I didn't really find the soundstage to be that massive or distant. Listening to Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," her voice was intimate enough to keep the song together. Overall, the sound is pretty darn good, and I can imagine that the IE80 is even better  It wasn't. I have to comment on the beautiful, beautiful cable. It's so supple, and pliable. I think it may even be better than the GR07's. There's a member who keeps dumping on the IE8's jack because it's not gold-plated. To that, I say..."So?" This is one of the best built iems I've ever seen. Also, to the person saying the IE8 has no bass, there is moore than enough bass. It was enough to be slightly overpowering on some songs, and this was on the first knob out of 4 or 5!!
    I can definitely see why all these iems are considered top tiers. I have to say that the FX700 is the classiest IEM I've seen in my life. It's simply gorgeous. It makes the GR07 look like the ugly duckling...
    .TLDR = FX700>=GR07>IE8
  10. nicholars
    Why is the IE8 better than the IE80?  Every report I read said that the IE80 is an improvement? Thanks for posting the reviews BTW... Shame I cannot get the GR07 in the UK.... Interesting how you rate the £100 GR07 higher than the £200 IE8 though...
  11. Headdie
    I have a pair of Future Sonics Atrio M5. I don't think you can get more bass than that. Moreover, it's always 50% discount, so you could buy something else with it or keep your Senn...
  12. eke2k6
    I may have been hallucinating, but the IE80 just sounded less refined. The IE80 was just grainier to me, maybe as a side effect of them trying to lighten up the sound. 
    Oh, but you can: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vsonic-GR07-mk2-R07-/221064306368?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item3378759ec0
  13. nicholars
    Problem is reading a review of the GR07 it says they have a bit of excess brightness / sibilance.... This is one thing I really cannot tolerate because brightness / sibilance really irritates my ears and leaves me with painfull ears and tinnitus! Maybe I am just going to be forced to buy some HIFIMAN HE400 on the credit card!
  14. eke2k6
    Unless the recording is purposefully sibilant, the GR07 won't show it. I wouldn't even describe it as bright.
    Another option is the Aurisonics ASG-1 ver 1.2. Quite simply, it has the best bass I've ever heard from anything. The mids are great, and the treble is quite laid back.
  15. nicholars
    How do the GR07 compare to the Shure SE215 or HD650 in terms of brightness?
    I am considering these now but I am a little worried they will be
    a) bright / harsh / sibilant
    b) Bass will not be better than Shure SE215
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