1. nicjo

    Monster Miles Davis Trumpet IEM's $128 CAD

    This is my first post. I've been lurking for awhile now and I saw a decent deal on these IEM's so i figured I would share it. Let me know if this isn't the place to share this kind of stuff :)
  2. rudi0504

    Astell and Kern new earphone AK R02

    Hi Head Fi friends After success with their DAP : AK 100, AK 120 and their high end DAP : AK 240 Since last year their launch 2 new iems : AK R 01 and AK R 02 I have not much information about AK R 02 : The Housing is in gold finish I remember look like my Monster Miles Davis Edition :D...
  3. rakster

    IEM to replace Monster Miles Davis Tributes <$400

    I've had the Monster Miles Davis Tributes for the past few years and loved them, but the wiring is shot.  They're discontinued as are the Trumpets so all I can get is another Monster product (nothing interests me) or a $300 cash refund (after bitching at customer service).   Prior to my MMDT...
  4. woohwaah

    Westone 3 or Monster Turbine/Miles Davis or Others ?

    Hi, I recently bought an UE900 to upgrade from my SoundMagic E10s and while I've enjoyed the UE900s, everytime I listen to my E10s I think to myself "These guys are a lot more fun than the UE900". More specifically, the bass is just funner on the E10, everything else is better on the UE900. I'm...
  5. grrraymond

    Miles Davis Tribute recurring cable fault

    I'm on my second pair, in under two years and both have had the same fault, namely that the cable protector attached to the actual phone breaks. Has anyone experienced similar? I assumed responsibility for this last time - though I really shouldn't have done in hindsight - and have therefore...
  6. jtack

    Monster Miles Davis to 1964 Quad

    I currently have Monster Miles Davis Tributes and am thinking of going to 1964 Ears Quad. I am using a Cowon I Audio 9. Is the price justified in switching out my Monster's? I guess what I am wanting to know is if the 1964 Ears Quad is a big step up from the Monster's. Thanks!
  7. owais

    Best bass orientated IEM's around $200-300

    Hi, I recently broke my GR07's and am now looking for a new pair of IEM's. The GR07's were great but not practical at all.    I like earphones with good bass, so factoring that in, which earphones should i be looking at?   I wanted a pair of TF10's as i've heard them before but i can't find...
  8. Trojacked

    Monster Miles Davis Tribute vs Monster Pro Copper

    What are the differences in sound, and which one sounds better?       IMMORTALMUSO
  9. squallkiercosa

    Which IEMs suffer from driver flex?

    To be polite, I dislike driver flex in IEMs. I found it annoying and distracting and I can't stand readjusting them.   I was wondering if we could make a list of IEMs: for those who feel the same as I do, suffering from driver flex.   Current list:   ATH-CLK200 Brainwavz M4...
  10. The Known

    IEM's < $500 Monster Pro Gold, Monster Miles Davis, SM3, Westone 4, Sennheiser IE80

    This is my first post on this forum. I've read a lot already and it's a great place here but didn't really find a good answer/recommendation to the situation I have. So here you go! -------------------------------- I'm looking for a good IEM set at the moment. I have a home studio so I know...
  11. SodaMeiser

    building a home and mobile rig for less than $1,000

    Greetings head-fiers, A little background. Hifi is a fickle thing, it seems no matter how much money you spend, something is always wrong with your rig.  Your favourite manufacturer comes out with a new model, maybe my DAC isn't good enough, is all my music 320? I've danced around the game...
  12. Dawkinz

    Best in-ears for $100 or less?

    Hi everyone,  Fresh start here at Head-Fi; seems like a great community here.   I've been on a little hunt for some in-ear phones for the past couple of days and have come across quite a few suggestions so I thought I would bring my search to Head-fi to see what you guys have to say...
  13. misterbee

    Upgrade from Atrios

    Unfortunately my much-loved Atrios have given up the ghost outside of warranty (one side has given out), and I need to find myself a new commuting IEM. Rather than just buy another pair (which, believe me, I'm tempted to do), it might be an opportunity to go with something else with a bit more...
  14. Redd10

    US$130 budget. Best headphones/IEM for Trance, Dance, HipHop, Classical

    Hi there! Would anyone of you guys advice me on which is the best headphones I could get for US$130 budget? I know these things differs from each individual to another. I just would like to know what is the ideal one you guys would get for the budget stated. Maybe I would be happy with the...
  15. gnarlsagan

    What are the biggest flaws of your favorite iems?

    This is one of the most useful questions imo. I'll start.   DBA-02: Sub-bass roll off   FXT90: Too much mid-bass    FXD80: Recessed mids   GR07 mkII: Slight treble roll off     Also does anyone have any iems they consider to have no flaws? I've never heard one.
  16. jakerblues

    Doubt for a warm IEM for Jazz music under 200$

    I'm new in the forum, and it's the first time in my life I start a new thread. So, be kind with me  (and with my English)   My current gear is:    - AKG K324p IEM   - AKG 271 MKII + FIIO E10 Dac/Amp   The two headphones sound similar: it's a mid-type sound, and I really don't like...
  17. derieuz

    Are there fake monster miles davis trumpets?

    i was looking to buy a pair on ebay, they are new, sealed with packaging, and have a serial, the buyer says i can verify a serial with monster, that is true, but since the product is discontinued or something on monster, you cant enter any old monster products at the time on the website  ...
  18. kapooon

    IEM Deciding problem

    Hey head-fi'ers!   After 1 years and 11 months my Ultimate Ears 5 died on me. I still had 1 month of guarantee so I sent them back, but they couldn't repair them. They don't sell them anymore either, so I got my money back in the form of a voucher (€140), so this is a nice chance to...
  19. nicholars

    IEM's with BEST bass response £100-£250

    I am thinking of selling my Shure SE215 and HD650's and getting one really good pair of IEM's....   So this would give me a max budget of £250 which I assume should get me a very nice pair of IEM's....   I have been reading about it and it seems that BA drivers will never have as much...
  20. imuz

    Monster Turbine Pro Gold is it worth upgrading to Miles Davis Tribute?

    So I have had my MTPGs for about 2 months. I am really liking the smooth punchy sound they have.   Unfortunately one side has stopped working so I was thinking of getting a refund from the retailer and using the cash plus a little extra to buy a pair of Miles Davis Tributes.   I've heard...
  21. Owlface

    Looking to buy IEM up to $450 USD!

    Hey guys,    Recently got a pair of W4 but my dad decided he should have them, so back to shopping for me.    Musical Genre: All rounder, I listen to a bit of everything. Would love to have a fun IEM that is the smoothness of the W4 with a bit more bass. Source: International SGS 3 w...
  22. Juggernaut

    In desperate need of comply comfort tips for my monster miles Davis tributes

    Hello, recently had a frien over my house who (long story short) stole my little bag of comply foam tips.. I now have no way to listen to my headphones! If any has some extras or can point me to someone here who can help me or even any advise please help me out! I'm on my hands and knees here...
  23. Rangen4life4

    Need help with IEM $100-$200 range

    I'm not really sure what all the different specifications are on IEMs but I have had Skullcandy heavy medals and I love them but they were only 45$ and I'm looking into investing some money for some shocker quality.   I'm looking for something with some really powerful bass that doesn't...
  24. frostz

    Good earphones for $150?

    I mainly listen to different varieties of house music, trance, dubstep, drum & bass, and some rap. I bought a pair of Sennheiser CX-270s but thought that they were pretty ****ty. I was considering Shure SE215 and ATH-CKM500 but I'm open to suggestions on some good earphones. Noise isolation...
  25. mugen3

    Atrio MG7 the best IEM for a basshead audiophile?

    Hey guys, I've had a couple of really nice IEMs like the FX500 and e-Q5. I really liked them a lot but the bass didn't satisfy me. So now I'm looking for a new IEM, with the absolute craziest earthquake-like bass possible but also very good quality mids and highs like my FX500/e-Q5. Are the...