1. Rewkie

    Looking for iems with a LOT of bass for under $350

    I pretty much only listen to electronic music with heavy bass. So i want subwoofers in my ears. :D Ive heard of asg 1s and fxz200s having good bass,but just wondering if there are any others to think about.
  2. aetain

    FS atrios m5 (MG7 driver) vs Monster turbine pro gold

    What differences are there? I mainly listen to dubstep & rap.   Bass (quantity & quality) Mid-bass Subass Soundstage     Thank you
  3. 7221

    New to earbuds, which pair would you recommend?

  4. Rewkie

    Got my MG7s in! :D Need some advice.

    I want to get a digizoid for them,as they apparently make a great pair. But how long/what % soung output should i burn them in for? Does burning in decrease/increase bass quantity? And i currently use iHeart Radio for my source,but is that a good source? Thanks! Sincerely,that noob that needs...
  5. Rewkie

    CIEMs better than the mg7s?

    I have been very satisfied with my atrio mg7s,probably have 150+ hours on them. I know what you're thinking,"That isn't very long? Why is he looking for new CIEMs so soon?" but i'm not really looking for new CIEMs. I just wanted to know if there are any with more bass then the mg7s...
  6. Rewkie

    Looking for some high quality bass heavy CIEMs.

    I have MG7s and i LOVE them! But the birthday is coming around pretty quick! (in a few months,but i wanted to know how long it takes to get the mold/get the mold to the company...) So i would like someone to suggest some CIEMs with bass that will satisfy me i would much appreciate it!   ...
  7. sid12345678910

    $600 good sub bass Custom/Universal iems recommendations

    Hay guys   So recently i have lost my beloved atrios mg7 with the custom sleeve on them and i am now searching for replacements. I have increased my budget allot since when I was buying my atrios witch was $250. My new budget is now $600. I am looking for mostly costume iems since they seem...
  8. rimisrandma

    HF5 or MG7 for metal, electro, exper hip hop, trip hop etc

  9. aetain

    Atrio m5 (MG7 Driver) tips

    I was wondering which tips have the best isolation for these earphones and which tips have the most bass (2 separate tips).  Thanks
  10. Rewkie

    Zolton2 on ebay a good place to get MG7s?

    It looks legit,but im not spending $140 (coupon code) without knowing... It's apparently from Freq City Sound Cincinnati.
  11. BlastAway

    Well isolated (non vented) sub bass oriented sub $100 IEM

    As topic title states. Looking for a well isolated IEM which delivers a deep, tight and noticeable sub bass. JVC FX500, Hippo VB, and Storm Cyclone pr2 are all examples of bass heavy headphones, but they're all vented, which let's a lot of environmental noise get through. Can someone advise...
  12. Strauss95

    $200 budget, BASS heavy IEM

    Alright, as the title says I'm looking for a "basshead" IEM with a budget of under $200. I currently have a pair of Vsonic GR07BE that I love for overall sound quality and balance, but I'm looking to add a pair of bass heavy IEM's to go with them. I like to listen to hip-hip, and for that I like...
  13. rmiller511

    Atrio M8 vs MG7?

    Hi,   Does anyone have experience with both of these, and if so, can you tell me how the two compare?   I am looking to buy either one, would like to know which has the better sound in bass, mids and highs.
  14. NismosZ

    Future Sonic Atrio Replacement

    The Atrio MG7's seemed to be a great IEM.  There was talk about Future Sonic replacing these with a new model.  Does any one have info if anything is coming?   Also, what other IEMs do you recommend that have the same characteristics of the Atrio's, and keep it under $200? 
  15. mayorblurps

    ALO Island good for desktop?

    Let me start by saying I'm new here, new to hi fi, mid fi, etc. I'm looking into a desktop amp/DAC combo of some kind whether it's a sound card upgrade or an external setup. I've got my eyes on the ALO Island for the size and form factor as well as the price. Portability isn't really a concern...
  16. josephLinrad

    Atrios MG7/Universals Discontinued??

    They are no longer listed and their Canadian site,, has been taken down. Can anyone confirm that Future Sonics has dropped out of the universal market? Or are they releasing a new line of universals?
  17. josephLinrad

    IEMs to Headphones

    So I've tried a number of IEMs, most notably the Atrio MG7. I loved the signature but they died and I want to try something new. I'm thinking closed-back, and the most similar-sounding full-size I can find under 200 seem to be the DT770's Pro. Should I pull the trigger or is there something...
  18. TheBaconMan

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50S   I have purchased Beats and Atrio MG7's (earbuds) in the past, both of which have broke and never had good quality. I am currently using the Apple Ear Pods, and have to say I am enjoying them a lot. I want to get myself a nice pair of...
  19. AudioDwebe

    Improvement on Atrios MG7?

    So... Which IEMs are an improvement over the MG7 for those who enjoy the sound quality of the Atrios? I guess what I'm really asking is this: Is there an IEM version of the LCD2 sound quality these days that's not a custom? (Preferably something that doesn't require an amp.) Thanks.
  20. JMBrown322

    Upgrading Atrio MG7: need more/brighter treble

    As the title suggests, I have some Atrios that I'm not 100% happy with anymore. The bass is great, but I like them a lot more when I use an equalizer to boost the treble. Are there any iems on the market with deep, strong bass (not on par with the atrios necessarily, as few items are on par with...
  21. JusticeForAll28

    Vsonic GR07 or Atrio Pro MG7??

    Ok... So i've done some mega research on these IEM's. Reading countless threads on each and I really can't make up my mind. Which is the best value for my money? Someone just give me a push in the right direction so I can pull the trigger and order tonight.   The things that worry me about...
  22. delladood

    Atrios X vs Atrios MG7 vs Atrios MG5

    Hey guys, I seem fairly new to this due to my whooping 0 posts on Headfi, but I'm quiet the headphone nerd to say the least.  I'm currently in audiology school, and I have a pretty good idea of whats going on inside these headphones.  I recently got off of the phone with...
  23. tuan2195

    Brainwavz R1 vs. Atrio M5 MG7?

    Hi all,   I just bought the Brainwavz R1 and it sounds terrific for its price. I really love the V-shaped sound and it sounds much better to me than my aged Klipsch X10. The problem is I've got a deal of Atrio M5 MG7. How do these two IEMs compare? I heard the MG7 also have a V-shaped...
  24. benk97

    JVC HA-FXD80 Help / Atrio MG7

    So I'm in the market for a new pair of earphones, because my warranty is expiring. I currently have a pair of $99.99 Monster Turbines that have served me quite well, but I'm looking for an upgrade. The JVC FXD80 have garnered my attention, but I still have a few questions and was hoping that...
  25. francis978

    IE60 or Atrio M5 MG7!

    Hi there,   First question here on this great WebSite! I've learned so much in the past few weeks reading some threads here and there.   Back to the topic, I am in the market for a new pair of IEM and i would like to know , out of these two's (IE60, Atrio M5 MG7), Which one would be...