Brainwavz R1 vs. Atrio M5 MG7?
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Feb 9, 2011
Hi all,
I just bought the Brainwavz R1 and it sounds terrific for its price. I really love the V-shaped sound and it sounds much better to me than my aged Klipsch X10.
The problem is I've got a deal of Atrio M5 MG7. How do these two IEMs compare? I heard the MG7 also have a V-shaped sound. Will it be a significant improvement over my R1?
And most importantly, should I shed my cash for it?
I listen mostly to house, trance, sometimes a little dubstep and random pop music. I am a basshead (or so I think)
Thank you!
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I believe that the Atrios are the ultimate basshead's IEM. Both the Atrios and the R1s are v-shaped, but the R1s have a more lifted treble. R1 is quite boomy and would definitely satisfy a basshead. Atrios are also bassheavy, indeed, but is still very competent in the rest of the signature, retaining a large volume of bass while including a respectable amount of detail. They have much better technical ability than the R1s, and will likely be the best bassheavy IEM you will get for a long, long time. If I enjoyed a huge bass focus in my signature but still appreciated a good overall sound, I would invest in the Atrios.

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