1. b-rad

    deffective hippo vb

    hello all, having trouble with a pair of VB that arrived last week. right out of the box i noticed that the left speaker was not right. i believe im having the same issue i've read about other's having (but hoped i wouldnt experience). the left side sounds very different from the right side and...
  2. CaptainSourMilk

    Best Earphones for Bad Quality Music?

    I was on the web fantasizing at earphones that were way out of my budget, when it hit me that i could get a 100000000 dollar set of earphones, but it would only sound as good as the quality of the music I get. And then I realized that the youtube downloads that fill up my music library are all...
  3. nicholars

    IEM's with BEST bass response £100-£250

    I am thinking of selling my Shure SE215 and HD650's and getting one really good pair of IEM's....   So this would give me a max budget of £250 which I assume should get me a very nice pair of IEM's....   I have been reading about it and it seems that BA drivers will never have as much...
  4. TheBaconMan

    Need new ear phones

    I got iBeats for Christmas. I took care of them more than a mother takes care of an infant. But, they broke. The left ear is much quieter, have to turn it up all the way to hear it. Right ear is fine. Wiggled every connection, it's a speaker issue, not a connection. I need in ear earphones...
  5. sofastreamer

    Search goes on: Today, the smoothest, non fatiguing in ear, little sub bass rumble, under 150 $

    my mood changes fast, so right now i am searching for an iem that i can listen to for hours, without getting tired.   the best, smoothest and fatigue free i have listened to, is the westone 4, but there are 2 issues i have with it: first it is the price. second, it lacks a little in the sub...
  6. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Vsonic GR07: Yes, I Have Finally Reviewed It ;)

    Vsonic GR07 Review   Intro Do I really need a paragraph explaining what these are and who Vsonic are? I do not really think so as I have joined the bandwagon on these pretty late and these since their release have established them selves as probably the most recommended earphones for £100...
  7. NoBetterWords

    Serious Bass-driven headphones for portable use.

    Good afternoon, My first post, so treat me gently please ... had enough derision for some of the choices I've made!  ;) Okay, here's the score. I'm looking for a set of closed-back headphones to listen to FLAC and MP3 files on my Samsung Galaxy Note (I'm correct in saying that external...
  8. marco85

    What is better than Atomic Bass 2 ... bass wise.

    All the reviews make it seem as though there aren't any better ear buds.  Price really does not matter me just under 200$ would be better. I need a pair of ear buds that have the heaviest bass with the least distortion.  I can sacrifice bass for more sound quality.  I have been looking at...
  9. iMech

    Looking to buy Sub ~$200 AUD Bassy IEMs

    Hey guys, I've been lurking for roughly a week doing some research in to which would be a more appropriate IEM for me. I've had a look at a few off the top of my head the AT CKS77's, Atrio Mg7's and the 5's.   I predominately listen to Drum n bass, Electronic, Rock, Dubstep, Pop...
  10. FISA002

    Best BASS Headphones under £100......!

    Hi guys (and girls)   ive tried to search a few posts already on here and can find some information on each of these but im just wondering if anyone has any experience with more than one of these.   So basically, iv been researching alot for a decent IEM to upgrade from my current...
  11. Cat Shlongus

    Best IEM for a bass head?

     Sorry if this is an over posted topic, I have perused all of the similar ones but need a little more specific guidance. I'm looking for an in ear headphone for around the 100$ mark that can satiate my desire for orgasmicly deep bass.   I Mainly listen to bass-centric Electronic/dance tunes...
  12. underdogdev

    Great IEMs with Strong BASS and SOUNDSTAGE under $200?

    I am currently on the hunt for a pair of IEMs with powerful bass and great overall sound quality.  As of right now, I own a pair of Beats Tour and am completely over them.  The bass isn't too's the rest of their performance I could do without.  The instruments tend to blend together...
  13. KillTheNoize

    Need help deciding, Shure SE315s or Atrio MG7?

    Both are about the same price on amazon currently..   Any opinions on which I should choose?  I plan on buying new IEMs within the week.  I currently only have MEElectronics M6s and I like them, but have a feeling I might be wow'd by an upgrade..Since I use my iems quite often, I figured it...
  14. ciolic

    Which one should I choose? Miles Davis Trumpet or Atrio MG7 pro?

    I heard that the Atrio mg7 is a great dynamic driver IEM and want to know is it better than the Mile Davis Trumpet ? I already have TF10 as my BA IEM and  just want a pair of dynamic drivers ones. So if you think there are better DD IEM please tell me, thanks!
  15. Atrio MG7 Pro RED (010-049) -

    Atrio MG7 Pro RED (010-049) -

    Atrio MG7 Pro RED hear what you have been missing! Studio sound quality with un-matched base response; An ergonomic Stay - In: design with background noise isolation; Promotes safer hearing with Bigger Sound at Lower volume; Packaging is fully eco-friendly and RoHS compliant; Proprietary 10 mm...