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Need new ear phones

  1. TheBaconMan
    I got iBeats for Christmas. I took care of them more than a mother takes care of an infant. But, they broke.

    The left ear is much quieter, have to turn it up all the way to hear it. Right ear is fine. Wiggled every connection, it's a speaker issue, not a connection.

    I need in ear earphones that have good, deep base and nice highs and mids. I love the bass of the beats, I could even go for more bass. My price range is $70-$120.

    I was thinking the Klipsch S4's, but is it worth it to splurge on the CX880i's?

    Once again, good, deep bass. How do the Klipsch S4's compare to the iBeats?
  2. steve2151
    At the upper end of your budget, you could get a pair of Atrio M5 with the new MG7 driver. Consensus around here is that they are nearly top tier headphones, with SQ comparable to the Turbine Pros. They have tons of sub bass with highs that are slightly emphasized. Mids can sound recessed, but are respectable for something with this much bass. 
    They come out to $110 shipped at Atrio.me if you apply the code CostProg50% at checkout.
  3. TheBaconMan

    Great thanks. I'm guessing they better than the beats by a good amount.
  4. steve2151
    They're definitely much better than the Beats headphones included with the HTC Sensation. Had the opportunity to A/B with a buddy of mine at work out of his phone and then out of my iPod Classic/XM6 rig. He ended up ordering a pair the same day. 
    They should hold you over until you buy customs and then realize you've been on Head-Fi way too much. 
  5. TheBaconMan
    Great.  Been searching up some reviews the past few days, they look great.  Are these the correct ones? :
    They seem to have a lot of features and come with lots of stuff.  It says 4 ounces, by any chance do you know how much beats weigh?  I can't even get up without mine tugging on my ears.
  6. steve2151
    I think 4 ounces is the total shipping weight and includes the box and accessories. The actual iems weigh slightly more than iBuds and less than any of the Turbines since they're all plastic. They're also designed to be worn cable up, so the actual stress on your ear canals is negligible.
  7. TheBaconMan
    Just ordered them, I'll post how I like them when I get them!

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