Looking to buy Sub ~$200 AUD Bassy IEMs
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Jun 10, 2012
Hey guys, I've been lurking for roughly a week doing some research in to which would be a more appropriate IEM for me.
I've had a look at a few off the top of my head the AT CKS77's, Atrio Mg7's and the Super.fi 5's.
I predominately listen to Drum n bass, Electronic, Rock, Dubstep, Pop and Metal (in order of pref).
I currently own the AT ATH AD700's which i use for some listening but primarily as my fps gaming headphones ( I like to hear where the enemy is).
As stated in the title I do live in Australia and am looking for something at around $150 but could be stretched up to $200 incl shipping.
Looking forward to your feedback, Thanks iMech
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Yamaha EPH 100. Very clean bass that gives a huge feeling of depth to the sound stage.
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Depends how much bass you want. 

Atrio will give you gobs of bass but forget about detail and clarity compared to the likes of Yamaha EPH-100 mentioned above. plus they're becoming a little dated now, there's new kids in town which do a much better job over the entire spectrum. EPH-100 leans towards balanced to fun IEM with slightly forward mids that hold extreme lushness and clarity over the whole spectrum, making Atrio sound dry, described by me as flat and boring with a monitor like approach. I haven't heard CKS77, though considering you need micro detail for gaming I'd lean towards Yamaha for their 3D soundstage which are really taking off on these forums recently going way past FOTM status.

Another option would be something like Fisher Audio's Eterna or Hippo VB, from Jaben Audio Australia, if you want maximum bass sacrificing some detail, but you want to spend a little more than that by the looks of things, however both could be considered. TF10 could be a possible contender, just be aware their bass lacks in sub bass regions. Personally if it were me and I could test them I'd be looking at the TF10 and EPH-100 providing TF10 give you enough bass and fits right you have a excellent IEM, Both would be good choices providing they suit your personal preference.

If you happen to be in Melbourne Jaben Audio will let you test all their earphones in store. 
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hisoundaudio PoPo....

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thanks h20 ive read a few of your posts i wrote this at 2am sorry if its unclear i use the audio technica ath ad700s for gaming im looking at getting iems for more fun music and such on my galaxy s2 i was looking at atrio but from whats been said ive steered away im really looking at a fairly largr ammount of bass and with as much detail as i can get . sorry for any typos replying from my phone.

forgot to add that i am from Adelaide .
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Well I can't cross CKS77's off the list, I've never heard them myself, possibly more research on your behalf for those. Monster Turbine comes to mind, they have that fun sound you want while retaining most details, but they're limited sonically which is to be expected compared to Yamaha. None the less I really enjoy my pair. I describe their bass as bouncy, deep, very involving, kind of bass that feels like it's in it's own 'zone' without intruding on mids and highs.  There's some legit ones going from this seller on ebay atm with warranty  But....if you want bass in your face to the point your ear drums start throbbing I'd look at the Hippo VB, remembering you will sacrifice detail especially at higher volumes. 

I still think the Yamaha EPH-100 would be perfectly suited, they are the musical ones, I'm just worried they may not be bassy enough for you, they easily have as much bass as turbines imo,  it's just a little smoother with better resolution layering meaning it blends in to the presentation better, but nothing like VB quantity. Put it this way, I'm a basshead, I would put them in this order for bass. Yamaha while keeping all details, Turbines while losing 'some detail', Hippo VB least detail biggest bass. I think all would be enough, I don't think TF10 would do it for you after reading your last post, I find they're very source dependant on how they react. 


I just found this in my travels of a member recently giving his/her impression of CKS77 beside EPH-100 I'm sure they won't mind me stealing it for you. 

^ Click to enlarge ^

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Okay. But what do you mean "fitting"? Like, in your ear? They're very small.
ahh just general fitting of what i believe is called the nozzle ?

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oh okay yea i was just reading and im like 3.5mm diameter nozzle measure current iems sounds about right realised that the post goes on to say that the yams wrre of 6mm and was a bit worried
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Just look on a ruler, you'll see 6mm is probably much smaller than the opening of your ear canal.
oh okay yea i was just reading and im like 3.5mm diameter nozzle measure current iems sounds about right realised that the post goes on to say that the yams wrre of 6mm and was a bit worried


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