1. RDelley

    Ultimate ears Superfi 5 pro broken

    Hi,   I have a pair of ultimate ears Superfi 5 pro. They've worked fine for the past couple of years, but now the right headphone isn't producing the same sound as the left one (which sounds as good as normal). I can still hear music from the right earphone but it sounds tinny and much...
  2. Tiop

    Why am I not satisfied with my IEM's?

    Okay so I usually just lurk here but I decided to go ahead and make an account and ask. I don't have much experience in the headphone world but I do consider myself to be very picky about how my music sounds. I'm big on my home theater setup but I've just really never had a set of good IEM's...
  3. kshashan

    IEMs with good dynamic range..Time to go BA?

    Hi I am looking for an IEM with good dynamic range, and decent bass, treble and soundstage in that order of priority. My budget is limited to 90 USD for now. I'm guessing BA IEMs can offer a good dynamic range as they're quick, but then bass impact/quantity becomes a concern with most...
  4. dman777

    SuperFi 5 Pro Broke, Don't like the TripleFi10 As Much...What To Do?

    The plastic housing on one of my Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro broke. These have been discontinued and I can not buy another pair. I loved the sound signature of these. I have tried the Triple 10's and I didn't like the bass as much on those. To me, the Super Fi 5's weren't as harsh in the treble...
  5. iMech

    Looking to buy Sub ~$200 AUD Bassy IEMs

    Hey guys, I've been lurking for roughly a week doing some research in to which would be a more appropriate IEM for me. I've had a look at a few off the top of my head the AT CKS77's, Atrio Mg7's and the Super.fi 5's.   I predominately listen to Drum n bass, Electronic, Rock, Dubstep, Pop...
  6. sidsrvnn

    ue 600vi replacement

    Hi, I've owned 3 pairs of ue600vis, dating from when they were called superfi5 vs I love the sound, but the cable has frayed on all pairs, I'm currently looking at either shure 215s or Futuresonics atrios, I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide alternatives or recommend a good pair, I have...
  7. daniel521

    Is it a bad idea to use an IEM while working out?

    Im planning on purchasing an IEM, however, I plan to use it while working out. Sennheiser makes a sweat proof one, but is that really necessary? If I use one thats not water or sweat proof, is there a risk that it will stop working?
  8. Pianist

    Ultimate Ears 600 impressions thread

    Got 'em, love 'em. Apparently a rebranded Super.fi 5 (non-pro), these are fantastic IEMs in my opinion, not just for the price but are able to hold their own against IEM that cost several times as much from my experience. In particular, I find UE600 very similar, almost shockingly so, to Shure's...
  9. SunRay95

    Ultimate ears Super.Fi. 5 vs JVC Review and Comparison

    Hi   I've just purchased a pair of Ultimate ears Super.Fi.5 IEM's (£119 RRP) and i just thought i would do a review for you guys, and for the purpose of the review i will do some back to back testing with a cheaper IEM (JVC HA-FX66 (£20RRP)) to see how they compare.   Packaging and...
  10. kalvinhui

    advises, quick one

    guys, just a quick one~ just lost my SE102 2days ago and i felt really bad as i love the sound quality of it was very nice and comfortable to wear. well, my budget is around £40 and i found that the Meelectronics M6 is selling at £47 with shipping on their official website and UE SuperFi 5...
  11. danzal

    What Earbuds ~£30 (better than Sony EX85s)?

    As per title.   As it looks like the Orange/IE7 deal has fallen through, what earbuds do you recommend at £30 max that will be better than the EX85s? I currently find the EX85s too bassy and muffled, and am looking for something with leaner, punchier bass.   I've seen CX500s and UE...
  12. lewis82

    Back to square one, help buying customs IEMs

    I have bought, a couple months ago, a pair of Klipsch Image S4. Long story short, my right ear canal is "crooked" and doesn't seal well with any of the tips supplied. The pain was awful, I couldn't wear them more than 15 minutes. So I sold them to my sister.   Since I have a summer job, I...
  13. evanagreer

    Monster Turbine Gold vs Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro

    The thread title says it all...     Which is a better phone? Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 pro or the Monster Turbine Gold?   Thanks!
  14. Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Noise Isolating Earphones

    Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Noise Isolating Earphones

    Ultimate Ears SUPER.Fi 5 uses the same speaker and sound signature used in our professional monitors. It offers the most detailed and sonically rich experience when listening to all type of musical genres. The top fire armature produces a detailed and full soundstage. The metallic silver body...