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Great IEMs with Strong BASS and SOUNDSTAGE under $200?

  1. underdogdev
    I am currently on the hunt for a pair of IEMs with powerful bass and great overall sound quality.  As of right now, I own a pair of Beats Tour and am completely over them.  The bass isn't too bad...it's the rest of their performance I could do without.  The instruments tend to blend together resulting in an overall muddy sound.  I would prefer a pair of cans with clarity in the highs, solid mids, and strong bass to back them up.  I've been researching threads and reviews on head-fi.org for nearly one month, and have narrowed a list of choices that I feel would suit my taste.  Comfort is a big concern ( I wear them 8-10hr a day at work ), Isolation not so much (although preferred), a microphone and iPhone controls would be great (I'll mainly be using them with my iPhone) but not mandatory. On a day-to-day basis, I typically listen to rock, hip-hop, indie, and jazz.  Thanks to all who help, I'm stuck right now.
    The List-
    Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2
    T-Peos H-200
    Vsonic GR07 BE
    Ortofon e-Q5
    TDK BA200
    Moshi Vortex
    Atrio MG7
    Sony XBA-3
  2. TheBoss
    sony mdr 7550
    http://www.head-fi.org/t/558083/sony-mdr-800st-review (Japan version of the same thing but different labeling)
    mine is just a week old... i have yet to write full review but i can say it definitely fills your sound requirements.

    street price... these days it can be had less than or equal your budget
  3. underdogdev
    Thanks so much TheBoss, I'm definitely going to look into them.
  4. Berkovajazz
    Sennheiser IE8/80, Vsonic R07BassEdition, Westone 3
  5. JohannLiebert
    Sony XB-3
  6. Kurdt-bada
    The fischer amps fa 4e xb comfort is awesome, sound is simply spectacular price is around 500$ check the thread
  7. JohannLiebert
    We know that you love your fischer Amps but they aren't 200USD and won't be in the near future :wink:
  8. Berkovajazz
    200$ = used like new:) Lol
  9. LCfiner
    Bass and soundtage for 200? Kef M200, easily. they have great, textured bass that kicks hard and a nice wide soundstage with great imaging.
  10. Kurdt-bada
    **** didn't see that on my iphone i need to use tapatalk instead of safari
  11. quartertone
    And big-ass hooks coming out of the top...
  12. JoeDoe
    +1 to the 7550 although the isolation isn't great, and they don't have iPhone controls. 
    Out of the ones you've listed I've had the XBA3, GR07, BA200, and H200 - out of those GR07 Bass Edition will be your best choice. The others don't have an abundance of bass and the soundstage is medium at best. 
    I highly suggest the UE Triple Fi 10. You can routinely find like new ones for under $200.
    Also the IE80 is known for its bass and soundstage although finding one under $200 will be tough.
  13. humbl

    Thanks so much for the reply...I am definitely going to look into the UE Triple Fi 10. I appreciate your expertise.
  14. TheBoss
    I owned this IEM for 4 years.  Add another $100 (like I did) for better eartips and to replace the stock cable (that likes to break in a year or less)

    They pair well with iDevices with headphone output impedance <1 such as iphone 4, latest generation of ipod touch and ipads. 
    To OP, if you do get the TF10... make sure you have source with output impedance less than or equal to 1 ohm. Above 5 ohm you loose some detail in the highs. 
  15. JoeDoe

    $100 for tips? Customs?

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