Looking for some high quality bass heavy CIEMs.
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Jan 8, 2013
I have MG7s and i LOVE them! But the birthday is coming around pretty quick! (in a few months,but i wanted to know how long it takes to get the mold/get the mold to the company...) So i would like someone to suggest some CIEMs with bass that will satisfy me i would much appreciate it! 
Things i want in my CIEMs...
1:Detachable cable.
2:bass quantity that rivals my MG7s. I will likely be using a digizoid either way...
3:Under about 1k USD. (i can go a little further,but i would like to keep it around there.)
4:A gold plated audio jack. (i wanted it to be detachable,but i still dont want my stock cable to go out too fast.)
5:Good highs,not fatiguing.
I guess that's about it! 

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JH 16 pro or Heir Audio 8A are the first things came to my mind. I would prefer 8A honestly but it is up to you, search, read a lot then decide what to get.
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I had some of the above requirements as well when I went looking for CIEM's - great bass but smooth treble with no loss of detail - I am waiting on a set of 8A's (and 4A's) - They have had my impressions since 5/20, so I am getting close!

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