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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. n00b2

    Yes I would imagine the Momentum would not sound great for classical. The Symphony on the other hand would be perfect for it with its neutral signature and wide open soundstage. The Denon's look interesting though not sure if the round ear cups would be comfortable or not.
  2. Deckardk
    ^ M2s are built for today's mainstream music. Haven't listened to the radio in 20 years.

    Can't wait to hear more about the Denons.
  3. Giogio
    I am trying to find out how to multiquote a single post so to add my answer under single fragments of the same post. I am kind of failing in that. If anybody know how, a PM is welcome.
    Coming back to you, sorry for the late answer, I lost your post in the fast growth of the thread.
    Well, The H8 may be good for your tastes, yes. Because you are not going to boost their bass, you do not listen to heavy bass music, and you are not going to use ANC all the time. So, this should avoid you their problem of distortion.
    But you must live with their poor range.
    Their bass is not much broad, it sounds a bit "closed" and dark. But it goes deep.
    I personally would rather suggest you the Fidelio M2BT if you want something on that kind of dimensions. The bass is much more natural, it goes even deeper but at same time is wider.
    The vocals are more present, and the soundstage is better, more open. They sound more balanced overall. Only their highs are not super good, they may have a bit sibilance on some tracks.
    They are surely portable, elegant, and have a good passive noise cancelling.
    I did not test any of these with gaming, I do not play games, so, I have no idea there. Sorry. The quality of call is mediocre in both of them.
    If you are used to a semi open, the ATH-WS99BT can be good for you. They can be the best bassy BT cans, but are not boosted. Their bass is very natural. Their soundstage excellent, the vocals very present and warm, the highs clear and never harsh. They are light, portable enough. But no ANC and the passive one is not very good, being somehow semi open. For very loud environment, they are not the best choice, although they can get very loud...
    I am also testing now the Pendulumic Stance S1+ and they sounded very very nice with that Metallica track. I think you could like them a lot. The bass is also very natural, not boosted.
    They are not the most portable cans anyway. Although more than the Plantronics (which I exclude due to bulkiness, as you asked for something not bulky).
    The Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless would be like a better sounding H8, with similar darkness in the bass, which is boosted out of the box. But with more detail, precision, clarity.
    They are bigger but still portable. The passive NC is ok. Better if you have a big head (on my head they did not seal 100% well, and if I chewed of moved my head right and left, the pitch of the bass was changing. Which was actually funny, I could interact with music).
    Also very nice for your tastes would be the Supertooth Freedom. Excellent fresh sound with good natural bass and enough warmth in the mids. Not exactly "elegant" though.
    Unfortunately I still could not test the Momentum. But from what other people say, it seems they could suite your tastes and needs.
    Probably the upcoming Denon and Sony also.
    Of what I have tested, I would suggest you the ATH, then the Fidelio, then the Pendulumic, then the H8.
  4. supach
    I love your insights but you should already know that. When it comes to bassiness: I'm not native so I didn't explain myself clearly, yes I don't need very bassy cans, but I like extended low frequencies range. In frantic example it's transfered from sinusoid to square signal and because of that there a lot of low frequencies that I don't hear on many cans and I just got used to it and like it (-;
    When it comes to poor range I've read 14-page thread on BeoWorld and that's batch problem (meaning ALL of first models have this problem and they fixed that after customer complaints), so B&O replaces them without an problem if you spot that issue (and shame on them that they didn't find that in QA and released it on market. Btw. they even said smth like: 'we're releasing wireless cans so late because we wanted to make it right' which is hilarious in this case). So I'm not concerned about those drops and I'll be testing those cans in store for long period of time anyway.
    Fidelio - I don't think that not-the-best highs should concern me, but again after reading this thread I know that I need to listen those cans anyway (but this thread helps A LOT with narrowing test sample).
    I love your opinion on ATH but only problem is I can't test them without possibility of returning them if for some reason I wouldn't like them. That makes me stay on the fence ;-x
    I've tested few Sennis and overal I don't like their bass signature. Don't get me wrong - I didn't test ALL of Sennis, but among those I tested I've prefered Koss bass signature a lot more. 
    You would help me a LOT also by testing Zik 2.0 (I know they're BT 3.0 and not ATX) but it would be helpful.
    I'm traveling to Warsaw 20th April, I'll be testing H8, Zik 2.0 and Level-Overs there for sure. I'm trying to find Fidelios there as well. If I won't be satisfied by any of them I would probably "risk" ordering ATH and selling them locally if I wouldn't like them.
  5. MummysPride
    What do you guys think of this review?
    Could it win the first price as most useless pathetic review ever?
  6. MummysPride
    Guys, seriously? You write like ten posts a day, and just when I write my first post you disappear?
  7. orion23rigel

    Maybe because you were just bashing somebody else instead of contributing something...
  8. Giogio
    Maybe. But it is his first post :) And, I kind of agree. The review is really embarrassing. I finished only for curiosity, but I was sincerely confused. I could not understand what was he talking about.
    I would have probably avoided the term pathetic. Although I would have probably had it in my mind.
    And, well, the review is actually not brilliantly useful.
    I have seen worse than that, unfortunately.
    I think I understand why you don't like it, but, for curiosity, what did you feel like wrong or missing there?
    Btw, I have tested them some time ago, they are nice headphones, but the guy must have smoked something to be so enthusiast about them. They are ok, but on no means that good.
  9. Giogio
    Do not overestimate me :) I do not know so much. And apparently you may have better ears than I do.
    Can you explain me how do you hear this transaction from sinusoid to square? I have only heard drums and guitars and almost no bass. At least in the youtube video.
    I have called the Danish Support of B&O and the guy will put me in contact with the Product Manager because he could not find any info about a defected Batch and had never heard about that.
    He personally was of the opinion that the H8 are meant to be like that, to save battery life. And that it cannot be considered a defect.
    I do not find this kind of answer very convincing, but when I told him about this thread and that I was just trying to get an official info to post here, he stepped back and told me that that could not be taken as official answer.
    So, let's wait for the Manager.
    I did not understand what you mean about the Fidelio. You mean that you can live with that, or what?
    For the ATH, as I think I've told you, I have bought them in Rakuten because they were cheaper, but that seller does not offer any Return Policy. Only replacement in case of "arrived damaged".
    While in Ebay.com there is a seller which sells them 30USD more expensive, but unless in Poland Ebay has worse Customer Protection than in Germany, I think you should have 14 days Return Policy and the Protection of PayPal. Have a look.
    Which Senny did you test?
    About the Zik 2, funny, you are the second person who want me to test them. @kayandjohn also expressed that "wish".
    So, I have written to the Parrot PR Director, Vanessa Loury, asking to receive a test unit for comparison purposes for a limited time.
    Whoever feels that the Parrot Zik 2 would be a nice addiction to my list, can probably write her at
    and ask her to contribute to the cause of this nice growing community sending me a unit to test.
    Otherwise I doubt that I will have the money for it before some months.
    I have started this adventure without knowing that it would have gone so far. The first headphones tested were not so expensive. 3 together were like one of the top new ones.
    So now to compare 3 or more headphones (now I have 6) I have to afford costs which are too high for me.
    Hopefully it works out, I am also very curious to try them.
    (btw, the Level Over I wanted to suggest them for sound and ANC, but you asked for portability, they are huge...)
  10. Giogio
    Hmmm. I suspect that Sony will take it for themselves. And, if it really can transmit all these datas, it should sound better with loseless files.
    Do you know when there will be this Sony phone with LDAC? If it will be the new Z4 I could be tempted...
    Anyway, "better" is relative. Some things are more or less objective, but other things are matter of tastes. Like n00b2 said for the Momentum vs Symphony... Some people will prefer the Momentum for the stronger bass and warmer sound...
    We should try to convince Oppo to make a BT version of the PM-3...
    I wrote to Grado asking if they plan making a BT headphone. They answered very coldly and laconic as if I had insulted their mother.
    For now the only way to have a BT Grado or Oppo is with a detachable cable, plugging a BT receiver.
    Sorry, your comment went lost in the confusion.
    You should probably describe your tastes in matter of music and of sound.
    And, I suppose that for smartphone you mean android? or iOS?
    You wrote me via PM that you lean toward the BBP. Seems a good option for conference calls. A very versatile headphone. Not the most portable though.
    I am not sure about the Conference Call, I think that there are no special headphones for that. So, simply pick one with good call quality.
  11. ruthieandjohn

    Hey!  SOMEONE learned how to use "multiquote!!" 
    Oh, and here is Parrot Zik PR Director Vanessa Loury, earnestly considering @giogio 's request for a loaner Zik for evaluation.  Indeed, it may be that very pair!
  12. supach
    Let me be clear: I don't hear that, but after sb told me that I noticed that when I took cans with i.g. freq range starting from 25Hz and compared them to Koss ones (that apparently starts from 18Hz which is 2Hz lower than average but maybe exaggeration as well) new sounds of drumm set. I've computer science degree not, electronics one so I'll be oversimplifying this: there is i.g.  Fourier transform http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourier_transform that transforms signal into sinusoid, multiple amplitudes. In metioned Metallica's album they've additionally transformed signal by some square "looking" function that resulted in producing more low frequency notes. That's how far I go with signal theory. (-;
    Per H8 defect take a look at: http://forum.beoworld.org/forums/p/13370/125588.aspx#125588 . B&O staff asks people to replace items and do tests whenever they did receive new batch (which is lame as well).
    I'm not a native - sorry! I should be fine with Fidelio highs but I'll be sure after testing them.
    I've looked on eBay but all return policies from Japan says that box must be un-opened so it's hard to test it that way. You say that pay-pal gives some additional privilliges?
    I've tested for sure Sennheiser PX 200 that was comparable to Koss ones. I also have wired Momentums in my local shop so if wired version and wireless one have similar sound signature I can compare them as well.
    Once you write to PR lady, I'll follow up with my email to support sending you a pair (-;
    Glad you mentioned it - I'm an Apple fanboy and I don't need further reason to ditch those cans from comparison!
    At the moment I've H8 and Zik 2.0 in Warsaw arranged, I have to look for a pair of Fidelios that I can test.
  13. n00b2
    Good to see you've learnt how to multi quote! There is a list here that shows which devices are coming out with LDAC support this year. Didn't see a phone on that list. I'm interested to see how LDAC affects battery life and bluetooth connection reliability. Obviously when higher amount of data is being transferred over bluetooth the battery life is going to drop. The connection issues also seem to appear more commonly with the higher end bluetooth 4.0 headsets than the older, cheaper models (was told by a reliable source that that is to be expected with higher end aptx sets). I've seen Sony hype things up before only to fail to deliver so time will tell exactly what improvement if any LDAC or audio upscaling does.
    Good luck convincing Oppo to make a bluetooth version. As I'm sure you are well aware most high end companies hate bluetooth and wireless like the plague and I wouldn't be surprised if they react nicer to you if you offend their mother rather than ask for wireless headphones. At least Sennheiser are giving bluetooth and wireless a go, even if they haven't yet ironed out all the problems or act dismissive towards bluetooth when questioned. I really hope that BT receiver than kelleytoons? was working on comes good or similar products come out that work just as well. Would be a great achievement if they can fit in a decent DAC with good battery life into one of those connectible receivers (noise cancelling is obviously out of the question).
  14. Giogio
    Wow, fascinating woman. Now I am even more interested in Parrot :)
    About multiquote, I already could do that. But it only works to multiquote many different posts in one answer.
    What I could not, and still cannot do, is how to "multiquote" one single post, dividing it in pieces so that I can put my answer under each piece.
    The only suggestion received till now is to manually copy and paste the quote again ad again...
    You (and @kayandjohn, and whoever want to see me testing the Parrot) can write her already. I have written her a week ago. She answered asking me where I am located, I answered back, and I am still waiting for a feedback. Maybe some fanboys queries would encourage them.
    About the Metallica stuff and frequencies, I am afraid it still is out of my hearing possibilities, but I will test better to see if I notice what you mean.
    Anyway, I can hear till 15hz, and a bit till 10, with headphones like the Fidelio or the Audio Technica which goes down till 7 and 8hz respectively. So, it is good to have headphones which have a broader frequency response. I think it also improves the quality of the sound, because there is no need of an artificial boost.
    About that B&O thread, I think that maybe because you are not "native", you misunderstood it. They do NOT say that. The guy asked BeoPlay if there was a defected batch but the BeoPlay person did NOT confirm that. BeoPlay only said to try the new unit in the shop to be sure it is not faulty. So, the theory of BeoPlay is that they are single faulty units.
    Considering how many people had this problem, I definitely do NOT believe that.
    For me it is clear, either ALL production is like that, for design, and they are not planning to do anything about it, or they did actually notice it and will do a better batch, but do not want to say it clearly to avoid massive returns. They keep it silent and just accept each individual return request, as it if was a "defect unit".
    About the Senny, I have the PX 200 ii, they sound relatively cold and quite muffled on the bass and low mids, a bit muddy. It is not a real coldness of a v-shape because of this muddy low mids, but it is not warm either.
    So, if they sound like the Koss and you like the Koss, what did you not like in the Senny? The Momentum Wireless? Was it the old or the new Momentum?
    Did I already tell you that there is a BT Headphone from Koss? If you like Koss so much, you should probably try it. Jude Mansilla, the Admin of Head-Fi (as far as I understood) reviewed them and liked them.
    If you do not like warm signatures, you could try the Momentum On Ear wireless, they are apparently a bit more V-Shaped. The Plantronics also.
    For Ebay, I suggest you to call the Ebay Buyer Protection or Customer Care of your Country and just ask them how does it work with that item. Generally Ebay considers that products can be opened and returned. How can you find out if the product works well with your devices without opening it?
    Sgrunt :) I could already, as said to Kayandjohn.
    I know that list, that's why I asked @elektron about the phone he was talking about. Because I saw no phone in that list either.
    About the connection issues, it may be related to the low energy protocol of BT 4. And, who knows what will Sony do. I understand what you mean. If the guy of BeoPlay gave me as unofficial answer that the poor range may be wanted to save battery, than Sony could do the same if the LDAC really uses more battery.
    (did you just notice that I have multiquoted you? But it is slow, I have to cut the new part of your post, past it under my partial answer, select it, and quote it).
    Maybe Sennheiser was encouraged because they had already experience with the other wireless, RS Series.
    My way of seeing it is: the sound is made by both hardware and software. Now, it is true that the BT still degrades the signal respect to cable, although I have read some people declaring that it is not a limit of BT but of how it is implemented. BUT, if you take a very good Planar Magnetic headphone and plug a BT receiver in them, you surely have a much better sound than any existing BT Headphone. Just, with the strange receiver protruding.
    So, if they are able to make such good hardware, what's so bad if they just implement a BT chip in the headphone?
    I mean, it seems to me like an arrogant snobbism. They can make both things and make people happy.
    It is not like making crappy headphones for 50 USD to please more people, it is making High End BT Headphones to please the audiophiles who need the freedom of wireless.
    It is really stupid that they don't do it.
  15. ruthieandjohn
    I've been considering the purchase of another set of Bluetooth headphones (to go with my Parrot Zik 2.0), so I developed a set of criteria important to me, then ranked each of many Bluetooth headphones mentioned throughout this thread.  I ranked the importance of each criterion to me, then gave each headphone a score of 1, 2, or 3.  I then color coded the final scores to blue (best), green (next best), yellow (middle), or red.
    Here are the criteria and their importance to me (high = weight of 3, low = weight of 1):
    1. Appearance (3)
    2. Apt-X (2)
    3. "Grado-ness" of sound (transparent like my beloved Grados) (2)
    4. Bassiness (1)
    5. "Giogio thread score" - how well headphones were ranked on this thread, particularly in Giogio's first post
    6. ANC (1) - 3 if yes, 1 if no
    7. Price (1) - general "feel " of price from where where I would get it (price data in Colunm 2)
    Results clearly prefer saving up for the Sennheiser Momentum M2BT in that snappy ivory color.  Also great are the AKG K845BT, ATH-WS99BT, Fidelio M2BT or M1BT, and Backbeat Pro.
    Just thought I would amuse you with my BT musings... someone may find them useful.
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