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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. ruthieandjohn
    Indeed, the app on the iOS or android device only communicates the settings to the Parrot Zik... the Zik then sets its own DSP chip to execute those settings. So you can detach it from the BT device tha has the app and attach it to a BT device without the app, and the Zik will stay with whatever EQ, soundstage, NC you had set.

    Then to change them you have to reattach to the device with the app and chenage them there. But once you settle on settings you like, you are likely to leave them there.

    In fact, when I published my comparison several pages ago, I indicated the EQ, reverb, and soundstage setttings I found best. But I'd be most interested in what you find best, so let us know what settings you like, when you get to that point.

  2. bleedinorange

    My perfect Headphone would be the fit and comfort of the Sony MK2,the bass and controls of the BBP,the sound stage of the Deft Tech Symph 1,highs a bit less that the BBP,Loudness of the House of Marley's and the portability of the Bose Soundlink. Got anything like that? LOL 
    They all had there issues for me...Bose can sound weak at times and not loud enough for me,BBP almost perfect except the fit,Sony not loud enough and no anc,def tech s1 almost perfect as well but if i don't get a perfect seal they will distort and the only way for me to achieve the fit was to tighten the headband very snug which caused the to be uncomfortable around the head,Marley's bad fit...my ear aren't that big but they must be sensitive i wear glasses so that don't help either ...as for a specific sound signature i want...i love a big sound stage and a good punchy clean quality bass not flabby...like you said quality bass...i like the highs of the BBP but if they where a little toned down would be perfect.I would have already tried the ATH-W99BT but they aren't in the US...doesnt mean i can't but I've been getting ones in the US right now.Ehhh ill find me some one day...right now I'm enjoying trying them all out.:)
  3. n00b2
    You know if the headband is causing you problems you could buy something like this and add it to the headband. Not sure if it will fit the Symphony 1 but I've seen it used on other headphones with thicker headbands. Not the prettiest of solutions but it often does the job.
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  4. Giogio
    Well, I expected that.
    No, there is nothing like that.
    I think your last chances are the Momentum Wireless and the Parrot Zik 2.0
    The ATH have no ANC, as said. They even are almost semi-open (although AT still claims they are closed).
    But apart for this, they would probably be exactly what you look for as sound.
    But, let me think, you could try the Samsung Level Over. If you like punchy bass you will have to EQ them a bit. But they could do the trick. Although they do not get much loud.
    Yes, talking of Over Ear with ANC, you only have those 3 choices left.
    Wait, you could still try the UE9000. But, damn heavy...
    Now, if you are willing to consider a, On Ear, you may have other two options:
    1) Fidelio M2BT, if you renounce to ANC. They do have a very good passive NC anyway. The bass is the best you will found on any other BT Headphone apart for the ATH. The UE comes very close. The H8 a step down. The Plantronics another Step Down.
    2) the BeoPlay H8. But you must know this: when you use them with a phone you must set the volume a bit lower than the max. And when you use them with a PC you will have to avoid boosting the bass with EQ, and have to set the Windows Volume at 3/4 or 2/3 (if you decide to boost the bass with EQ then the volume must be lower).
    Or they will distort badly on some bass-heavy tracks WHEN the anc is on.
  5. Giogio
    I'm proud to announce that I've added at the bottom of the first post the first category of my Huge Comparison: BASS.
  6. ruthieandjohn
  7. bleedinorange
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  8. bleedinorange

    Thanks for the suggestions Giogio. I was actually really close to buying the M1BT but i bit the bullet and got the Momentum Wireless.They better hit all the marks because $500 is way more that i wanted to spend on a set.I went to best buy this weekend and they had some Momentum wired (first gen) on display.I though they where really comfortable and the sound from what little i got to listen was awesome! I believe the M2's earcups are a bit bigger than that of the M1 which may be perfect for me because as i tired them on at the store this weekend the only negative i left with was i wished the cups where i tic bigger.If they can sound equal to the Def Tech S1 and feel as comfy as the MK2 ill be happy...thats a lot to ask for but Sennheiser is asking just as much.
  9. n00b2

    Out of curiosity what did you prefer out of the MKII and Symphony in terms of sound quality. Which did you find more balanced and with better soundstage? Checking your comments it seems that you rejected the MKII simply because it didn't have NC and didn't go loud enough and not really for sound quality reasons.
  10. bleedinorange

    To be honest i wish i would have given the MK2 a better chance.When i had the MK2 i also had the BBP at the same time and when i put them on back to back the MK2 didn't have no wowness tp them...i don't know how to describe it because i don't know what I'm talking about but i was left hitting the volume up button on the MK2's wishing the would come alive more.The sound was so clear and nice but in a loud room or just my living room with the tv on in the background i would get distracted by it time to time..with the BBP i might as well never had a tv.
    As for the Def Tech S1 they where nothing wrong at all with the sound of them...as soon as i put them on i smiled really big! The sound stage was unreal and they felt very open and clear with surprisingly strong bass.They had a wow factor and then some for me...you could close your eyes and just get lost in what you where listening to BUT...they had one fatal flaw for me...if the seal wasn't perfect bass hits would distort like crazy so i would press them against my head more and it would stop but the only i could make them seal better was to tighten down on the head band and try not to move a lot ...for $400 dollars that wasn't gonna work.
  11. Nothing Within
    Still prefer the beats?! Wow suprising guess they really do like style over sound. Well some people just have different point of views like all of us haha.
  12. Nothing Within
    I assume just a defect hopefully. The momentums are more about a balanced sound signature than something like the Urbanite Wireless XL which if you are looking for more bass i would look into. They have ACC? I also am using an iphone wonder how that works and makes a difference with the sound quality, but i use spotify instead if buying songs form itunes like i used to.
  13. n00b2

    It's not so much style. They just like distorted, muddy bass. Have been that way since long before Beats came onto the scene (can't remember what they had before beats but they were in ear and sounded similar). Though the old Beats seem to be my mates' holy grail in terms of the type of sound they like. Weren't big fans of the new ones.
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  14. elektron
    Why compare the outgoing MK2 with the new crop of cans that are just in?  As a reasonably happy MK2 user myself I wouldn't recommend them to someone looking for a new pair at the moment, given that the MDR-1ABT will be available in just a few weeks.
    Although it doesn't go into too much detail, the first review on headphones.reviewed.com is very encouraging, saying that they sounded better than the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless.  I would expect the difference should be even more pronounced with an LDAC compatible source, although they weren't able to test that:
    The new touch controls also sound like a winner:
  15. n00b2
    Because sound quality is not dependent on the year it was made. There's always the possibility of older headphones sounding much better than the newer updated model. In any case the 1ABT isn't out yet and the poster had tried both the MKII and Symphony.
    That reviewer sounded like he was working for Sony with his constant repeating of Sony's marketing regarding LDAC and audio upscaling. Will be interesting to see if LDAC actually makes any real difference or not and if it does, wlll LDAC be supported by other brands in the future or will it remain a Sony exclusive.
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