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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. n00b2

    Sure most professional reviewers will criticise the app dependent design but there is simply nothing else like it out in the marketplace. I know a few people who bought the Zik or Zik 2.0 because of that exact reason (well that and looks and coolness factor). Nothing else has so much versatility when it comes to equalisation and there wouldn't be many bluetooth headphones that can be EQ'd this well for so many different genres. I would never consider the Zik myself either and have criticised them repeatedly for these exact reasons but I can see how it would be very appealing to a certain market segment. The people I know who have bought them pretty much only use it on the train journey to and from work/uni and have iPhones. For that purpose if you dig the looks they are in many ways the ideal headphones (bluetooth, great NC, small and portable, customisable sound, stylish, battery life doesn't matter as it gets charged when you get home).
  2. bleedinorange
    Hi Guys,
    This is my fist post and i wanted to make an account to try and give back a little. I first would like to thank everyone in this thread you all have been extremely helpful on my search to find the headset for me.I started this search actually a few years ago with a set of Harman Kardon bluetooth phones.I can't remember the model but i wasn't crazy about them at all and i just chalked it to bluetooth wasn't quite ready at the time. So a few month ago i decide to try again and on whim i bought a set of Beats studio wireless and i was blown away i thought they where great.Then i stumbled on this thread in it early stages and followed daily.This lead me to try out a set of Plantronics Beat Back Pros.Holy Crap! They where 100 time better that the Beats!
    I Immediately realized i had no ideal what good sound was lol. When i tested them back to back the openness jumped out on the BBP and when i say tested i used an iPhone 6 and a Macbbookpro with APTX...wait a sec...let be be clear about this when i describe theses sounds i have no ideal what I'm talking about just what I've picked up from reading your guys post. Some of it i understand but most i haven't a clue.I know i like tight clean bass and a bit on the heavy side not not a bass head i would say,I prefer just a bit less highs than the BBP offer and Soundstage i love them BIG and lastly Volume...i don't like quite cans.Now back to the BBP vs Beats...the bass was much better on the BBP,tighter and more clean where as the Beats where flabby and loose with a pitiful sound stage.This made me think i may share the same taste as Giogio the thread starter so i started trying cans from his list.The BBP where my fav right off the bat but there biggest issue for me was the hurt my ears after an hour because of the small ear cups so i tried to find others to dethrone them.
    Fist up was the UE9000 i agreed on all of giogio likes about them the issue i had was they wouldn't connect to my Macbook and that headband was painful after a bit.
    Next up was the Bose Soundlink On Ear.They where great! Very comfy! Sound was clean and the bass was impressive from the size.They are the most practical cans I've used.Just so portable my only issue is i with they would get louder than they do.
    Next up Sony MDR-XB950BT. Holy Hell these things will rattle you skull and they where comfy but there soundstage was sad. By this time i realized i wanted Noise Canceling with whatever i decide.
    Next was the very popular Sony MK2...WOW these things where comfy those ear cups are a dream.The sound was great! Very even and clean across the board.They where the most balanced of all i test so far.Great sound stage.The only fault i could find was that annoying blinking light and the didn't get very loud.If they had NC and would have gotten louder i would have maybe kept them.
    Next was House of Marley XLBT. What a fun headphone these are! Completely silly but awesome at the same time.The bass was very strong and punchy and tight but the highs where kinda sad.I tried they using a eq after giogio said it helped a lot but i very rarely fool with any eq and he was right it brought them alive with a little treble boost.Very fun i almost keep them but the fit was bad for me so i realized the set i wanted must fit over my ears like the MK2 did.
    Next and what i have now buy only used one day Definitive Technology Symphony 1. Where do i start...Soundstage is epic the song Name by goo goo dolls you can close your eyes and pick out where there standing on stage lol well maybe not but you know what I'm getting at it is freaking epic! The bass is there more that i thought too with not bassy by no mean but very deep,clean and solid.These may be a keeper they fit me great and unless you have german shepherd ears they will fit you too. NC works great i would say on par with the BBP.Headband can be just a bit tight but i have a large head.The only issue i have found is sometimes i have trouble getting a good seal and I'm not sure why yet because some bass note will sound like they distort but if i press on them against my head a bit it quits and sounds great again.
    Thanks Again for all you help!
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  3. n00b2
    Hi @bleedinorange. Welcome to the club! Glad the thread has helped you with your search. The Def Tech are an awesome headphone. I have been on the hunt for a while myself. Started a thread on another part of the forum (which is now almost 50 pages long) about a year ago about bluetooth headphones and have finally settled on the Def Tech myself. I've noticed the issues with getting a good seal a few times myself. It seems like the cups are just so big and wide and spacious that its harder to get it into the ideal position. I've found that rotating the cups slightly and shortening the headband to give a tighter fit tends to fix the problem of distorted bass although doing this does mean that the top of your head gets sore after a while (1 hr for me) due to insufficient padding on the headband. Thats a lot easier to fix though that uncomfortable ear cups if needed.
  4. supach
    I messed up threads and I've posted in BeoPlay H8 thread instead of here http://www.head-fi.org/t/749700/bang-olufsen-beoplay-h8-wireless-noise-cancelling-on-ear-headphones/165#post_11427377 As this post already has response I'll just paste it here as well to ask for your advice:
    I've been lured here by @Giogio who wrote very discouraging review of BeoPlay H8. It was a very useful for me as I'm (or was) planing to buy those headphones and his review was the first piece that was reasonable and not overly-optymystic like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Ejb9t74MY or every other review that are made by incompetent people.
    Having said that @Giogio also encouraged be to write a post here on my preferences that community could help me decide if BeoPlay H8 are actually the best fit for me, so here goes my list of assumptions:
    - I don't care about price until it's around (or below) $500, so overpriced argument doesn't bother me much - I'll be buying them for years to come and I want to get best fit for me in that price range
    - My most favourite sound signature is produced by open designed Koss KSC 55 (they have broader range of bass and it's naturally coloured) - I got used to them and I love sound they produce. (btw. if sb says that broader bass range is BS please check Metallica - Frantic on those headphones. first 30sec is enough - you should notice difference in drum set)
    - My music taste is mostly old-school ~rock (Pearl Jam, Sting, U2, Metallica, Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, SOAD, RHCP, Audioslave) with a little bit of pop (Mattafix, Macklemore, Craig David), if that's not enough details are here: http://www.last.fm/user/sup-
    - I would still use Koss KSC 55 for sport but other than that (music indoor and outdoor, gaming with mic (use for long periods of use e.g. 3h straight), telephone calls) would have to be served by new cans
    - Because of outdoor use they must be portable (as far as they can be), they can't be bulky. I want to walk with them in the street (I had for a short while Harman Kardon BT and anything that touched steel band made unpleasant sound (other than too flat bass for me - I liked those cans very much)).
    - I don't travel very frequently (once a month or two) but It would be nice to use them from time with NC (I don't care if that's passive or active) - I would like to fall asleep faster (preferably without music if that's possible)
    - I care about design - I like simplicity (of use, build etc.)
    - I live in Europe but I don't have problem with buying cans in the US
    Please let me know what do you think! (-;


  5. cehowardNote3
    Hiya, newbie here too. My source is a Note 4 and playing flac files. I am a Sony Bt Mk2 fanboy. I just recently had the Def Tech Symp 1 and the Senn M2 Wireless. Realizing the all comparisons are subjective, IMO the Senn M2 clearly distance itself from the Def Tech Symp 1 and the Mk2. At this point I am sending the Def Tech Symp 1 back and keeping the Senn M2. If you get a chance try the M2.
  6. bleedinorange

    Do the M2 volume get as loud as the symp 1? The volume and the cup size is the only thing i fear about them. Everything else sounds great from what I've read.
  7. n00b2

    How closely do your ears resemble a German Shepherd? The Momentum cups are a fair bit smaller than the Def Tech (I think 6.35mm) and they aren't anywhere near as deep.
  8. bleedinorange

    Haha!There not to big but i guess you can say there sensitive because I'm awful picky about fit.I know the BBP would have been a keeper had the cup been a tic bigger.The UE9000 fit good but anything smaller it gets sketchy.
  9. cehowardNote3
    One thing I can say for SURE, the Def Tech Symp 1 and the Senn M2 are louder then the Sony 1RBT MK2.. Not that the MK2 is lacking, but the Def Tech and M2 can go higher in volume.
  10. Giogio
    Hello Guys, I have edited the first post to make it more clean in the layout, and I have also rewritten the testing methodology and added a part about how to read reviews, and linked headphones to my Amazon Reviews (which I edit more often than my Head-Fi reviews). Or at least some of the headphones.
    How do you like it?
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  11. Soundofmusic
    Nice with the categorized and expandable boxes, your posts are sometimes long (no offense meant).

    As for the comparison itself you are currently lacking some of the hottest BT headphones in the Beoplay H8, Sennheiser M2 and the Symphony 1.
    I realize it's hard to test all this on a private budget, but it should maybe be stated somewhere what are some other hot, untested models, considering some may use this guide to buy the best.
  12. Giogio
    Awesome post, thanks.
    I am happy to see that I could help out, even if finally you did not yet find the right one.
    I have the same problem :)
    Although I think I have found the right one for me in the ATH-WS99BT, but to be really deeply happy I need to find good replacement earpads.
    If you decide to try them, you will definitely need the Brainwavz HM5 earpads on them, for your shepperd ears.
    Now, I am a bit confused because you liked almost all those headphones and I cannot understand well your tastes and what you really look for.
    Which music do you listen to?
    And what would be the perfect headphone for you?
    Although if you really are determined for the ANC, you have no more options. The Sennheiser Momentum, Parrot Zik 2 and Samsung Level Over are the last chance after all what you've tested.
    I would NEVER ever recommend the BeoPlay H8.
  13. Giogio

    Yes they are. It's DNA, there is no remedy.
    I do not exactly miss the BeoPlay. They are listed in "I am currently testing" list under the tested list.
    But they could miss and nothing would happen. They are a waste of money. Click to read my review in Amazon.
    I had also originally added a third list of what I wanted to test soon, but I have deleted it yesterday. Maybe you are right, I add it again.
  14. ruthieandjohn
    Thanks so much for your Heruclean labor of love. I have learned nearly everything I know about BT headphones from the thread you started here. Is a Parrot Zik 2.0 on your review horizon? (I now have one and love it, but still interested in how it compares, especially with the app set to some optimum setting, to other things on yoru list).
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  15. Giogio

    Yes it is on my list, and also thanks to you. Reading that they do not sound so good without App, and knowing that they have no App on windows, I was not very interested. But when you explained that the settings applied with the App stays in the memory of the Headphone and affect its sound also when using it with PC, I have changed my mind.
    Did I understand well? You can set change the sound of the headphone with the App, and the sound stay like that even when you use them without App on the PC?
    Meaning that the better sound does not come from the app, the app only is to change settings?
    I had in mind the Dolby app of the Jabra Revo Wireless. You had to use that App, have it running, or you had no improvement. So, on the PC you had no improvement.
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