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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Yappadappadu
    Can't say that I am too fond of what looks like a fairly bulky design. But I haven't looked into those cans too much yet. I'll keep them in mind and read what you guys have to say about them.
    For me personally it's that I liked both the design and sound of the Sony MDR-1RBT, but had to sent them back due to constant skipping issues with Apple devices (known and confirmed by Sony themselves). If these are fixed with the new MDR-1ABT, then I might have finally found the pair I have been looking for.
  2. Deckardk
    ^ They'll probably sound good, but no NC on the 1ABT so that's a deal breaker for me.
  3. Soundofmusic
    Their ridiculously priced NW-ZX2 music player already has it, and their upcoming Xperia Z4 tablet will have it. I'm guessing their next Xperia phone will have it aswell.
    So basically yes you are right, and you'll probably need to invest in swapping to an upcoming top-of-the-line Sony smartphone to draw advantage of the LDAC codec. Then again, they already support aptX and AAC, that's as good as any other headset out there, and they're reasonably-ish priced.
  4. Giogio
    I don't know, because it is completely ermined with padded leatherette. Impossible to say if beneat it there is metal or plastic, but the build, although all of plastic, looks very sturdy and of high quality plastic.
    You know it, plastic is not always the same...
  5. n00b2
    Fair enough. For me they look like the pair I have been waiting for. Finally found a pair of headphones that are large enough to fit my ears, sound great, seal well and have NC. They definitely are bulky though, and the main case is huge! It does come with a small cloth carry bag though which is small enough to fit it bags without taking up too much space but I guess they will always look big on your ears due to their size.
  6. Nothing Within
    Why are you sending the momentum wireless back?
  7. Nothing Within
    Yes it is quite complex and very smart of a strategy on how some buinesses market. Blue and red are just examples of marketing and advertising such as blue feeling or telling people that is cold or red telling that person hot, lol matrix reference. You would have to look more into the color strategy with advertisements.
  8. Nothing Within
    Well there is nothing you can do for them until they want to learn more themselves about what they are purchasing, then you could help them to understand but hey theres nothing wrong with buying a pair of beats just let your friends buy their branded fashion accessories and enjoy what they prefer lol. Bass heavy you say? "Throw" some Vmoda's m100s at them and see if they like it, those are bass heavy but not ridiculously distorted as Beats. Quite a "head turning" headphone too. One of my favorite youtubers always says Be skeptical of EVERYTHING.
  9. n00b2

    I actually did get them to listen to the Vmoda m100s. That was one of the first pairs I showed them. They liked the looks of them more than the beats. They didn't mind the sound either, liked it much more than other headphones I showed them. But they prefer the Beats. Like I said they are a lost cause lol. They love their bass crazily distorted and overpowering everything. Clean bass heavy cans are not their preference though yes they would rather a pair of M100s than the Momentum or Symphony that is being discussed here. Their favorite speakers are the muteki after all.
  10. Yappadappadu

    They don't deal well with interferences, so I experience a lot of bluetooth connection problems on the street. Bass could also be a little bit heavier. At a price of 450€, I can't accept that.
    The Sony MDR-1ABT have AAC which could be interesting considering that I have an iPhone. Looks like the old MDR-1RBT did too. No idea though if that codec was used or not when I had them.
  11. cehowardNote3
    Well, I am novice, an no where near have golden ears..
    With that said, I have the Momentum M2, and the Def Tech Symp 1.
    I am judging them against my much loved Sony MDR 1RBT MK2..
    With the M2, right off, it seem a little lower then my Sony MK2.. However, after a day I guess of burning in, the M2 outshined my Sony 1RBT MK2..The ANC on the M2, and this is my first noise cancelling headphone too, really does a job. At the gym, people talking to me, I see lips moving!! Haven't had any connection problems. The bass, highs and lows sound just as good or better than my Sony MK2.
    The Def Tech Symp 1, I would say equal to my Sony or just a hair above. NC not like the M2.. Yes, I like the M2 over the Def Tech..
    Now , both of these are over my Sony Mk2, but are the $499 and $399 over top my Sony Mk2? 
    Both of them are nice and comfy. My Sonys slip off at the gym, so I use Harman Kardon BTs at the gym. The M2 worked well with me at the gym too. No slipping off. Haven't took the Def Tech to the gym yet.
    The source is my Note 4  which has aptx and playing flac files across blue tooth.How they performed wired and amped is not a high point with me. It is mainly the bluetooth function. The M2s have won my favor, but don't know it is has $499 favor.. Will see.
  12. Deckardk
    ^ So you think the M2s have significantly better NC than the D'Techs?

    Odd that you don't experience drops on the M2s. Many complain of it. Users also complain of a hiss. Do you hear it?
  13. Giogio
    What do you mean with "a little lower"?
    Very cool, very very nice, you have three of the more important BT Headphones.
    There is NO WAY that I am gonna let you come out of this with just two lines. Man, we all count on you.
    Read my first post at the beginning of the thread to have an idea of a comparison methodology (it is mine, you can develope yours, but, it is a start).
    And do something more in-depth if you can. Adding the HK too.
    WHich goes deeper in the bass? Which one has got more rumble (this vibration on very low notes)? Which one more punch?
    Which one has got warmer mids?
    Which one more clear and precise highs, not sibilant?
    Which is more balanced and neutral out of the box, and which one boost some frequencies (bass, low mids -muddy-, mids, highs)? Which can be better retuned with an EQ (some headphones sound better out of the box but show to be very limited if you boost something with an EQ).
    Which has got better connectivity? Better range?
    Better detail? Soundstage?
    Let us know, I am ******* jealous!!!
    Where do you possibly read that? THis is exactly the opposite of what I read. At least if you talk of the hiss of the ANC. People stated that, for example, the BeoPlay H8 filter more noise but adds hiss, while the M2 filter a bit less, but adds no hiss.
    Now, if you talk of the normal hiss of the BT Amp, I did nt read anything about it.
  14. Soundofmusic
    I haven't figured out the m2 hiss yet, if I am at home I notice it straight away, but at workplace which has slight white noise from the ventilation system, I can't hear the hiss... almost like the ANC needs some white noise to work with.
  15. cehowardNote3
    Giogio, don't beat me up!! [​IMG]
    I clarified going, that I am a novice, and don't have golden ears. Also, my priorities differ from a lot of head-fiers..
    Bluetooth is my #1 priority.
    My novice status doesn't allow me to hit those little picky points you mention. All I can do is give a general consensus of the 3..
     As it stands now after 2 or 3 days of listening to all 3, the Senn M2 comes out on top. IMO, the M2 clearly out distances the other two in all areas..Not by leaps and bounds, but better.
    Also, my M2 most likely is a later model. As Amazon was out of stock at one time. So, it could be some fixes were in place.
    With the Senn M2s, I have experience NO CONNECTION PROBLEMS. I have experience no HISS. The Senn M2 blocks out more noise than my MK2s, which are not NC, and better than the Def Tech..
    The Senn M2s, give up nice clear highs, lows. M2's bass is more of a bass than on the Def Techs.  Not into hitting any or using EQs.. I am using Poweramp off my Note 4, playing mostly flac files.. With my Mk2 I have to turn on aptx, with volume up + power button. On the Senn M2 and Def Tech the aptx comes on automatically.
    I didn't add the HK BT into the mix, because my Sony 1RBT Mk2 clearly out distances the Harman Kardon BT... The Harman Kardon BT is my gym/workout headphone because of its superior clamping force.
    In summary, to me, the Senn M2 is the clear winner. Whether I will keep it is still up in the air. The M2s, although they don't  clamp as tight as the HK BTs, they are still better than the Mk2s. I could work with the M2s in the gym. The cups on the M2s are the smallest too. Almost feel like on ear phones, but they are comfortable. Just for the record, will take the M2s to the gym with me again. 
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