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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Giogio

    You mean about her noise? :wink:
    But I would totally crowdfunding such a product.
    Seriously, think about it, how many good ANC headphones are made to suppress the low frequency noise of the Plane Engine and not the high frequency hums of a neighbor couple?
  2. Giogio

    Man are you serious? The Pendulumic are one of the coolest looking Headphones ever made.
    There is no other headphone like this.
    The main reason why I wanted to have them is because they are unique.
    From the design, to the materials, to the feeling, to the owner, and the support... Unique.
    And the comfort is much better better than the Fidelio. I mean, the Fidelio are, for me, very comfortable On Ear. But the Pendulumic are more comfortable,
    Now, If you like bass a lot, and if want to hear that rumble of bass or as often as possible, the Fidelio will definitely give you more bass, with or without EQ. and of better quality.
    But if you do not want the bass to be always present, but just in more boom bang and explosion moments, than the Stance are more for you.
    Both are very balanced, with the Fidelio putting a bit more accent on the bass, and the Stance on the mid and low mid.
    Both things are good for movies. Fidelio more for action and special FX, Stance for dialogues.
    I can perfectly live with the hiss of the Fidelio, but the Stance has got clearly less hiss. I have no idea how much hiss the Fidelio would produce in your TV.
    The Stance has better Call quality (if you are interested) and you have the double battery system: besides the incorporated battery, you can also use AAA batteries (2). This is convenient, because if you are in the middle of a move (especially something you cannot pause) and the battery ends, you have the other ones...
    Anyway, let me tell you something: you should NEVER buy ONE headphone.
    The only way to really understand headphones is to compare them.
    Buy always at least two.
  3. mackie8
    i bit bullet and purchase bose soundlink on ear ... i saw a good deal in singapore gumtree .. 
    i got it for S$188 only brandnew sealed set.... the person selling got it as freebie on a home theater system.. so selling cheap... 
    im happy with it... no skipping... no connection issues....  i used it in the MRT earlier paired with my iphone 6 ... 
    last night i use it to watch in my ipad....  all good so far ....
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  4. n00b2

    The Pendulumic has a very unique design but things like that are always polarizing. You either love it or hate it. Everyone I've shown then to their first reaction is always either "mad" or "What". I think it is a cool design but people who want something less stand out or more normal looking would not like the look. Neither would the lovers of black electronics.
  5. n00b2

    Why don't you start up the idea. You can advertise it however you wish. :wink: In all seriousness I don't know how far you would get. I remember asking someone in the industry that exact question and they told me that it would be illegal to block out high frequencies only as you would block out things like fire alarms. Not sure if that's the case everywhere though.
  6. ruthieandjohn
    @Giogio how would you rank the Pendulumic Stance on your list at the very first post of this thread (or any other updated rank ordering, you know, the one that you start with the Fidelio).  Thanks!
  7. Giogio
    Oh that's a good price.
    Happy for you.
    I'm sorry, i see now that i forgot to answer your other post.
    I wonder now why did you choose the bose if you liked the akg more?

    You're right, but considering that he wants them for home, it's more of a personal thing.
    I would not mind too much the look for home. Not over the sound.

    that I've used to start with the Fidelio.
    The list has changed. Actually the post has changed a lot. I've added more info about my testing methodology and ideology.
    I'll try to rate them this weakened at least as a provisory rating.
  8. mackie8
    well .... i find the Bose more appealing ... anyway sound is not far .. its just that AKG is having more Bass ...
    and i cant resist the good offer on Bose.... AKG's price here is S$220 ... while the bose i got it for only S$188 ..... 
    honestly i want the sennheiser momentum wireless on ear... but not locally available yet here in singapore...
    i have a simple usage requirement...  ... maybe around 1hr on music while on MRT on my way to work  and 1-2hrs on movie / video streaming a day...  
    the most important for me is the connection stability and sound quality while on wireless..... 
  9. Giogio
    Oh, here the akg are much cheaper than the Bose, that's also why i was asking.
    And I'm in a similar situation. I've found the ath for home and I'm happy, but i need something portable for bus. I still like the Fidelio more, but they have some annoying problems, are bigger and more expensive.
    So I'll go for the akg.

    Could you please compare them a bit more, also in the other parts of the sound?
  10. mackie8
    ok now im testing more of this bose... i encounter a bit of the hiccups issue... sometimes its totally smooth... sometimes frequent...  i think my happiness is short lived haha 
    i use iphone 6 mostly ... but im thinking of getting an ipod nano 7th gen... i dunno if same issue occurs...  
    im listening more of one direction songs...  im not good on describing the parts of the sound... but for AKG you can feel the bass more heavy compare to this BOSE ..
    and what i like about bose it blocks out 80% of the outside noise... although it not a noise cancelling ... 
    im a lady and AKG earcups is just fine with me.... but bose is really comfy no competition on this...  
    i went to the store twice to convince myself which one is better sound..... i find AKG make my songs more lively because of the bass maybe... but bose is more balance and simple... 
    my friend is willing to buy this bose just incase im not happy with it...  haha....  
  11. Giogio
    Can't you return them to the shop?
    The problem is, the Bose are famous for this problem with the iOS devices.
    I wrote it in my review...
    They only work well with android and windows...
  12. ruthieandjohn
    I'm guessing that you will place the Pendulumic Stance above the Harman Kardon BT but below the AKG 845 BT on that list in your first post that you've revised. I have bets in Las Vegas on this result. Let's see if I win. :smile:
  13. Giogio

    Well, they are surely not at the level of AKG.
    Although those looking for a warmer sound would not like the AKG.
    And compared with the HK, they sound very similar. The bass of the HK is more able to be boosted with EQ without creating problems to other frequencies.
    The S1+ are a bit more lively than the HK.
    Otherwise, almost a 1 to 1.
    For sure the S1+ have this nice thing of the double battery system. This is quite a plus points.
    But they do not sound as good when wired (which is a pity because they have a very nice cable covered in fabric, with mic and play/pause button.
    Personally, I would put them on the same level, considering the similar sound, and the pro and cons of each.
  14. Techfixation

    Must be a Marmite type thing! : )....not overly keen on the greeny/gold colour and they look a bit cheaply made, I've heard the dial is prone to breaking off as it's just glued on!

    Perhaps when they're in the hand they won't look quite as cheap?? but hey it should be more about the sound right!

    If I can get the money together I'm thinking of getting the Stance the Fidelio's and to throw in a curve ball the Urbanites!

    I'll then have 4 to compare including my current August EP650's.

    Can you remember what the Urbanites were like for hiss, I'm sure I read somewhere they had a really clean signal?
  15. Giogio
    Yes I have read that, but, did not happen to me yet, so... By the way, the guys at Pendulumic are very professional, if anything happen, you will be covered.
    No, they do not look cheap at all. They look vintage. We are just no more used to this kind of look and build.
    It's like one of those old Nokia compared to a sleeky Samsung of these days.
    But, it is a good old nokia :)
    I have written in a separate thread of first impression that the are clean, and I confirm.
    THis is the main reason why I have put them so high.
    They have a very clean and detailed sound and I do not remember any hiss.
    They have strong mids (which is a change of tendency in Sennheiser BT Headphones, which all sounded clinically cold till now). With an accent on low mids.
    It should work good for films.
    The bass is strong, but for my tastes too tight and somehow dark.
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