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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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    Let me know what happens when you try another pad. I am looking for a solution to this. I had to return my P7W because of comfort issues. I loved them but could not justify paying $400 and not be able to wear them for extended periods.
  2. bladefd

    I was same way. I will just stick to my wired DT880 for now until new bluetooth 5 headphones come out later in the year.
  3. MasterMoe
    Good move- I'd bet we'll start seeing bt 5.0 headphones and other devices by the end of the year - worst case scenario is likely right after the next CES.
  4. kevindiu

    I am using Stance S+ and I must say it is a great headphone. I think everything is balance, bass is there, mids and highs.
  5. carldun
    What's the best wireless headphone for less than $100? I was recommended the Ausdom M05 for less than $50, would other headphones less than $100 have a large difference compared to the M05 (It costs around $42 now)?
  6. aeromojito
    MEE Audio Matrix2. Same design but better drivers. I have nit heard either but have been looking also. Can someone confirm? I got the Ausdom M07 for $20 but modified them heavily. They are semi-open on-ear.
  7. carldun
    Oh wow it does look exactly like it lol, amazon seems to have a nice price on it. Hope someone has it.
  8. aeromojito
    Look for factory refurbs on ebay.
  9. carldun
    There doesn't seem to be a good deal on the Matrix2 on Ebay [​IMG]. Cheapest one I found was $83 with a postage fee of $50. I think I'm just gonna go with the M05,it's only $40 with a free postage. But for anyone else, the Matrix T2 is only $68 on Amazon, I would've bought it if I didn't have to pay for a $30 shipping fee and a $70 import tax.
  10. aeromojito
    If you get the M05 there are mods to improve the sound.
  11. carldun
    How would I go about doing those mods?
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Very carefully [​IMG].
  13. carldun
    Oh I thought it was some eq settings lol. I have never opened a headphone, in fact, last time I wore headphones was probably 6-7 years ago.
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I was just teasing, and I have never opened a headphone either, I'm a leave it stock person as I typically sell gear rather quickly. Welcome back to headphone listening! I also at one point had a very long break from really using headphones so I know how addictive the getting back into it can be. Watch that wallet mate.
  15. carldun
    Haha yeah I spent the entire day just looking at headphones [​IMG], when I see something I like, I usually see a recommended item that's $10 or $20 more and I think to myself whoah that's just a few bucks, I wonder how better it sounds then that would go on until I see another headphone for $10 or $20 more. I originally had a budget of $50 ($100 if the audio difference is dramatic) then I think I was looking at those $150-$200 headphones after a few hours lol.
    Unfortunately for me I don't have that much knowledge in audio, I had some cheap-o $10 speaker that lasted for like 2-3 years before I replaced it with the Swans D1080-IV and while it does sound better, the only difference I could discern is that the voices are much clearer. I don't know the terms muddy, warm, punch, pound. I'm the type of guy that when I could hear the vocals clearly, I'm already happy and satisfied.
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