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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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    Have you tried the Solo3? I'm intrigued by the FIIL Diva despite the feminine name. What I'm not intrigued by is the price being the same as the Solo3...
    Did some more digging and they are innovative, very cool headphones. $99 for me would've been an insta-buy. I'd consider these more seriously at $169 as they're on sale now for if they were labeled sweat resistant and had replaceable ear pads.
  3. 329161
    I have. The Fiil has a bit better bass definition and significantly better treble. Mids are a little congested, and as I said, the lows are a little bloated uneq'd. But I'd still get these over the Beats every time. I got my Diva from Gear Best for around $250 aud, which is about $150 less than Solo 3 retail. Forgot to add that I didn't get the "pro" version as it costs about double and I didn't need the extra bells and whistles.
  4. Laethageal
    I previously posted this in the B&O H9 thread but realized I was too focused on the B&O and am coming to a more general thread to ask for an advice (and some extra details about what I'm looking for).
    First of all, I have long been a basshead. Never to the extend of losing the general feeling of what the music was meant to be, but I do love deep and controlled bass. Heck, I even build an IB subwoofer with 4 sub of 15" with dual 1000w voice coil for my 5.1 sound system in the living room as I can't afford a home theater room.
    Lately, headphone wise, I've been using some PSB M4U2 and appreciate them even if from the moment I had them, they had some trouble. They were gifted to me by a generous member here that didn't want them anymore as 1 side wasn't working. I managed to fix the wire inside the left driver that was broken, but they also kept sounding slightly recessed on that side compared to the right side.
    I've now grown able to offer me some luxury and even thought I liked the sound of the M4U2 and self amp feature for when I use them only with my S7 edge, I wanted to go wireless. So last monday, I ordered some H5 thinking the small IEM would be great for various situation and maybe even some training.  Sadly after trying them for under 15 minutes, I couldn't bear them at all.
    I have very small ear canal (kid sized from what the audiologist told me). I have trouble wearing the H5 even with the small sized tip. The mids and high seemed great, but the bass was also almost unheard, something I can't accept. They also had something annoying: the wire between the 2 iem transmit some strong signal to the driver as soon as you rub it and during the 15 minutes I was trying them, I had constant quick but annoying stutter, kinda of micro disconnect a fraction of a second, at least once per minute.
    Considering I knew I have never felt right with IEM (but wanted to give it a try) I wasn't surprised about the trouble I just faced and will be getting rid of them next week.
    But I'm here again, looking for something with the best sound quality I can get while being wireless and was wondering how you'd compare some of the headphone in the list with the M4U2 and H5 I experienced. The ANC isn't an absolute must but a good positive. I'm looking for something that would offer the equivalent or better as the M4U2 in term of sound quality. Price is not a major factor atm as if one truly beats all the others I'm ready to spend a nice amount to get them, but if there's not much reason I won't throw money away like there's no tomorrow.
    Thanks all for the help!

  5. erich6
    I haven't heard the M4U2 or the H5 but based on your description of sound preferences I recommend the Onkyo H500BT (on-ear) or the B&W P7 Wireless (if you must have over-ear).  Both have excellent bass without compromising the rest of the spectrum, good soundstage, and plenty of detail/imaging for high-resolution digital audio playback.  Both have engaging signatures and fun to listen to over extended play sessions wired or wireless. 
    I auditioned the B&O H9's and was underwhelmed...found the mids too recessed.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Hard to argue with either of those recommendations, I own both and really like both. I am selling off my P7 simply out of economic necessity and frankly, the H500Bt sounds so good that for my limited portable use they are more than adequate.
  7. Techfixation
    I have to agree with the two previous comments, I also own both and find them two of the best Bluetooth headphones available at the minute!

    Great bass but not at the expense of the mids or highs! Lovely warm signature and a richness that is hard to beat!

    If your on a budget the Onkyos are amazing value for money and sound incredibly similar to the p7's which cost quite a bit more. The p7's do have slightly better staging and separation due to their Over Ear design but the Onkyos are still great in this area too.

    I will mention that initially I was looking at sending the p7's back as they were becoming uncomfortable after prolonged usage, but I found that by stretching them over a box over several nights that they now fit much better!
  8. Laethageal
    Thank you guys. I'll definitely have to give the P7 a try then.
    Will look for a good retailer and come back with comments within 1-2 weeks depending on shipping time.
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I think my P7s are going up for sale. Breaks my heart, but have no choice.
  10. Laethageal

    The wireless one ?

    ​If so, contact me by PM, might be interested.
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Just placed the ad now so by all means go and take a look. $295US which includes PP fees, but shipping is extra. They have I'm sure under 30 hours on them so as new, better if you believe in burn-in.
  12. AudioCats
  13. WILLDQ
    Why are you selling the P7?
  14. Laethageal

    I already purchased them.
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I love the P7, only sold for financial reasons frankly.
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