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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. TheOracle
    Seen very little mention here on Head-Fi, but I am thoroughly enjoying the Pendulumic Tach T1. 
    Haven't tried any other bluetooth cans other than Pendulumic Stance S+, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I can say, after a pad swap to some Shure pads (can't recall which model at the moment), these little on-ears deliver a nice, fairly clean sound. With original pads, the bass is a bit bloated, mids are a tad recessed with rolled off highs. Sounds a little congested. With the Shure pads, you get increased comfort (pads are a bit larger than stock pads) tighter bass, more extended treble and the mids come out more. Still maybe a touch bassy, but pretty balanced. Soundstage is expanded, too.
    It's small, very lightweight. Good battery life, too. I would easily recommend it (with pad swap, original pads not so much).
  2. tayo15
    Looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones ideal for commuting and outside I want comfort and isolation or at least decent isolation, my budget is up to 300$ I am looking at the parrot zoo 2.0, mdr 100Abn/h.ear on. I would prefer an over ear but I'll take on ear as an option. My type of music is hop hop but I also like folk and indie music, specially vocal heavy music and piano/strings.I wouldn't mind the h500bt or fiil Diva I just want decent sound quality and isolation.
  3. alorora
    I got the MDR's for really cheap and I think that they are worth what I paid, but they do have their faults. The noise cancellation does not fully cancel out the high frequencies so if you are in a crowed place you can still hear people talking; to get the best sound out of the bluetooth you need a sony player with LDAC support. It supports aptx but not low latancy aptx; and the sound is sony tuned(not a neutral sound signature).
    One song I like to test bass, piano, and vocal is Tielle - into the sky, the MDR 100Abn sounds good but not as good as my XBA-A3. I think it is the sony tuning. The bass can sound bloated at times during the song, the mids sound a little recessed, and the highs are not as colorful as say the hd598. They also sound muddy with indie music too though, too much low-end tuning by sony, this might be fixable with eq'ing though.
    If you can over come these faults and find them cheap then they sound great with hip hop, dubstep, or rock. 
    Unfortunately I cannot speak about the parrot as I do not have them. I hope this helps a little about the sony's though.
  4. aeromojito
    I'm just wondering why everyone wants isolation and noise cancelling? I can understand it on a train or plane but is it necessary in our everyday environment?
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    On public transit buses it could be good. Personally I don't need noise cancellation as I just turn up the volume.
  6. 329161
    So, I've been using the Audio Technica DSRBT7 for a week and I'm very impressed. Very neutral, analytical, clean, transparent. Layering, imaging, soundstage are all superb for the money. Recommended for anyone who doesn't like the bass emphasised, consumer friendly sound signature of headphones from companies such as Sennheiser, Beats, or B&W.
    Did you try the DSRBT9? If so...which one sounds better? Which is more comfortible?
  8. 329161
    I'm sorry I haven't. Very interested in the answer as well.
  9. Sound Eq
    can i ask is still the p7 wireless king of bluetooth
    I have it and love it, but i am always open to for better options but its should have amazing bass, mids and highs and good soundstage wihtout any sibielence at all
    when i wear the p7 wireless so that right becomes left and left becomes right, i hear better more bass and more mids
    anyone try to try and tell me what they think 
  10. Ben LaFleur

    as far as i know  in terms of SQ there is no competition to the P7 Wireless 
    only if you also need ANC, then the new B&O H9 may be a option but with a weaker sound performance 
    i love my P7 wireless but i search for an additional Headphone due to comfort problems after a short time period from the headband 
  11. Sound Eq
    try to wear them so that left becomes right and right becomes left
    better sound and more comfortable
  12. 329161
    it's really a matter of personal taste. I find the bass on the P7 wireless overemphasised and mids too recessed. I prefer the overall transparency and accuracy of the 1000x and DSR7BT
  13. Techfixation
    For those of you who have been having trouble with the comfort of the B&W P7's I thought you might be interested in this post I've just added in the 'Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless - Impressions Thread'

    I've been experimenting with trying to add different pads to the P7's with the aim to finding something that's more comfortable!

    I've actually got hold of some pads from the wired P7's and cut away the leather and foam just leaving the frame, this allows me to stretch a different pad onto it and still use the magnets to attach it! I bought a pair of pads off EBay for £6.23 originally for the Razer Tiamat 7.1 (see pic) which were a similar dimension but with much thicker padding. Unfortunately the padding was not very soft so actually felt worse than the stock pads! I now want to try the pads from the Sony 1ABT as they are also a similar dimension and I know how amazingly comfortable they are! Although I can also get them cheap on EBay I hear they don't quite use the same foam and I'm worried they might be too firm as well?

    In case your interested I noticed the P7 wired & wireless use different foam, the wired bounce right back when squished in but the wireless use more of a memory foam which slowly regains shape. Think I found the wireless more comfortable!

    You'll also notice that the internal design is different on the two with the wireless version creating a seal between the driver and the jack port! I can't say I noticed any difference in sound though although technically it should improve the bass as there's more of a seal?

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  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I should have the 1000X soon enough so I will get a chance to hear it. I did sell my P7 already so sadly I won't get a direct comparison. I really enjoyed the P7, to this point my favourite portable and yes, the bass could be too prominent at points, but those times weren't constant at all and the overall control and quality of the bass combined with the layering and imaging capabilities saved the signature. I tend to be okay with slightly back mids as long as the tonality is good which the P7 had. I have high hopes for the 1000X. Hopefully within the next two weeks I will have it here.
  15. oggdude
    I've been reading this thread for a while. I haven't seen much love for the Master & Dynamic MW60 on the forums. Has anyone compared to the P7 wireless? I have been enjoying the MW60 as a daily driver for about 10 months. They are a little heavy but still very comfortable and I would say their sound signature falls between the v moda m100 and the audio technica ath-m70x which is what I was looking for. I'm curiouse as to how the MW60 compare to the P7. Unfortunately i can't find a place to demo locally.

    I've just ordered a the Bang and Olufsen H7 for a great price to see how they compare as I like the idea of a removable battery and more comfort.

    One thing I do not like about most of the "premium" bluetooth headphones is they mostly seem to lack a good case. The best case for any headphone I've used is the V-moda m100. Shame the bluetooth version doesn't support aptx or have clique fold.
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