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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. hfsealer
    I'm looking for on-ear portable BT headphones to use while studying and commuting (mostly studying), Noise canceling would be a plus as I enjoy studying in cafes and certain cafes like to blast their music or get loud customers at times. I know I'm probably pissing off a lot of people for asking for noise canceling on on-ear headphones that will work wirelessly so please forgive me for my sins OTL
    My budget is $100 but I could go up a bit if I need to.
    I was seriously considering Samsung level on wireless as it has all those features but at that price point, the build quality and sound is seriously lacking.
    Something comfortable and similar to Onkyo's H500BT with regards to size and design but cheaper would be nice. I looked at the AKG Y50BT but I'm not a big fan of the HUGE AKG engraving on the side and it would also be $50 more than my budget. I have consider wired headphones like xiaomi mi (I really like the onkyo's and xiaomi's design) but wireless would of course be better and in the case of the xiaomi mi's, I would be losing wireless and noise canceling features.
    Any suggestions? 
  2. trellus

    If you want to go ultra-budget, I can personally vouch for the Philips SHB8750NC/27 Wireless Noise Canceling, I have them and they are great for the price ($40):
    For $114, you can go for the Phiaton BT 330 NC wireless on-ears ... I have no personal experience with those, but they seem well-reviewed.
    They seem to be the successor / newer model of their previous wireless active-noise cancelling headphones, the Phiaton Cord MS 530, which were well received by Tyll over at Inner Fidelity:
    Those are available at Amazon for $80:
  3. hfsealer
    Thank you for the suggestions!
    Ah man the Phiaton BT 330 NC is tempting but I'm not sure about the noise cancellation (it create a bit of a buzzing noise apparently). Phiaton Cord MS 530 is a bit too big for my liking. The Philips SHB8750NC/27 seems good feature-wise but also not a big fan of the design.
    Having done more research, I feel like I might be asking too much trying to get a pair that looks nice, has all these features, and are also cheap. I'm hoping that such a pair exists but Phiaton BT 330 NC would be a decent pick for me, otherwise.
  4. trellus
    The style is utiltarian but actually not bad in my opinion:



  5. hfsealer
    Huh, you're right. That not too bad. It might be a serious contender for my purchase. Thanks for the reference photos!
  6. aeromojito
    Im on the other side of the fence. I need something with ear cushions that breathe. Sealed headphines tend to have microphonics that result in loud thumping while walking. I want minimal isolation and leakage is not an issue. I have Ausdom M07 headphones that are modified but i would like something better. I looked at the MEE Audio AF36 Wave but i can't find any solid reviews. These also have vented ear cushions. So far, i cant beat my Koss KSC75 with Bluedio I4 but i have to contend with the cord.
  7. AudioCats
    maybe it is time to take the bluedio apart,[​IMG] and transplant the KSC driver into it....[​IMG]  --> KSC sound, no cord
  8. SHAMuuu

    I hope you're not just saying this for $hytes n Giggles, that would be cool to see [​IMG]
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    He was suggesting you do it yourself. You know there are little Bluetooth DAC/amp receivers small enough to strap to the cup of a headphone, or maybe the top of the headband. They have short cables so you can run from the input on your headphone to the output of the device. It may be less than ideal in terms of looks, but if you had a headphone you just loved, but it wasn't Bluetooth you could make it quasi Bluetooth. Just a thought. I'm not sure if it was in this thread back about 5 or 10 pages that somebody did that and posted pictures and impressions. I believe he used a Fidelio X2 for this.
    If I can find the thread I will post a link as it was actually not a bad idea at all.
  10. trellus
    Pretty sure that the Bluedio model mentioned is a small Bluetooth receiver that came with cheap in-ears so I suspect he is using his headphones with that receiver. I think the wires being lamented are the ones going from the headphone to the receiver. :sweat_smile:

    Without a cable mod, of course, headphones without detachable cables are stuck with the one built in which for some headphones makes even a Bluetooth receiver setup less desirable.

    For 'phones that have a detachable cable, there are shorter cables that really make this setup the next best thing to actual Bluetooth headphones:


  11. AudioCats
    (I do realize this is not a DIY thread.....)[​IMG]
    I was thinking about an on-ear type bluedio, like the HT Turbine. 
    there is only so much improvement to be gained by a driver transplant, though, the amp section in the bluetooth module will soon become the bottle neck. But I suppose changing to KSC drivers can still bring worth-while improvements in sub-$50 bluetooth phones.
    Koss phones that might be suitable as driver donors:
    KSC75 ($14/pair) : titanium coated, with dome-back (the dome is part of the driver, it holds the magnet if I remembered right), 60ohms, the sound is relatively bright, it brings excitement but can be fatiguing for long listening. 
    KSC55 & KTXPro1  ($14/pair): titanium coated, flat-back. 60 ohms. The sound is more even than the 75, less bright, with a little better bass.
    KSC35 & Sportapro ($23/pair): non-titanium coated, flat-back, 60 ohms, warmer sound than the 55. Good for long listening.
    As mentioned by sonic defender, a mini bluetooth module can be attached to the handband of any low-impedance phones and turn it into wireless. This kind of module usually have class-d amplifiers (which has output filter network that is usually setup for 4 ohm loads),  so the impedance of the phones needs to be quite low, I suppose 20~40 ohms being the upper limit.
  12. aeromojito
    The Bluedio I4 is a Bluetooth headphone receiver with full media and phone controls. I have mine attached to a cord for eyeglasses. The headphone cord drapes around the back of my neck. The KTXPro1 has the same drivers as the KSC75 and would be a great platform for Koss to build a Bluetooth headphone.
  13. rikk009
    I am sitting on this project for a long time now but will implement on it as soon as I complete my priority project. Meanwhile, you can check it out. Also, I have portapros and CAL but like the bass on CAL so it will be fostex biocellulose driver+Bluetooth.
  14. rikk009
    How's that Phillips compared to Bluedio T3+ or Mee Matrix 2 or any other recommendation (for a friend)? 
  15. 329161
    Absolutely loving my new Fiil Diva on ears. A touch bass emphasised out of the box, which is solved effectively with a slight cut with equal. Fantastic value for money with great build, sound and features. A Beats Solo 3 killer in every way.
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