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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Sound Eq
    really interested in your mods, please report back
    where did u buy the original p7 pads from as i could not find them on ebay
  2. Techfixation

    I managed to get hold of a used pair someone was selling on eBay. I'd recommend getting a pair that are made for the wireless version though as they are a slightly different design and help seal the cable port! It's strange that they didn't do this on the wired version as you would have thought it would create an imbalance between the left and right if the lack of seal effected the sound?

    I personally couldn't tell a difference between the two versions of pads but that's not to say they isn't one?

    If the Brainwavz pads actually work I maybe tempted to modify the original pads, and could sell the ones I've already modified for a small fee. Not sure where your based?

    You can buy replacement pads directly from B&W; £36 for wired and £44 for wireless but it starts getting a little expensive when you add the cost of the Brainwavz or Alpha Dogs!
  3. AudioCats
    I got a chance to listen to a pair of Bose QuietComfort-35 Bluetooth today. The sound was quite clean. how does the QuietComfort 35 rank in the world of Bluetooth phones? Is it considered as mid-grade (sound quality wise)? higher? lower?
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Good, but better can be had for less money (depending on subjectivity). There are also two camps, those who need and care about ANC, and those who don't. Those who need ANC tend to like the Bose, although newer offerings like the Sony MDR 1000X is supposed to beat the Bose in ANC as well as sound quality. Personal taste as always of course, but the few times I heard the Bose offerings I enjoyed them, but wasn't wowed. I would easily take the P7 any time over the Bose, no hesitation.
  5. cruizin caleb
    trying to start making the transition to wireless (got a new iPhone 7). I'm looking for suggestions for some bluetooth portable (read: something that can be stowed into a messenger bag) over-the-ears (preferable, though I have big ears) or on-ears cans to use with my iPhone. Right now I have Sennheiser HD598se for home use and VSONIC GR01 IEMs (a TWFK IEM) for portable use. I'm getting my old (shorted-out) Fischer Audio DBA-02 (another TWFK IEM) modded to MMCX, so that I can use them with a MMCX bluetooth cable (I bought the BT cable used on the Advances Sound Model 3).
    I listen to a lot of classical music (classical, romantic and modern) and then a variety of other stuff, incl. electronic and ambient, but also some folk and pop.
    I gravitate toward detailed/transparent, energetic, aggressive IEMs with tight (but never bloated) bass; I don't like when the range is muddied in order to give the sense of "better" bass. I love (and am used to the) the clarity, analyticity, transparency, and crispness of the TWFK IEMs; they have sparkle without sibilance; great-instrument separation; the bass is always tight, controlled, quick, detailed, and well-extended. I also like the wide and open sound of my Senns.
    My worry: Given that I'm used to this sort of detailed IEM sound, I'm worried about getting a headphone that will drop an unbearable veil over everything. I recognize I probably won't be able to find anything within my budget ($50-$150) that can compete with those IEMs, and, in fact, maybe something slightly bassier than what I'm accustomed to might be good in public/louder places? But anyway, that's the sound signature I'm used to. Any suggestions?
  6. AudioCats
    How good is the B&W P7, comparing to cabled phones? is it at the HD580 level? DT770 level?
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I owed DT770 some years back now, but the P7W is for my tastes easily better. Never heard the 580, owned HD600/650/800S. The P7W has fantastic layering and separation with prominent, but quality bass. If bass forward isn't your cup of tea best to avoid them, but somehow, despite the bass capabilities, the P7W remains articulate and the other frequencies are not overwhelmed at all.
  8. AudioCats
    heavy but clean bass is good. How is the comfort factor? comparable to DT770/HD600?
  9. AudioCats
    how good is the amp section of the soundblaster? (when used as just a headphone amp)
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Different, the P7 is neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. You can wear it for long periods of time without pain, but you will know that it is on, it doesn't disappear the way a truly comfortable headphone does. Not a weakness or a strength, just neutral comfort scores in my book.
  11. okorn
    I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 and now I'm looking for some proper headphones.
    At home I use the ATH-M50 which I like very much but now on BTs headphones I have no idea at all.
    I tested the CQ35 at MediaMarkt the other day and I really loved the NC of these particular headphones. It was amazing to hear absolutely nothing at all. But I know that soundwise they are no the best option to get.
    And also, I was looking to spend something in the 200-250 area and not 350.
    Any other options that I can consider? Maybe the B&W P5?
    Thanks in advanced!
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I'm sure there are other options, but without a doubt the ONKYO H500BT would be my suggestion over the P5 wireless. I tried the P5 wireless the day I bought the P7 wireless, and I found the P5 somewhat muddy and not resolving enough. It just sounded uninvolving and a little flat. The P7 wireless was a significant step up. I feel the H500BT is a fantastic headphone that comes rather close to the P7 wireless performance for less money.
    You can buy and try and if they don't do it for you return them. They are very portable as well and certainly more comfortable than the P7 despite being on ear.
    okorn likes this.
  13. 1wyseman
    Where is this Amazon site located? If you scroll down the page of the above link, you see the Japanese-shipped versions at significantly more money. This one is cheaper and is fulfilled by Amazon. If it's accessible in the US, it might be time for me to buy...finally. [​IMG] 
    (Oops! "Usually available in 1 to 2 months." I wonder what that's all about? And what is the '/27' at the end of the model number?)
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Not sure about the 27? It is the same model so that I wouldn't worry about. The fact that it is fulfilled by Amazon is excellent and I wouldn't think it would take that long, that is likely just a default disclaimer they put when the stock comes from elsewhere. You could always call them and ask, but as well, they don't charge until they ship so little risk. If you aren't in an instant need it may be the best bet for you while keeping the price down to a reasonable level. I wonder if Best Buy in the US has access to it?
    Yes, here it is at Best Buy http://www.bestbuy.com/site/onkyo-wireless-over-the-ear-headphones-black/5657266.p?skuId=5657266
  15. 1wyseman
    Yeah, I think it's finally becoming available in North America/Onkyo US. (Same for the DP-X1A). It was first offered only through Japanese sellers in April 2016, so probably will be available here ~April 2017. Good news; Great price! (Amazon).
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