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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. wilsongnz
    I've had already to bad investments already done :joy: Have bought the first time a jaybird x2 (****ty) earbud for 200 usd then like a week ago having the possibilities to buy the beats studio wireless chose the jbl e50bt and again really disappointed, the iPhone's stock earbud sound seems to be clearer but the cable is really annoying I have a iPhone 6 Plus so having that huge thing hanging in my pocket and the cable is not something I really want to continue doing, I have been adviced by a friend that haves a audio technica's mx50 (I think that's the name) and asked him if he could recommend me one, he is in Taiwan right now and the shop were he went said to him that audio technica is not being able to match the headphones that use cable with the wireless one's so if someone could tell me if the audio technica dsr99bt for 549 usd is going to be a safe investment or recommend me another brand? Price is not an issue ! And I use deezer premium as a player!
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, I can see comparing to those headphones the H500BT not being as refined, although I do find it surprisingly good. I sold off my H7 and P7 Wireless after getting the H500BT. Not because the Onkyo was better, but because it was certainly good enough that I wouldn't really miss the others. Still, there is no doubt that the P7 wireless was the better sounding headphone, not by a landslide for me, and the H7 hard to say. I haven't heard the H9 yet, but if it is even less powerful than the H7 it would be a no go for me. I had the H7 on full always, and most of the time it was still a little more quiet than I wanted from it. I would also love to hear the new DSR9BT, thanks for your feedback on these.
  3. ruthieandjohn
    Going Retro!
    A few years ago, I had the Sennheiser PXC 310BT, which I then sold toward accumulating funds for other headphones.
    I have really missed them!  As I have moved to more sophisticated headphones, I have moved to larger headphones, non-Bluetooth headphones, and headphones that do not "stoop" to include handy controls for play/pause, volume, and skip/repeat songs. 
    The PXC310BT does all of these... it is small enough to fit (folded) into your shirt pocket, it is Bluetooth apt-X, and it includes transport and volume controls on the earpiece.
    I found a pair used which I purchased and have been enjoying.  Their noise cancellation is not great, as their small size arises from their being on ear, but it is active cancellation that can be switched on or off and can even be temporarily put into "talk-through" mode, which uses the noise cancelling microphones to pipe in outside sounds to allow a brief conversation "around" the blockage of the earcups.
    Here is a review from What HiFi, and here is my review from three years ago comparing it to the Parrot Zik 1.0 and the Beats Studio Wireless.
    Sennheiser PXC 310BT - flashing blue ring light can be turned off.
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Nice, tried, tested and true as they say. Thanks for the two reviews mate!
  5. Ling Vu

    For 449 bucks, it will thrash every comparable model when it comes to sound quality, but for 549, I am not sure, I think you have to try it before purchase, more than half a grand for a newly developed pair of headphones is always a risk regardless the purpose.

    It was everyone else that saying that it is less powerful than the H7 so I safely believed and stated so. However I didnt actually A/B them but tried them in one day in different stores and the H9 left in my head a much better impression and not quieter actually with or without ANC, everything was pronounced clearly and firmly. It went really deep at 80% volume made the H7 so shallow in comparison; the soundstage is also wider surprisingly.

    The B&O salesman was ********ting things like their company makes the best sounding product in the market with balanced and analytical sound blah blah. These are definitely not balanced, bass was emphasized and the sound was colored, pretty much a consumer-friendly sound signature but on another league compares to the likes of Beats or Bose.

    Have not tried this but the PXC 550 is really nice too, just dont like the look :D
  6. ruthieandjohn
    Yes the PXC 500 is over ear and up until a couple of years ago was regarded as one of the very best Bluetooth headphones (now supplanted by the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and may of the others being talked about on this thread)..  The Sennheiser MM 450X is the current incarnation of the PXC 310BT that I just reacquired.
  7. Ling Vu

    Yeah but actually I meant the very new PXC 550, have you seen it yet? Sennheiser may not be the best in everything, but I have not seen a single bad product from them.
  8. wilsongnz

    what brands you could advice me to look for? and try to compare? always wireless @LingVu
  9. Ling Vu

    You can try reading the first page of this thread, Mr @Giogio had spent a lot of times and money to help us :wink: and you will have a bigger picture to look at. Some of the names I can suggest at the moment, which are also widely appreciated on head-fi and magazines:

    - Over ear (circumaural): WS99BT, S700BT, DSR9BT, DSR7BT from Audio Technica; B&W P7 Wireless; V-Moda Crossfade Wireless; Momentum Over-ear Wireless and PXC 550 from Sennheiser; JBL Everest Elite 700; B&O Beoplay H4, H7 and H9; Sony MDR 1ABT, 1RBT, 100ABN and 1000x; AKG K845BT; Definitive Technology Symphony 1; Master and Dynamic MW60

    - On ear (Supra-aural) AKG Y50BT and Y45BT; Audio Technica SR5BT; B&W P5 Wireless; B&O H8; JBL Everest 500; Harman Kardon Soho Wireless.

    Those are all I can think of atm and most of them have been reviewed by Giogio in the first post :wink: Cheers
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I would of course still add the Onkyo H500BT to that list, personally anyway.
  11. Ling Vu

    Sure, the only part with the sound of the Onkyo which is not for me is the richness in the upper ends,, those tinny trebles does not go well with my taste :D
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I actually don't find it at all bad in that respect. I'm older than you, and doubtless my hearing isn't quite as acute as yours, but I can still hear up to 14kHz.  
  13. Ling Vu

    Yeah, everyone just needs to try to know what they like by themselves, by their own ears. I was 100% sure I would buy the DSR9BT when it was announced and ended up buying a Beoplay pair which I was never a fan of :D.

    With the H500BT, I didn't say it was bad anyway, I don't think I can hear the sound more accurately than you either, I would say differently :) eventually, it turns out to be our personal tastes, our ears respond differently to certain frequencies and our minds decode them differently :D simply in my case, the rich and forward trebles of H500BT made me tired after a short time so I found it not comfortable for long use so had to return. Many others like you would have loved it found it enjoyable.
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Indeed, it never ceases to amaze me how differently our perspectives on sound signatures can be. In the end, it is as you say important to know what our preferences are and get the best signature that fits. I will perhaps try the H9 when I can as I loved the H7, I just needed more power.
  15. dfnj123
    So.... I'm in the process of creating an initial list of potential wireless on-ear headphones to purchase.  Looking at the $250-400 price range.  Using with an iPhone and MacBook, so AAC bluetooth codex support is a must.  The only choice sticking out to me at the moment is the B&W P5 Wireless, but was hoping for something with a more traditional circle ear cup shape and less exterior leather (sound quality is obviously more important than design though).  Any other recommendations to consider?
    Wish Beyerdynamic would release a wireless version of the T51i... love using those during subway commutes [​IMG] 
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