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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. trellus

    It's rather a untidy-looking solution, but sometimes rolling your own wireless solution is the only way to get the sound you want. [​IMG]
    I frequently use my wired headphones with a Bluetooth receiver (either a Sound Blaster E3 or an Elecom imported from Japan) so I can use my headphones-of-choice, but I just use a standard portable-length cable and clip the receiver to my pants or shirt.... attaching to the headphones themselves isn't something I've tried. 
  2. UnityIsPower

    Yeah, friend told me it doesn't look good but it's been quite easy to use attached as it is. I unplug it to attach a vmoda boom mic when I game if I feel like chating but just use the Bluetooth connection for everything else on my iPhone/computer.

    I'm waiting for Bluetooth 5 to be used on a wireless headset so this will do for now. These headphones aren't the most sonically pleasing but boy are the cups soft pillows of joy and semi open back means no heat build up. I thought about just attaching the Mpow to the end of the cable but felt it would defeat the purpose quite too much.

    Headphones $99
    Receiver $16
    Fiio cable $6
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Are the headphones you attached the receiver/transmitter to actually open headphones, or is that for looks? If so, wouldn't covering up most of one side like that effect the sound?
  4. trellus
    That thought occurred to me, because they look like the Fidelio L2 which I thought were semi-open, but I couldn't remember if Philips also made a similar closed can with that same look, as I've seen other manufacturers do before just for the look.

  5. UnityIsPower

    It's semi open according to philips and the reciever does not touch the grill, haven't notice any issues. It's held surprisingly well with the command strips I cut.
  6. turbobb
    Don't really want to take this OT but this topic was started > 2 yrs ago when BT Rx weren't as popular nor prevalent. I've tried my fair share of BT cans but there simply aren't any open-backed ones (to the best of my knowledge and believe me I've searched) . So, I started looking for aptX receivers and tried this Avantree version that also features Low Latency and built-in amp:
    Thus far, it's worked phenomenally well and drives the DT 1990's reasonably loud. I pair it with their Priva II (which also features aptX Low Latency) and I can't detect any lag whatsoever while watching movies or during FPS. I clip the Rx to my shirt/jacket collar and have freedom to walk away from my desk while keeping my HP on. If there is one wish is that they could have a slightly larger version in the future with better battery life (I've ranged between 3.5-5 hrs depending on sources and whether or not I've had music/sound playing continuously).
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  7. 329161

    Astell and Kern have one with aptx hd and balanced output
  8. elektron
    You shouldn't.  It won't make a huge difference and you won't hear any difference on most material, such as lossy streaming.
    Sony's proprietary LDAC already has higher specs than Bluetooth 5.0, with lossless transmission of 24-bit / 96 kHz using some clever packing / unpacking of the data over the BT 3.0+ wireless pipe.
    I've been using LDAC for over a year now and can confirm that it's capable of delivering greater detail on some material, such as SACD rips (hi-res FLACS and DSD) but it's usually only audible on certain spots of certain tracks.
    For some context, I can easily tell between AptX and SBC in a blind test. However, once you get to beyond AptX (such as LDAC, AptX HD or BT 5.0) the improvements are marginal, and good luck with being able to tell any difference at all on highly compressed modern recordings.  Unless you predominantly listen to well-mastered, high dynamic range acoustic recordings such as classiclal or jazz, or some digitally remastered older analog recordings, you'll get very little benefit from hi-res capable headphones.
    Post Bluetooth 3.0 with AptX, the drivers and the active electronics of a given pair of bluetooth headphones make a far greater difference to the sound quality than any tweaks to the transmission protocols.
    Bluetooth headphones will keep getting better every year and my prediction is that 2017 will see the biggest growth in this market to date (thanks to Apple in no small part), which should result in higher investment in R&D by the manufacturers; however, BT 5.0 will play a far greater role as a marketing tool than as a driver (no pun intended) for any real improvement in the fidelity of bluetooth headphones.
  9. UnityIsPower
    LDAC/AptX is supported by a limited amount of devices, I have an iPhone. I'm mainly looking for wireless In-ears without any wires and the market still doesn't have what I'm looking for as far as I can tell, not in sound or shape. Although I said headset, my main interest is something like the Aurisonics Auris. I think I'll wait until wireless has more products before I spend good money and given apples move, it's happening. 10+ hours of playback would also be nice...

    Waiting for Bluetooth 5 isn't just for the native BT upgrades, like range, it's in hope other items come to fruition by then as well.
  10. elektron
    The only reason I mentioned LDAC is to make the point that even today you can already have a good idea of what, of any, improvements in sound quality BT 5.0 will bring, in order to decide whether it's worth the wait.
    As to AptX, I would argue that the opposite is actually true - i.e. it's unsupported by a limited number of devices, as most  smartphones (and tablets) being sold today come with AptX.  After all, iOS only makes up 12.5% of the market, with Android at 86.8% (although some cheaper Android devices don't have AptX).  I've enjoyed AptX on every phone I've had since 2010 and, as a long time user of bluetooth audio, it has been one of the considerations when choosing a new phone, and one of the reasons that has stopped me from getting an iPhone (becoming a slave to the ecosystem was another big one).
    Having said that, many headphones have native support for AAC these days, which is perfectly usable for listening to streaming services and is noticeably better than SBC.
    In terms of the form factor, I can see the attraction of being totally wire-free, but I enjoy having easily accessible controls, and if sound quality really is a priority for you, it's hard to beat full-size cans - wireless or wired.  Not to metnion the battery life - the Sony MDR-1RBT MK2 that I got some 3 years ago had 30 hours...
  11. Marcelo1201
    Nice comparison [​IMG]
    I found a few I like but I would also like to know your opinion/thoughts on the Skullcandy crusher wireless, they look nice, have adjustable base and some solid reviews. Just they don't seem very popular and not a lot of information about them.
    thanks in advance [​IMG]
  12. Elvecio
    Hi guys, I'm looking for advices!
    Budget <200€, European Amazon (italian user).

    I'm looking for some decent Bluetooth headphones that can equally be good in calls (I make a lot of calls, so microphone quality is a priority) and with music (preferably V-shaped soun).

    - I need to use them at work, so less sound bleed as possible
    - I will use them a lot, comfort is a must.
    - optional cable for wired listening is appreciated.

    I was tempted to get the AKG y50bt for around 90€ but I'm not really sure if they can be the best choice. I'm afraid they could be quite uncomfortable with more than an hour on my head.

  13. WILLDQ
    The Onkyo sounds very promising. In addition to my B&W P7 wireless i also am looking for an on ear wireless set of cans to use during the summer. How does the B&W p5 wireless stack up against the Onkyo and the on ear models from B&O?
  14. 329161
    I don't think Onkyo do a wireless on-ear
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, the H500BT, I own it and it is excellent.
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