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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. bladefd
    Honestly, after much contemplation, I might just wait for bluetooth 5 rather than keep trying so many BT headphones. I tried bunch of high-end BT headphones like P7, Beoplay H7, Momentum 2 wireless, sony abn100, etc. The search continues but now I might wait. :)
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    What do you anticipate BT 5 will bring to the table? I must admit I haven't really been following the development news on that front.
  3. tayo15

    Bro what's your opinion on the mdr zx700bn and parrot Zik 2.0 still worth getting? How is the noise isolation on them both? And what music is good with them?
  4. tayo15
    Guys anyone have any opinions on the skullcandy crusher wireless, plantronics backbeat pro 2? Also for commuting which would be the best beats solo 3 or Onky H500bt? Also why would you or not recommend sony mdr100abn?
  5. 05stisilver
  6. idsearcher
    I've just got a pair of P7. Love them. I've got a big head and they fit me fine. Sound is amazing, the detail I am getting in the music is amazing. Obviously a huge leap from my Beats Studio Wireless. They definitely sound better than the QC35 and the Momentum Wireless. I purposely chose to forgo ANC and do not regret the decision for a moment as the noise isolation on the P7 is frankly as good as the ANC on the Beats Studio Wireless I had. The QC35 cancelled out more noise with its ANC however I didn't like the sound quality. FYI, I also have some HiFiMan planar headphones and have a pretty good hifi set up with primaluna tube amps and KEF speakers so I do have a decent ear. I listen to flamenco, hip hop, soul, R&B, classical, salsa, jazz, blues and Índie rock. In terms of style elegant is the best way I can put it and you do get some glances with them on. Highly recommend them. I managed to get them for $470 in Australia which is a bargain as everywhere else was selling them for $600. If it wasn't for the fact they were under my 500 budget I probably would have gone the QC35. With these wireless headphones using aptx and bluetooth 4.0 and the skill in engineering of B&W I can confidently say that the tipping point for wireless headphones has occurred and they are capable of matching wired... However be willing to forgo ANC.
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  7. redsox78
    Can anyone help? I have the choice between the P7 wireless, H8 and P7 wired (someone wants to buy me some headphones - long story! - and these are the only decent sets the store/catalog sells). The benefit of the P7 and H8 is, of course, the wireless. But given that they are, basically, free...which would you get for wired? I'm learning towards the P7 wireless, but concerned about the heavy right earcup and comfort. 
    Type of music? Rock and pop. Previous headphones were the Sony Mdr-1r & 1a, which I really liked, but would have preferred a little more sparkle, or more precisely I wouldn't want a darker pair. 
  8. MadMike
    I just recently received the P7 wireless- sound great both wired and wireless. Great slam for the genres you are interested in! They are not dark- just slightly warm I would say. I cannot discern any difference in the weight of the left and right sides. Are they the most comfortable headphones I own- no. But they are more comfortable then both the V Moda M80s and M100s. Not as comfortable as my HIFIMAN 400i headphones. When they get a little uncomfortable (on the top of my head) I simple adjust them slightly and all is good until the next time they are uncomfortable.
  9. redsox78

    Thanks! When the original P7 came out I did like them, but returned them as I felt they were too expensive...but the market has rather changed since then. :) I could get the P9 actually, but I have a gut feeling that however goof they are, they are not 2x's as good. So, I'm 99.9% going for the P7 wireless (I'd heard they were a slight improvement over the P7 wired).
  10. MadMike
    I tried the wired P7s a while back but I don't remember them well enough to compare to the wireless version. The ability to go wireless and not experience much drop off in quality, if any, is quite liberating!
  11. redsox78

    They'll get lots of use wireless, I'm also going to be using them (un-amped) with a PC, so I was hoping they'd be nice all-rounders. One question (for the forum) is anyone aware of any long term durability problems with the P7 design? It seems not (I can't find anything online) but I just wanted to check; I always get a tiny bit worried when 'cans have exposed wires above the cups.[​IMG]
    p.s. does anyone know if the wired cable is the same connection size socket as the P9? If so, that eventually lightning cable will work. I really fancy the P9 bit I can't in all consciousness think they are worth more than double the p7 wireless, and I think the P9 value is 20% marketing.
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    No, the P9 are definitely not twice as good, not at all. Better, but fairly similar. The P7 allows the wireless flexibility and the P9 aren't at all portable (meaning on the go use). Yes, in my limited first-hand experience, and based on reading, the P7 wireless is an improvement over the P7 wired. I confirmed with B&W support staff over the phone that the P7 wireless uses atotally different driver than the P7 wired.
  13. redsox78

    It's not hard to see this makes sense (the P9 being better but not night and day). I just don't see where they can be so much more; the driver between the P7 and P9 is is clearly the same tech but tweaked. The P9 is clearly using some slightly better construction, but at the same time not radically different. When the adverts stress the Italian made case...a lot of that extra cost is in nice stuff, but not stuff that creates 2x the sound. :)
    Anyway, thanks for the help, I'll get the P7 wireless and report back :wink:
  14. UnityIsPower
  15. Brooko Contributor
    Because UiP hasn't exactly explained what he's done there - he's basically used a Bluetooth transmitter attached to his headphones - so yes, it is on topic.
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