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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. orion23rigel
    I felt the same. I tried the Backbeat Pros, but ended up returning them. I loved the feature set and the sound quality was pretty good (I prefer more neutral sound, mids were slightly lacking for me, but I didn't take time to burn them in cause the sq was good enough); however, the pads were in that sour spot right between on-ear and around-ear. For my ears, it was the worst of both worlds – they pressed against my ears and my ears got warm. 

    I would still absolutely recommend the headset to people will small or less sensitive ears, but they just didn't work for me.
  2. dgabe24
    That's exactly it! My ears end up sweating because of this on/around ear fitment. 
    What headset did you end up going with? I'm trying to find a more true around-ear pair. The Bose Soundlinks are awesome but unbearably ugly with that BT chip.
  3. orion23rigel
    Unfortunately, I haven't found a very good solution yet. I use the Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62 as my beater/podcast headset, and for music listening I switch a little MPOW Bluetooth receiver between my Takstar HI2050s and Takstar Pro 80s.

    I'm considering taking on the project of modding one of the Takstars to put the BT receiver inside since I can't seem to find an affordable (less than $300) set of Bluetooth cans I like.
  4. dgabe24
    That's disappointing to hear lol. I'm tempted to try the Stance S1+ but probably won't since their noise cancellation seems to be non-existent. 
    Edit: Going to order the Sony MDR-1RBT (MK2?) and see how they work. They should fit better at least, which I'd sacrifice some quality for.  Is there a difference between the MDR-1RBT and MDR-1RBTMK2's? I saw one ebay listing that had both model types listed in the description. 
  5. Giogio
    I'm from EU, so, no idea about US shops.
    But i would never ever buy any headphone where i cannot return it in case i don't like it.
    So amazon is good.
    I don't know who else offers return and refund...

    I think you may be making some confusion.
    It is not a Player to support APTX, but the phone itself.
    So, just use any player you like :)
    I like Neutron. It takes a while to learn how to get the best out of it, but i find it sounds more intense than other players, and more detailed.
    Poweramp is also good.
    JetAudio player also. And they both have easier EQ. Neutron offers a parametric EQ, which must be learned, but which they configured with a couple of presets which make all easier for the beginners.

    EQ is to adjust the signature to the individual tastes. So, my settings would not work for you.
    You don't need a separate eq, the ones in the best players, like Poweramp and jet audio, are good and easy, with bandwidth.
    Don't do much. Just pick the high frequencies and decrease them a bit, 3db. Start with the higher ones, 20000,18000,16000,12000, depending on the eq.
    I've written something about this some pages ago to somebody. Have a look.
    Which player do you use?

    Have you contacted their support and asked if the cups are replaceable?
    In any case i would contact them even just so that they know what to improve in the future.

    Alternatives for big ears are the Samsung, but they have a quite different signature, and the supertooth freedom which are a little step down in quality but still very good and nearer to the signature of the backbeat pro.
    I suppose that the mdr-1rbt mk2 should be good to, but I've never tried them.
    The new Sennheiser Momentum over ear should be very good. And very very very expensive.
    There is a long tread about the mk2.
    I'll make it short: do NOT buy the mk1.
  6. orion23rigel
    I tried the Stance S1+. They were just as uncomfortable to me as the Backbeat Pros, but I liked the sound a bit better I think. It was pretty close, but the Backbeats had a much richer feature set.
    I'm curious to try the 1RBT MK2s. Not sure about all the differences, but from what I've read, the MK2 has aptX and the first version didn't. If your source has aptX (most recent Android phones), then you definitely want the MK2. Let us know what you think when you get them.
  7. mikaveli06
    I thought the source and reciever need apt-x. Has my samsung s3 and sony a-17 both say they support apt-x.

    Eitherway, i tried nuetron today and it sounded pretty good.
  8. orion23rigel
    You're right, but the source is not the player app, but rather the phone itself
  9. dgabe24
    I will definitely report back. My HTC DNA has aptX, and so will whichever phone I get next, so it's necessary. The ebay description does say the headphones have it. They're $222 which is a pretty solid price if they are in fact the MK2's. 
    I haven't contacted them yet. For $200+ I rather buy a pair of headphones that fit out of the box. Not interested in having to modify something to be honest. I have pretty regularly sized ear's for a 6ft guy, so I think those Samsung would look ridiculous to be honest lol. It's hard for me to believe that these BBP actually fit comfortably around any normal sized male's ears. Going to try the MK2's since the Momentums are way outside my budget like you said. 
    Edit: My ears measure ~6.5cm. Average male ear size is 6.4cm so I'm still wondering how BBP have been called over-ear in all these reviews when they're more likely to be on-ear for the majority of users. Meh! 
    Trying to find the cup size of the MK2's. 
  10. mikaveli06
    So with the samsung and sony a17 both being aptX, will they sound identical with same headphones?
  11. orion23rigel
    I'm not sure. I suppose it depends how audio processing is handled on each of the devices. I'd be curious to hear the results if you feel like doing an a/b comparison.
  12. mikaveli06
    Im curious too, however $300 is alot to spend to do the comparison, but i may take 1 for the team
  13. dgabe24
    So tempted to grab a pair of Philips Fidelio M1BT I just saw on ebay, new for $255 shipped. Maybe a pair actually built for on-ear will be better than these over-ear that don't fit properly. 
  14. Yappadappadu
    Still have 2-3 days until my amazon return period ends for the Plantronics Beats.
    At the beginning I thought that they were a bit too small and a little uncomfortable, but I think I got used to the round shaped form. Sometimes though they seem a bit too bass heavy.
    My local Saturn store has both the Sony MDR-1A (wired) and the new Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ears (wired). Both look less plasticky than the Plantronics. Yeah, I do care about looks.
    If I compare both with each other, the bass seems clearer on the Momentum, while a little bit more punchy on the MDR-1A. Really like how portable the new Momentum are, so that I could store them in the front pocket of my bag instead of the main space, but clamping force seems pretty tight, and yeah, if I were to order the wireless version, then I'd would have to pay 450 Euros! Might be that I'll order them just to try them out and then take my definite decision once the bluetooth version of the Sony headphones, the MDR-1ABT, is available.
    The Plantronics are probably a good "placeholder".
  15. dgabe24
    I'm tempted to wait for the 1ABT too but if they're released at $350+ I'll just go with the MK2's for $200. 
    Does anyone know the pad size of the MK2's? The Backbeat Pro are around 5.7cm (measured crudely). 
    My turtle beach gaming headset are closer to 6.98cm and they fit my ear much better. So I'm hoping the MK2's are at least 6.5cm+ 
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