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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. cehowardNote3
    Yes, as in my sig, I have the MK2 and and the HK BTs.. I took the Sony 10RBT back, because I had the higher Sony. The 10RBT were very good at their PRICE POINT. I paid $150 for the 10RBT, that is why I said they were good, with their price taken into consideration.
    On the comparison, I don't have golden ears, in fact a long ways from it. All I can say, the MK2s were better than the other 2 in every area except price. 
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  2. StormBlast
    Hi Everyone.
    My first post here as I am searching for my "best" over ear BT headphones. So far, after reading a lot of reviews, I am keen on ordering Plantronics Backbeat Pro. I am glad that they are on tops of your lists here too. May I ask several questions about them ?
    1. How would you rate comfort for someone with small ears and probably a bit bigger than average head ?
    2. How would you rate sound leakage ?
    3. How would you rate passive noise cancelling ?
    4. How loud are they ? Loud enough to hear movie dialog comfortable in the airplane ? 
    5. They claim that they should work in 100m distance (BT Class 1). How far can I go assuming that the source of sound is equipped with BT Class 2 ? Still near 100m ? Half of it ? not more than 10m ? Do I get anything extra from the Class 1 in them ?
    I don't care much about "perfect" sound quality as far as it is good enough. I am not even close to any audiophile.
    At this moment my daily driver is Creative WP-350, which is out of competition on such treads, but should it really be ? Are all of these "premium" headphones so much better sounding ? Assuming that I really like sound quality of my Creative WP-350, is Plantronics going to blow my head away ? In terms of quality and loudness ? And bass ?
  3. luberconn
    i've been looking into the creative aurvana gold bluetooths.  they are on amazon for $136, which seems like a good deal.  based on reviews, they have a sound signature that is pleasing.  has anyone had the opportunity to try these out? 
    also found an open box on ebay for $109
  4. ActiveTechREV
    In the search for the pefect headphones i decided to walk in frys and buy something today. As i type this post in in line buying the jabra Revo 's and in pretty excited to try them out for my workout. The Photive bth3 arent cutting it.
  5. ActiveTechREV
    I'm actually curious to know about these also. I'm thinking this is what I'll try next.
  6. ActiveTechREV

    I'm actually curious to know about these also. I'm thinking of trying these after reading this entire thread.
  7. WDitters
    1 Comfort should be fine
    2 Sounds leakage is pretty decent
    3 Noise cancelling is not good. Better than the UE900, but blown out of the water by Bose QC15 and QC25
    4 Volume is great, better than both UE9000 and Fidelio M2BT. Best in class volume button (ring). Movie dialog should be fine, but noise cancelling is poor. So consider taking both the Backbeat and the Bose .. that's what I did :)
    5 Calls 2 will give you 5-30m depending on your surroundings and obstacles.. walls, concrete etc. You will not get anything out of Class 1 unless you pair them with a device that supports Class 1
    Yes, the Plantronics *can* have your WP-350 for lunch, they're that much better, but in the end it depends on whether you are able to fully tap into for instance the use of APT-X etc ... As with all wireless cans, it's both ends that jointly define how good the end result will be. Pair these with a simply AD2P codec device and the Backbeats will underperform.
    (Having said that, I am immensely curious about how the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless will perform .. have them on order now :)
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  8. Yappadappadu
    Interesting. Looking forward to your comparison.
    I also (still?) have the Plantronics and am considering the Momentum wireless.
  9. audiomark
    In my opinion, the ones that can be considered the "best" Bluetooth headphones depend on what you are to use them for. As an example, Headphones Unboxed lists the 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphone as their first choice. However, as an audiophile I would not agree at all considering that for example the Philips Fidelio M2BT has better sound quality, but then again, they would not stay in place during a run. So I guess in that way it makes sense recommending the 66 Audio BTS+. Hope you see the point, you might want to consider that for the list. Anyway, what did you think about the base on the Sony MDR-XB950BT? I'm considering getting it to try out myself.  
  10. Navsters1
    Hey guy,
    So it's been a solid 2 months of researching and I've bounced between countless headphones. Currently my main comparison is the Beyerdynamics DT 770 PRO (or M) 32 or 80 ohm headphones and the Plantronics Backbeat Pro. I realize that these are completely different headphones but I was wondering if I could get a comparison based on my criteria listed below. I can purchase both these cans at relatively the same price - $160-180 so pricing isn't  a factor for this comparison. 
    1. Soundstage - this is really important as I personally love really big and large sound that encompasses my ears and just vibrates through my head.
    2. Sound quality - I like to nitpick sound, especially since I listen to older rock and heavy metal (Van Halen, GNR, Kiss, ACDC: Music from 1970-1990) including live and acoustic covers. 
    3. Bright, lively sound that isn't laid back or recessed - I like a relatively flat sound reproduction that doesn't seem like it's coming from behind my head or from a really far source. The sound reproduction in respects to visual positioning is pretty important for me.
    These are my only real comparisons required for the headphones; style, comfort, portability, battery, etc,don't factor into my decision. Thanks in advance for any tips and responses, you've made an entry level audiophile really happy! :)
  11. Navsters1
    Oh and a point on the passive noise cancellation of the Beyerdynamics compared to the active Plantronics would be great! :)
  12. Giogio
    @ActiveTechREV Welcome :)
    Yes, it happens to me too when I compare headphones... I have to test them a lot and in many ways to see their personality without getting used to them (which would prevent me from noticing their fault and virtues).
    agreed. That's why the rating and reviews in Amazon are only very relatively useful. Lot of people is used to very low budget cans and review a just decent entry level BT Headphone as great or amazing. They have no idea of how amazing are the better ones. But it is ok so.
    Hmmm, I prefer to be an headphones snob, if to avoid being so I must use sub quality headphones.
    Yes, 2 cans can be a good idea. But even there you need two good ones. Because if you have a good one and a cheap one, you will not be able to get used to the cheap one.
    I think you should find one which is good and portable and light and tight, for the workout. And another, bigger, to have a different kind of sound, with more soundstage, and all what good bigger around the ear can give.
    Yes, they sold me too, the Revo Wireless were among the very first ones I have tried. And the idea of starting comparing myself came from their comparison. I was used to single reviews. Seeing a big comparison gave me the feeling of how much different can headphones be. And being able to buy and return, I just decided to start trying myself. Which is what I suggest to EVERYBODY.
    The Photive have a very good review on Innerfidelity. Did you try to fix them with some EQ?
    The Stance are big. I do not think you can use them for workout. Anyway, i did not try them myself.
    Btw, which source will you use? Aptx enabled?
    If you listen to podcasts it means that you cannot apply EQ, right? In that case it is critical that you buy something which is good out of the box. And this is extremely subjective.
    My understanding is that Over Ear and Around the Ear are mixed together and no difference is made, so, yes, your ears should completely fit inside of the cups.
    Anyway, there are some Over Ear headphones with quite small cups, like the Beats Studio Wireless and the House of Marley Liberate XLBT, which opens the debate on if Over Ear and Around Ear should be separated in two categories, with Over Ear being something between On Ear and Around Ear.
    But in any case even if your ears do not completely fit inside the cups, this is not necessarily a problem unless you have sensitive ears and the pads are not soft enough.
    Given your tastes and needs, I would suggest the Fidelio M2BT. They are tight enough in my experience to make workout.
    The Plantronics Backbeat Pro may also be good because of the punchy bass and crispy highs you mention, but they are too big for workouts I think. And I am not sure with your big head but for me they are surely too lose for workout. I do not anyway have a particularly big head. But you also mention big ears, and they have 5,5cm of internal diameter. So, if your ears are longer than that, they will not fit.
    Alternatively you can wait till the new Gibson Trainer come out. No idea how they will sound but they are made for training and they look good.
    The Revo are not so good for training because too lose (at least for me). They have good bass but not crispy highs...
  13. Giogio
    You can ask also in the other Thread, "High End Bluetooth Headphones".
    Anyway, "sound signature which is pleasing" means nothing. Sound signature is a highly subjective thing :)
    What do you listen to, and how do you like headphones?
    Hmmm, which ones did you order? The Over Ear? I am also very curious to know how they compare :)
    Yes, I agree.
    For base you mean bass?
    The bass of the xb950 without mod is for me too airy. Not much body. Somehow muddy. Not a good quality.
    But there is a thread about them and Bill-P shows a Mod which makes their bass more controlled. If you are going to get them, I highly suggest you the Mod.
    But, do you have the M2BT?
    I have no experience in wired headphones (apart for the AKG 240) so, I can't help you there.
    But, soundstage does not necessarily mean vibration. Yes, it should give the impression that the sound comes from somewhere (some make it come from inside of your head, some from around). But the vibration, well. Isn't it the bass? :)
    Maybe you can try the Parrot Zik 2. IT seems that even without Aptx they sound amazing and you can change the soundstage with the App.
    About the Backbeat Pro, yes, they have a nice soundstage, the kind which makes the sound come from around you. But not in the "far away from you" way which you say you do not like.
    Anyway, they do not sound flat. They are lively, especially in the highs and upper mids (for me they could have some more middle and low mids). But are a bit boosted in bass and highs.
    They should be good anyway for what you listen.
    Alternatively, the new Momentum should be very good.
    Flat and lively are the AKG K845BT, but, not much power in the bass (not even after EQ). Not for me :)
    I think the Fidelio M2BT can please you. Lot of power in the bass when needed, not overpresent when not needed. Quite flat, but lively for sure. And they respond very well to EQ.
    The Bose Soundlink On Ear can also be good. Do you want On Ear or Over Ear?
    The Supertooth Freedom are very lively and with enough bass for your kind of music.
    I am trying the Omni by Jlab now, good bass, relatively flat sound. Not bad. Lively enough.
  14. ActiveTechREV
    Thanks so much for the reply and thanks for the recommendation! The subject of high end headphones just isn't something I can really chat about with people in my real life, because in truth, most every day people I'm around don't care (this forum has been quite satisfying!)
    Currently I have a ringing in my ear and it's because I found some wired headphones I bought at guitar center 2 days ago.  It seems that I need a louder volume with over the ear headphones because i'm so use to using in ear.  I think this might cause me problems on the future.  Sorry to be a little off topic but if you don't mind, I'd like hear your thoughts on this.  Thanks! I posted the thread here.
    I'm thinking that over the ear may not be suitable for me, as much as I want them to so badly! Especially bluetooth.
  15. Giogio

    I confirm most of what was told you.
    1) yes, small ears and big head is what they are made for.
    2) normal. You can listen music at normal volume near people without disturbing them. Besides, with the ANC enabled you will need less volume because you hear less noise around.
    3) good, not excellent. The Samsung Level over are better both for passive and active NC.
    4) They rock. For the Airplane anyway I have no idea... On the train I have zero problem. Bus, Street. Perfect.
    5) the answer given to you is correct. With a class 2 source you have a class 2 range. But you have a very good class 2 range. Not all class 2 are the same. The Backbeat are very good.
    I do not know those creative, but if you come from low quality headphones, the Plantronics may impress you, if you like their sound signature (punchy bass and crispy highs, with soft balanced mids).
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