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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Giogio

    Yes, you should try to come back to normal volume. I know what you mean, it happens to me too. Specially with some headphones which give their best only ad loud volume (probably due to the kind and dimension of drivers used). I get used and then it is an escalation.
    This is not healthy. It is known that it may cause hearing problems in the future.
    So, try to avoid very loud volume.
    The key is buying headphones which with normal volume are able to give the sound you need. For example, headphones with a very good rendering of the frequencies you like the most.
    So, the Fidelio also at low volume have a gentle rumble which is absent in most other headphones even at louder volumes.
    Then, you could EQ them to increase just the frequencies you like the most. So you do not need to make them too loud to give you enough of those frequencies.
    And then, you need headphones with good passive (or active) noise cancelling.
    The Fidelio have a very good passive NC.
    The Plantronics have a good passive and decent active NC, which together make them also very good.
    The Samsung are even better but they do not have much bass.
    Some of the new headphones coming soon have also ANC. Like the Momentum Over Ear....
  2. Giogio
    Updated first post: most headphones are now a clickable link to the corresponding review.
  3. StormBlast
    Thank you WDitters and Giogio for your replies. Very helpful.
    I ordered Plantronics. Should get them on Thursday. Can't wait :)
  4. opihiman
    Thank you guys for your awesome info, this thread alone enticed me to join this forum.
    I was set on the Samsung Level (I use Android) but after reading this review I'm now 50/50 with the Backbeat Pro.
    I have some nice cans I use for my home theater system and I'm not expecting that out of noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. I'm most interested in audio quality, noise cancellation, sound leakage, ability to answer and make phone calls with clarity on both ends, and comfort...in that order. I don't care about price or size between these 2 models. Ability for a detachable headphone cable would be nice but isn't a dealbreaker (I've found that often companies that allow passive listening once a battery has died have really bad audio quality).
    Knowing those interests which would you recommend (I ask because it seems the Level get overlooked, in alot of this dialog, because of its lack of features I don't care about anyway) and why?
  5. david8613
    I looked at the level up prior to getting the backbeat pro, off the bat the Samsung level up lacks the bass the backbeat pro can produce, that alone swayed me big time. The level up are also very bulky, way too bulky to me. The anc on the backbeats is also very good, I tested this in my car, driving on Highway with heater full blast, with radio on, the backbeats pro canceled all road noise, and heater noise. Radio voices were reduced to low mumbles. That's how anc works it's designed to cancel low droning sounds of the planes engines, train noise and It does this very well. Battery life 24+ hours is a big plus with very quick charging, very easy controls, able to work with 2 devices at once, fairly comfortable, feels light, talk through feature works. I have zero problems or complaints with phone calls. I had one little problem with mine, were my controls were starting to not respond but it was interment. I was very upset because I like these headphones alot. I emailed plantronics about it and got an email very quickly on how reset them which was very easy, just shut off headphones, remove the headphones from your bluetooth device list on your source, do the whole bluetooth pairing process again and all is good! Plantronics said it resets the stacks what ever that means. Great service and Great bluetooth headphones, I'm very happy with them. If I had to complain about something its that at very loud levels with certain types of music the highs can get sharp, or too loud for me but I'm sensitive to that, but at normal listening levels this is never a problem.
  6. opihiman
    Thanks for the response. I listen to a very very wide and eclectic range of music, would either of those headsets be pigeon-holed into a category where they'd only be good for rap/jazz/rock...etc?
    I'm starting to lean towards giving the Backbeats a chance, stupid society has just driven in my brain that Plantronics is a cell phone accessory company not an audio company producing high quality headphones. I have a Samsung phone, a Samsung TV, had a Samsung blu-ray player...(I trust the brand)
    I like punchy bass, not drawn out or what I like to call "long wave" bass. I like crisp highs but not tinny, and middles should just bridge the 2 together not necessarily stand out as a clear 3rd tier in itself. 
  7. kane7
    I guess my M2BTˋs are broken in now. They have been wired to my tablet every night, some nights with music and some with pink noice. 3-4 days in I noticed that they were opening up and the bass was a bit tighter. They were good out of the box and even better after playing the crap out of them, but.... because there is a but:

    I have a really hard time getting them to connect properly with my new phone. My phone was stolen at x-mast so I had this old phone when I got the M2BT so I used my gfˋs Xperia2 to test them. No problem at all, great sound, stable connection for both phone and media.

    On my Samsung S5 itˋs a whole different story. If I connect the headset it tells me that I am connected to both phone and media sound. I start Spotify and I can controll the phone from the headset but the sound comes from the phoneˋs speaker. I have to restart the phone to get the sound in the headset but if someone calls while connected itˋs the same story. I can answer the call with the headset, the music pauses, but the sound goes to the phone. If I try to reconnect while in the call I sometimes get the sound to the headset, usually not. And when I hang up I get notified that I am connected to phones sound and Iˋm back to square 1 with controll over the phone from the headset but sound from the phone.

    This has nothing to do with this thread but I just thought to let you know, I still like the sound but if I have to use them wired I know there are better alternatives out there.
    I have spoken to the store and since Iˋm leaving the country for a couple of months now they let me have them til over eastern to try to figure this out.
    If I canˋt they will first send the phone in to see if that helps (and also fix the buzzing in the speaker). If itˋs still a problem theyˋll take them back and let me see if the MDR-10BTˋs will be more stable ( and of course sound as pleasing to my ears as the M2BTˋs).

    So for now, all I can say is that I love the sound but my AKGˋs are way more portable so when I leave the house the Philips stay at home, and that was not the meaning at all :frowning2:
  8. Giogio
    Did you reset them?
    If not, try it.
    Delete them from all your devices, turn all Bluetooths off, and then turn the m2bt on while pressing and holding at same time the volume lever (not up or down, just press in the center) and the big main volume, and keep them pressed till the led flashes 5 times white (then it continues blue).
    If it worked the m2bt should enter directly in pairing mode.
    If the led flashes only 3 or 4 times i would repeat the whole thing again till you get the 5 times.
    Eventually you can try doing it from the headphones already turned on.

    I had a similar problem and this solved it.

    The mdr-10rbt can kiss the m2bt's ass forever. No comparison possible, don't even lose your time.

    Which akg do you mean? Wired or bt?

    If the reset fails, return them.
    If you can't, ask the support to replace them.
    And if at the very end you still have problems, wait for the momentum on ear. I think they'll be great. Less bass. I'm pretty sure they'll have less bass. But they'll be great.
    I've tried the Jlab Omni lately.
    They're nice. A bit less lively, less intense. But good.
  9. Giogio
    Can you write this of the anc in the comparison of nc headphones of thewirecutter? An not very brilliant man just answered me something idiot, and the reviewer wrote that their anc is bad and they sound just acceptable.
    Nobody believes me that they have a good anc and excellent sound.

    For the highs, can't you eq?
  10. Giogio
    All what you say is what the Backbeat pro do.
    You'll like them :)
    The Samsung have better anc and better comfort for people with big ears, but their bass is weak and their highs recessed and their mid more present than you seem to like.
  11. opihiman
    I hope $ is not taboo on this site...is the best price (US) generally at Amazon, it seems brick and mortar around me don't carry them?
  12. mikaveli06
    What is best source u guysxare using?. I am using power amp from my samsung galaxy 3. It is apt-x i beleive. If this is apt x and the sony a17 is apt x, will there be any difference in sound between the 2 players? How about cowon j3, does it sound good tgru blubluetooth?
  13. dgabe24
    I am still breaking in my plantronic backbeat pro's (loving the sound, it's unreal!)...but I do wish the cups fit over my ears better. They're closer to on-ear for me, than true over-ear. I may consider sending them back and trying to find a pair that fit a little more comfortably around my ears. 
    Slightly disappointed especially because of the features and amazing sound...not sure what to do. 
    Hardwell's new album sounds amazing...but since I'm so new to these higher end headphones I'm sure it's more because I'm a newb than because I appreciate the headphones for what they really are lol 
  14. david8613

    Give it more time, you will get used to them. that's my only other little negative of the bbp, I wish they used bigger cushions, I think It would make them more comfortable and tame the highs some, I had some vmoda headphones which I upgraded the cushions to the xl versions, very nice upgrade, day night difference. Bass got deeper, tamed brightness, comfort was better. It also would be cool if They were oval shaped too, much more comfort and better fit, like my logitec ue 9000. Giogio I really don't like using eq much, I never had good results. maybe you can post what eq app your using and post your settings so I can try.
  15. dgabe24
    I'm not sure I want to get used to them lol Isn't it better to find a pair that feel perfect right away? I don't know that I can see myself wearing these for 5+ hours when they're more on-ear for me. Even as I workout I find myself adjusting them to get my ears to fold back inside the cups. 
    Leaning towards returning them unfortunately. Might consider some Sony's or something with a more true over-ear setup. 
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