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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Yappadappadu
    Well, I had ordered the MK2 but german customs sent them back. At least I got a full refund.
    Since the old MDR-1RBT have skipping problems with Apple Devices, the upcoming MDR-1ABT is the only option if I want Sony BT headphones.
  2. dgabe24
    Ouch, that's unfortunate. 
    Seems like the 1ABT are going to be solid, but I wonder if the MK2 are close enough in quality that it's worth saving $. Trying to find out if it's worth waiting for 1ABT or just grab the MK2's for $225ish. 
    For those of us with regular sized ears that don't fit snuggly inside the BBP, the MK2s have much better earpad dimensions. They're 6.5cm high and 3.5cm wide as opposed to 5.7ish cm circular pad of BBPs. 
  3. cehowardNote3
    Well, I am going to enter a another set of headphones in the bluetooth mix. The Synchros S400BT (aptx).
    You all know, I am a Sony MDR 1RBT MK2 fanboy, and my Harman Kardon BT were my gym and workout phones..Both of these push aptx, and my phone Note 4 and Tab Pro 8.4 both have apt x.. Now, I don't see it mentioned a lot but if I am not mistaken, to get the benefit of aptx, you need to push hi res/flac files through your source.  I have my Note 4 with its 128gb sd card, crammed pack with flac files.
    As I was saying my Harman Kardons BTs were my workout phones(My wife has a set too)..Through the course of working out, and doing all kinds of rough things with the Harman Kardon BTs, they have taken a beaten. They still work, but the straps and parts have got broken. The comes from me dropping them, taking falls.  Be that as it may, I checked with Harman Kardon, and they are standing behind the Harman Kardon BTs, and will replace them. However, they the Harman Kardon BTs have been discontinued. So,they offered me the Synchros E50BTs. I checked, and they DO NOT HAVE apt x..  I did a  little more checking, and found that the Synchros S400BTs do have apt x. Their customer service told me that they will send me the Synchros S400BTs..Two pair..
    Only glitch is, I have to send the two pair back with the original boxes and all accessories. Don't have the boxes, and half of the accessories. Going to call them to day and tell them that, and see what happens.
    These will be my workout, running and roughing it phones. My Sony MDR 1RBT MK2s is my flagship and my jewel..
    IMO, I don't see anything out there that beats the MK2 BTs at the price point I paid, and they give up the goods..
  4. mikaveli06

    lucky day. Picked up used sony A17 from classifieds for $200. If it sounds decent bluetooth it will be worth it for space (64gb internal and 128gb card) and save drain of phone battery. Ill report back when it arrives
    orion23rigel likes this.
  5. Giogio
    And it is a good price. The m2bt are way too expensive now.

    Nice question. I think that Orion is right.
    And i also am curious to know the result of the test.

    For the first time in my life I've measured my ears.
    Almost 5,5...
    Made for Plantronics :D

    About the mk2, not only aptx but a generally better bass and apparently also softer pads are the improvements.
    The box must say mdr-1rbtmk2 on the front and aptx on the back.
    Otherwise they are not mk2.
    And they are generally sold as mdr-1rbtmk2. I mean, the mk2 is specified.

    Why that?
    Normally they don't do such things. They just write a letter and you must go there and pay taxes.
    Damn, I've ordered the audio technica from Japan, i hope they don't send them back!
  6. dgabe24
    Damn the guys at Pendulumic are so awesome. Email them and you get a real personal response in minutes, makes me want to support this company big time.
    I just don't know how the Stance S1+ would hold up compared to the MK2's.  I listen to EDM / Classical music...thoughts? 
    Probably purchasing by the end of the day. The Mk2's are about $80 more which isn't major. 
  7. Yappadappadu
    Well, many products go through but in the case of electronic appliances like BT headphones and if you're out of luck like me then they're checking for the required CE marking and asking for a declaration of compliance.
    I sent them the documents for the MK1 phones that I got from Sony, but of course they argued that those were only good for the older model, so in the end I had to give up and accept them sending back the headphones. I had to go to the customs office, open the box in front of them, go back home with empty hands and all that shi...for nothing. My own damn fault for not knowing about it beforehand.
    At least the korean shop was very understanding, so while I wasted a lot of time at least I didn't lose any money.
  8. dgabe24
    As much as I wanted to go with the Stance S1+ because Pendulumic is an awesome company with great people...I just don't think their ear pads are the right size for me (2.25 inches inner). 
    Ordered the MK2's and they'll be here next Wednesday! Then I'll make my decision to keep the BBP or MK2s. 
  9. kane7
    I'll try some more with my gf Sony tonight because I think the issue lies in the phone rater than the headset. It always connects right up to my Asus Tf700 tablet, but that is no fun. No apt-x, and that really makes a difference even on Spotify 320 files. We also live in a concrete flat with an all tiled up bathroom as the center piece so walking around listening to music would mean carrying the tablet with me... then I'd rater use them Wired to the s5. But then again, they are bluetooth headphones! They are supposed to work with the s5 WITHOUT the cord... I think it is my phone:pensive:
  10. dgabe24
    Off-topic but for my fellow EDM guys...where are you downloading quality music? I usually just listen to a youtube player or soundcloud but I'm sure there's better options right? 
    Bandcamp seemed kind of interesting but I'm not sure the DJ's I listen to are on there.
  11. cehowardNote3
    I think that would be like pitting a good heavyweight boxer up against a good lightweight boxer. They both are good, but one is bigger. Hence the bigger retail price on the MK2s..
  12. cehowardNote3
    Quality as far as content, is subjective. Quality as far as SQ or has more data, FLAC and HI RES Audio.. 
    HDtracks has nothing  but Flac files for sale..
  13. Giogio
    Ok, let's cross fingers, I've received the letter of the Custom. The Audio Technica are here. The seller was so idiot that did not even put a copy of the bill on a plastic envelope attached outside of the box (like you must do when you ship internationally), so the custom cannot know how much the thing costs, and I must go there (which I cannot without missing at the job!).
    I just hope they do not play me the same joke.
    GREAT, I am so curious to read your comparison!
    So, how do you cancel them from your sources: you go in the settings of android, go in the bluetooth, click on the symbol of tools on the right of the M2BT, and click on "forget" or whatever similar.
    Do it for all your devices and then deactivate the bluetooth on them.
    Then reset the M2BT 2 or 3 times consecutively.
    You should be fine.
  14. mattrapp
    Hi All,
    Just stumbled on this thread. Great stuff! Looking for a pair of over the ear/on ear bluetooth headphones for home and travel. I have a limited budget, around $100 US. I have been looking at the Jabra Revo, Jabra Move and Skullcandy Hesh wireless. I would love to get your thoughts? I listen to some hip hop/rap, a fair amount of reggae and funk. I love bass but do not want it to be overly dominant. I am in the US and have a fair amount of credit on Amazon so i will likely but them there. I have been able to demo the Heshs but can't find a local store that carries either Jabra. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!
  15. Giogio

    Hi Matt,
    I do not suggest you the Skullcandy, they sound ok, although v shaped (boost in highs and bass), but they do not EQ well, the hardware is bad, I have tried to increase the bass for some music where I needed more, and they distorts a lot. The bass also eated all other frequencies when I have EQed it.
    I would say, if you have an APTX enabled source, buy the Jlab Omni. They cost $99 and are very good. I have them here now. Really nice.
    If you do not have Aptx, then buy the Revo, because I have no idea how the Jlab sound without Aptx...
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