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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. kane7
    I have no tools option in my bt settings and can only connect to paired devices in range, not delete them. Once paired, always prepared :p

    Bu I am now 99,9% sure it is in my phone the problem lies. I started Spotify on my gfˋs Sony, set bt on, put the Fidelios on and they connected right up. I went into another room and had my gf call me from my phone and everything worked great. I answered the call, adjusted the volume and ended the call, all from the headset. And when the call was ended the music picked up from where it stopped.
    Just as a set of bt headphones connected to a smartphone should :)
    Last weekend I visited a friend of mine who got ATH-M50 for x-mas and when I wanted to try them it was like the plug did not fit properly. I had sound for under a second and then it went back to the phones speaker. Pulling, pushing and fiddling with the plug did nothing. My friend said the plug was a little strange so I just left it with that.

    Yesterday I tried to wire the Fidelios to the S5 and wouldenˋt you know, same result! The phone claims it has a headset connected, I get a blip of sound in the moment I connect them and then it returns to the phone.
    All I can say is: I have no problem at all with my Fidelio M2BTˋs, they are great! I have several problems with my Samsung S5, it will go in for a warranty check as soon as I get back.
  2. Giogio
    Hmmm, strange.
    So, when you go on the settings of your phone and you click on bluetooth, and you see the list of paired devices, is there not a symbol of hammer and screwdriver near each device?
    If there is, when you click there there should be an option to forget the device.
    If not, maybe you can try with a long click to see if there is some popup menu.
    For sure, there must be such an option. It is quite basic.
    Anyway. Let us know how the thing evolves :wink:
  3. Giogio

    That's the beauty with Headphones, nobody has got the last word :)
    I have found them too cold sounding.
    But I admit they were clean and precise, and comfortable and light and portable.
    Well, I had the 400x, no noise cancelling.
    And I liked them more than the 550x.
  4. opihiman
    My Backbeat Pro arrived today, charging it now but I wanted to let everyone know there are firmware updates, mine arrived with version 19. The latest (version 22) includes Improved Audio Quality. It was released on December 4th, also if you use My Headset Updater from Plantronics you can customize other settings like muting...etc. I still haven't actually tried them as I'm charging now but my initial obserations are a tad heavy, feels like a sturdy build, aesthetically acceptable.
  5. opihiman
    I like the Backbeat Pro. Audio quality is very good as you guys described. The controls on the headset take away from the aesthetics but are very functional. The only negative, and it's a fairly big is one...is the Noise Cancelling, it's not good. It does get rid of some low end rumbling but the majority of outside noise is still present and noticeable. How much better of a job does the Samsung Level Over do when it comes to noise cancelling? Does it still have a nice punchy bass and clear highs (or at least close) to the Backbeat Pro. My issue with the subpar noise cancelling is I feel that I could've gotten a similar pair of bluetooth cans (audio quality wise) without the noise cancelling feature, but I wanted both Audio quality and Noise Cancelling. I'm not saying I don't like the Backbeat Pro because I do like the audio quality (you guys were spot on with that), I'm just struggling because I wanted a good set of wireless noise cancelling headphones and I'm afraid these only solve half my desire.
  6. orion23rigel
    I've used both the Backbeat Pros and the Level Overs. I'm not great at describing sound quality, but I think the Backbeats had more pronounced mids and better sq in general to my ears. That said, the Level Overs were definitely more comfortable and their noise cancelling did a better job. Neither comes close to the Bose QCs I tried at Best Buy, but those are a different beast altogether.
  7. opihiman
    I won't get the Bose, audio quality is above average not great...noise cancelling is the best on the market...but, they aren't wireless which defeats the purpose of my purchase.

    I wonder if Best buy will let me try the Level Overs.
  8. Yappadappadu
    Had both the Plantronics and the Level Over at the same time for several weeks.
    The Level Over are the better performer in Noise Cancelling and had the best and most stable bluetooth connection among the bluetooth headphones that I owned so far (Sennheiser MM450, Sony MDR-1RBT, Samsung Level Over, Plantronics Backbeats Pro). Basically no audio delay and rock solid audio connection.
    But I could feel the enormous weight of those big headphones. Not very portable and I felt kinda stupid doing those swipe gestures on the right can. I prefer physical buttons and the Plantronics solution is probably the best one, though I'd like to invert the skip forward/backward function. Plantronics should add such an option to their FW updater tool.
  9. dkstott
    I've got the Bose soundlink on ear bluetooth headphones. I really like them.
  10. opihiman
    Those aren't noise cancelling. Bose should just charge $50 more and give everyone the best of both worlds...then decisions might be easier. I went to BestBuy today to try the Level Over...unfortunately the lady was a turd, really rude too. She wouldn't let me attach a microusb to test the noise cancelling, the audio quality without noise cancelling was fine...but I know that'll change once noise cancelling is activated. I even told her that I'm in the market and willing to drop $300 on the headsets, she just said ok and continued flirting with some other employee. Surprising to me the Level Over's felt too light, too much plastic. They were really really comfy though, just felt a little cheap. The Backbeat is heavier and feels like a better build (albeit sacrificing some aesthetic appeal with the industrial controls...I like the controls but they could have made it a little more aesthetic). I think I'll keep the Backbeats due to the great audio quality but I do feel myself wishing I had more as the noise cancelling is pretty lackluster.
  11. Yappadappadu
    Why did you want to connect a Micro USB cable? Other than to charge the headphones I don't understand why you would do that, considering that the NC works in both wired and wireless mode.
    Anyways, I was bored, so I just ordered the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless to see how they compare to my Plantronics. I don't plan to keep them due to the hefty 450€ price tag, but who knows. If they unexpectedly blow me away, I might change my mind.
  12. opihiman
    There demo model was not chaged, you need a charged batter for Noise Cancelling to work. MicroUSB charges battery, or supplies it power if there is no battery.
  13. Yappadappadu
    Okay, that's too bad, then. The biggest local store in my area usually has the Micro USB cables lying behind the BT headphones, so if required we clients can connect them ourselves and don't need to ask the store staff.
  14. dgabe24
    Got my MK2's in the mail. The packaging upon opening already began to separate these from the BBP's. The box is filled with fabric surrounding the headphones which  makes you feel like you're opening something of value (which you are). The sound (I'm way too new to all this) sounded awesome for my EDM / Classical music. The bass was there but not drowning out the synthos and vocals. I played Hardwell's United We Are and a few Oliver Heldens mixes, then went on to a Mozart compilation I have. It all sounded incredible, it was as if I was there at a live concert, being surrounded by the music. 
    Equally important was the comfort and aesthetics. The BBP look obnoxious in my opinion, they're really large due to the type of pads and where the headband attaches to the cups. These MK2's are more subdued, the red line on the cans is stylish, and the overall design seems much more streamlined and modern. The earcups fit flush around my ears (2.5 inch inner dimension) and the pads were incredibly comfortable against my head. There's no doubt in my mind I can wear these for 5+ hours whereas the BBP made me constantly aware that they were on, ears sweating, folded bottom lobe, etc. 
    Definitely keeping the MK2's and I am so happy I didn't wait for the 1ABT. These are awesome and worth every penny of the $288. The bluetooth connection is much more stable than the BBP as well which would cut in and out for no reason. 
    The BBP did have a great sound but for my newbie ears there is no discernible difference and they both sound incredible to me. 
    Thanks for all the help guys! 
    The polk are being sent back since I decided to go wireless. 
    Yappadappadu and orion23rigel like this.
  15. orion23rigel
    Awesome! Thanks for the update. I actually decided to return the Backbeat Pros and try the MK2s as well. Should be here soon. I'm ready to be rid of wires. For now, I'm using a Sound Blaster E5 with some Takstar HI2050s for my quasi wireless listening.
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