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HRT MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by bobeau, Mar 18, 2013.
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  1. jarrett
    Just as a dac
  2. Lohb

    Should have my MS hooked up to this split power (red & black) and  data cable (bright red) with above USB port plug.....runs off mobile Energizer battery or wall powered Teradak USB power unit.
    I think it is worth the hassle to get these custom cables when you have USB powered smaller DACs.... just good practice to get the device away from dirty notebook power etc. 
    I never discovered if this MS has built-in galvanic isolation...anyone know ?
  3. Gilly87
    I reviewed the Music Streamer HD a while back - it's a damn nice DAC, a substantial step above the uS, and runs about $375 on Amazon.
  4. kuchumovn
    Using with an iPhone 5s.
    Not impressed by the sound.
  5. Gilly87
    Really? I have a 5S and with my W30s, T90s, and HD650s the uS is a serious step up from onboard sound...the 5S sounds bright, splashy, and thin in comparison.
  6. kuchumovn
    Well, it's a serious step-up no doubt.
    But compared to the onboard sound (which probably costs a couple of dollars) this thing gives me although detailed but splashy and edgy sound.
    It all depends on the headphones of course: I use Shure SE846.
    Or maybe my unit got defective, who knows.
    I used to like the sound very much in the beginning, but now, after a monthly break, I can't listen to it anymore.
    I'm using Resonessance Herus if anyone asks: much heavier and bulkier thing (and I like it very much too).
  7. Gilly87
    Hmm. My W30s sound great with it; I think it's less splashy and noticeably fuller than the 5S onboard sound.
    How do you like the Herus? Do you prefer it to the uS? Why?
  8. kuchumovn
    Well the Herus costs twice more to begin with.
    Next, as I've already said, it's much bulkier to be used in a portable rig.
    But, I used to have Burson Conductor SL on my desk at home and now it's gone and is on sale because I'm in love with this Herus thing.
    Though it's a beefy amplifier and there is very audible idle hiss on SE846 for example.
    And I noticed that I'm the first headfier to write a review on this unit which may tell you about its popularity (or the popularity of Resonessence):
    Sound wise I found Herus to be punchier in the bass and nonfatigueing.
    That's just my opinion though and I won't speak for all the microstreamers out there.
  9. Gilly87
    You have piqued my interest, good sir...
    How would you compare the Herus vs uStreamer for driving the HD650?
  10. kuchumovn
    Well I'll have to bring uS from work and try it at home with my 650s.
    I'll post my thoughts here the next week or so.
  11. Gilly87
    Right on, thanks dude, I appreciate it :)
    I'm curious about the concero, too; looking forward to your review (if you plan on writing one) :)
  12. kuchumovn
    Ok, you can always read about Concero HP on headfonia too
    I mainly chose Resonessence for mobility and compactness while preserving hifi sound.
    I'm sure a good standalone dac/amp combo would kick ass, but I only like combos and now I also like only USB powered ones.
    As for the Herus vs uStreamer comparision, I've just performed one.
    My conclusions are the same: my uStreamer is a little bit sparkly on highs (many people would hardly notice that I suppose, because my ears totally can't stand sparkly sounds), and Herus has definitely more punch in bass and is gentler on highs.
    But if you consider mainly portability, then uStreamer wins.
    As for HD650, I guess uStreamer isn't too suitable for them because they like a lot of power.
    It's Sennheiser HD, everyone knows that.
    They recommend Tubes with them.
    uStreamer is still a good piece of engineering and that would be fair to compare it to dragonflies sort of stuff, whose asses are kicked by uS as far as I read on the internets.
  13. dmbr
    I've started getting pops and clicks, too. Using Foobar with 50ms buffer at 48khz, and neither wasapi nor DS resolves it :/
  14. dmbr
    Schiit USB Decrapifier ftw!!
  15. Lohb

    Sure, I was just half way there with that solution before so easier/cheaper for me....looks like another great & simple device.
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