1. DoubleB123

    Amp Needed for HifimeDIY Sabre DAC?

    Long story short I broke the headphone jack on my laptop(HP Pavilion dv6) and figured I should just get a DAC instead of replacing it. I'm planning on getting this DAC http://hifimediy.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=83[1] but I remember reading somewhere that it has a fairly high...
  2. Mr Badass

    HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC stop work

    Hi, my HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC not working i dont know why, but im sure that its not abaut my usb ports becouse everythink is okey with it. Dac just have no connection with computer, so its abaut DAC not computer or drivers. What can i do with it? how can i fix it?
  3. frap129

    DAC/Amp Decision.

    Hello, I've been wanting to get into high quality audio for a while, and I just got my first pair of audiophile grade cans, Audio Technica ATH-M50's, and I want to get good audio at an affordable price. I've found a few options and just need help making a decision on which to purchase. The first...
  4. BenF

    Is ODAC an upgrade to the hifimediy DAC?

    Hi   I have the hifimediy DAC built on ES9023: http://hifimediy.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=83   It's great, and I use it to drive all my headphones directly - FIIO E17 and FIIO E6 are now unemployed. The sound has great detail over the entire frequency range...
  5. money4me247

    Giant List of sub-$200 portable DACs w/ their chips & price

    hey, I recently went through the trouble to look up the DAC chips & prices of quite a few sub-$200 DACs. Fricking manufacturers often do not disclose their DAC chip on their product specs. (kinda shady imo lol) Not sure if this list would be helpful to anyone, but I figured I'd post it. Please...
  6. donnot

    Budget USB DAC

    Hi all   I've just ordered a pair of sony MH1c's and I am looking for a half-decent DAC as my ultrabook's VIA audio isn't cutting it for me, even with my id america spark IEM's. My budget is $50, preferably including shipping and I live in Australia, which will probably limit my choices. Also...
  7. money4me247

    New version of HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC 2 (external PSU) with AMP!

    New version of the HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC 2 (external PSU) comes w/ a headphone amp! has rca & coax outputs. Price: $69.00. Uses a Sabre ES9023 dac chip. http://hifimediy.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=87   seems like a pretty amazing item for the price!! has a solid...
  8. ScottRG

    External DAC or Computer Sound Card?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to audiophile and high end equipment, but for the last couple of months I've enjoyed my new stereo system I put together to play vinyl records. My next purchase I'm looking to make is on a DAC. I recently ripped my entire CD collection to flac on my desktop. I'm not...
  9. starbux48

    Inexpensive sound card for PCI/PCI-Ex1/PCI-Ex16 (or USB) to improve audio for lossless audio playback on Win 7

    Am not a gamer but mostly have lossless music on a Windows 7 desktop pc with the above slot types that I want to get something better than the builtin audio. It's an HP Pavilion pc about 7 years old.  Have to get under $100 card or USB Dac.  Will connect output to powered Swan D1010IV speakers.
  10. aeroG1

    WTB: Brainwavz B2, HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC, Grados

    Just some things I've been meaning to get a hold of. Prices are not set, they are completely negotiable. Brainwavz B2 - $75 HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC - $35 Grado sr60 - $45 Grado sr60i - $50 Grado sr80 - $55 Grado sr80i - $60
  11. alrgeez

    HifiMeDiy Sabre usb dac

    hello head-fiers. looking to buy a hifimediy sabre usb dac for ~$35 paypal shipped.   just stepping into the world of hi-fi and i'd like to try this dac paired with my new sr60i. if you have one available please do post or shoot me a pm.   thanks for looking.
  12. eltocliousus

    SMSL SD-022+ affordable DAC

    There's a few SMSL products on eBay/Amazon and the well priced SD-022 caught my eye, looks to use the popular TE7022L controller used in the HiFimeDIY DAC.     Anyone have any more information on this? Looks similar to the FiiO E10 in size, has options for either RCA out or...
  13. utdeep

    FS: Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC

    By this time, everyone should know what a remarkable value the Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC is: http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifimediy-sabre-usb-dac   Great optical/analog output, terrific sound.  Uses the same Sabre DAC as the ODAC.  I'm selling mine for much less than it cost me because it...
  14. snoopy2080

    Is hifimediy sabre dac a good entry level dac?

    I just got this dac shipped yesterday. I was looking for a >$100 dac and I wonder if I made a good choice.
  15. snoopy2080

    hifimediy sabre dac vs e-mu 0204?

    I am currently using hifimediy dac. It sounds quite nice with my er-4s and amperior. I saw an rightmark comparison between hifimediy and e-mu 0204, which 0204 performed better. Would it be a significant upgrade if I switch to 0204 from Hifimediy?
  16. swmkdr

    HifimeDIY Sabre USB DAC

    I bought a HifiMeDIY USB Sabre ESS9023 DAC while waiting for my ODAC to arrive around a week ago. I can't tell the difference between the two but I'm keeping the ODAC purely for aesthetic reasons as it will be used with my O2 amp.   Shipping within the EU is included in the price, but buyer...
  17. Kossified

    Hifimediy USB Sabre DAC Setup Help

    Hello.  I'm  more or less a total audio neophyte.  I wanted to improve the sound quality from my computer to play through my simple 2.0 stereo "system," so I ordered the Hifimediy USB DAC.   I plugged in the usb and it installed automatically.  I plugged in the 3.5mm cable connected to my amp...
  18. gopanthersgo1

    Brightish DAC under $50

    I'm selling my Soundcard to get funds toward a better DAC and a monitor, so I need a DAC to hold me over. My budget is $50. I've been interested in the Ele, Muse, HifiMeDIY, and UD100. Inputs do not matter to me. I am looking for a DAC with a brightish sound signature, as I LOVE hard, sharp...
  19. LazBro123

    HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC with ES9023 chip

    Up for sale is a HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC. It was purchased approximately a month ago. There are a few scratches, but is fully functional.  Please contact me for shipping charges (I will ship anywhere).       The HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC was developed by DIY (do it yourself} enthusiasts in the...
  20. bigbenrfan99

    Advice for relatively cheap DAC/amp/both for Shure srh840 for a laptop?

    Now that I have good headphones (Shure srh840), and I can notice the difference between a CD on a stereo and a 320 kbps mp3 made from the same CD, I have a few questions as far as using my laptop is concerned.   1. Would I get better sound out of my laptop with a DAC/amp/both with WAV...
  21. ruleof72

    Help with DAC/Amp Combo for PC with Optical or Coax input-Budget Under $250

    I've recently got my downstairs system set up with the Mad Dog headphones and Schiit Magni amp running out of my Squeezebox classic. I'm really enjoying the sound of this set up and want to duplicate it as much as possible up in the office while using the computer. I blew a lot of my "fun" money...
  22. rocky001

    SABRE DAC which version to buy

    Hi, I have a pair of audioengine2 speakers. While i am satisfied with them  but after 2.5 years you would want more. So the first question is will they respond positively from a dedicated source, currently i am using onboard supply of Sony laptop. I don't have much budget because these things...
  23. Gilly87

    Fake HD598s bassy?

    Just grabbed a pair of HD598s from Amazon, lightly used from a seller with about 92% positive feedback. Came with no box, and they seem bassier than I was expecting...does anyone know anything about fake HD598s?
  24. devoker

    Hifimediy Sabre Dac without amped

    Is it possible to use this dac without an amp to drive portable headphones? I will use it mainly with my 2.1 system(active speakers), but I also want to use it with my P5 and gr06 from time to time. Any chance it may harm the iems or headphones as it delivers lineout voltage?
  25. psgarcha92

    Hifimediy Sabre Dac, will it be an Upgrade?

    Hey Guys   I own a Dell Studio 1555, with IDT HD Audio on board, which, needless to say, sounds so crappy, i had to remove the original drivers from IDT and use it on Default Windows drivers. I currently lost my Sansa Fuze, and with not much cash in my wallet, am forced to look away from the...