1. twomygame

    Pro 900 Disappointment

    I heard these were the bassiest cans but upon listening I was not impressed. Is there a good sub bass amp like the ZO2 that anyone could recommend for these? I have the Fiio E7 and it drives them nicely however all I'm looking to do is amplify the lows so maybe an amp to set a lower frequency...
  2. thinh4u2

    Help! Problem with Magni/Modi

    Hey guys, I am having problems with my Magni/Modi. After not being used for years, I finally pulled them out of storage but now they sound VERY tinny, flat and monotone.  Is it the Magni or the Modi that is the problem?  The sound is COMPLETELY different, and definitely something is wrong.  Man...
  3. brazm

    JDS Labs C5 Question

    Hello,   I am interested in this amplifier, and I was wondering, does anyone know if it pairs well with the Denon D2000's? Currently, I am using the FiiO E12, which is good, but I want something with a bit more soundstage and clarity. However, I also like the warm sound and bass that the E12...
  4. Scot1970

    On-the-go headphones for classical lover?

    Hi there,   My Shure SE530s are no more and so I'm thinking of a change of direction. I'm considering over the ear headphones for my next pair of travel out-and-about cans. I listen to a lot of symphonies so I prefer a neutral and organic, tending to warm, signature that has a wide and open...
  5. Mshenay

    Battle of the Modded Wood Backs Comparative review of a Modded W1000x and LA D2k

    So guyz I've finally got both my wood closed backs with me again, and it's time to decide if I'm going to keep them both as I intended to... or if one is indeed better than the other!       
  6. mayorblurps

    ALO Island good for desktop?

    Let me start by saying I'm new here, new to hi fi, mid fi, etc. I'm looking into a desktop amp/DAC combo of some kind whether it's a sound card upgrade or an external setup. I've got my eyes on the ALO Island for the size and form factor as well as the price. Portability isn't really a concern...
  7. julianbell92

    IC: Denon D2000 with Lawton Audio Cups, Angle Pads & DIY Toxic Cables Recable (UK located)

    Gauging interest in my modified Denon D2000s.   I may need to free up some cash in the coming months and these would probably have to be the first things to go. I would be sad to see these go as they were my first ‘proper’ headphones and I have invested a lot of time (and money!) in them (see...
  8. Kouzelna

    Review: Glow Audio Amp One w/ Denon Lawton D2000, K701, HD650, ER-4S, Audio Tech AD2000, DT880/600

    ( Photos at End )   Kouzelna Productions Presents   In Conjunction with Head-Fi Entertainment   *-*  The Glow Audio Amp One  *-*   Tube Headphone & Speaker Amp   With Onboard USB DAC     Starring Venerable Players:   Denon “MD”AH-D2000, modified by Lawton Audio...
  9. movi

    Denon D2000 w/ Lawton Mods & Custom Cups *FINAL PRICE DROP*

    PM me offers or questions. If you're in Canada you get cheap shipping and no PayPal fees (as well as the EMT option if you prefer).   Denon LA2000 Lite (w/ stock D2000 cable)   These are the cans that started me down the Lawton path. I am only selling them because they prompted me to...
  10. 336881

    Denon LA-D2000's

    SOLD/Better pictures below!LA D2000's!!! Huge price drop!!! The real deal. No stock parts left on and all the work done by the legandary mark lawton himself. They have hawaiian koa wood cups, angle pads, and a 2.5 meter copperone cable with 1/4" furutech plug and mark's 3 hr. labor intensive...
  11. munchzilla

    FOUND: Lawton Audio D2000 (LA-D2000 Lite) or Stock Denon D5000, Canada

    Hi - as title says, I'm looking for either of these two, or any other woody Denon D2000/D5000 for a good price.   Also looking for Lawton Audio 1.2 Pads in case I do find a pair of D5000 or LA-D2000 without them.   I'm currently located in Montreal, Canada.   Let me know asking price...
  12. 336881

    LA-D2000's a nice alternative to the new denon line

    So my story starts at the begining of this year. My technics rpdh-1200 fell apart after 6 years of loyal service. It had been quite a while since I looked at headphones, but I remember that last time I looked it was quite fun, trying out about a dozen headphones before picking the technics. This...
  13. bobeau

    HRT MicroStreamer

    I don't believe a thread exists for this amazing device so I thought I'd create one.   First off, links to pro reviews:
  14. Clincher09

    Best $100 amp?

    I'm currently running my Denon D2000s through a Fiio E11. However, I know that this amp isn't bringing these phones to their true potential. Also the short battery life and inability to charge while in use is kind of killing it for me.   I've been out of the game for a while and have no idea...
  15. Iron Lung

    Denon D2000 pads: Lawton Angle vs Mad Dog Alpha

    I've finally decided to pop my 'headphone mod' cherry and had a quick question for my first venture into custom pads with my Denon D2000:   Lawton Angle Pads or Mr Speaker's Mad Dog Alpha pads ?   After reading as much as I could around I've narrowed it down to those two (Jmoney knocked out...
  16. 3ntropy

    D2000 Lawton mods

    Has anyone A-B stock D2000s and modded? If so what were the differences, and in your opinion what mods made which differences? Just trying to decide if it's worth it to mod, or try some different headphones, like say the HE-400s. I listen to mainly metal and electronic.   Any thoughts are...
  17. jacksonchansf

    Lawton Audio LA-D2000

    Our LA Series Headphones: “The Works”. Our Very Best. Once a Denon stock unit has undergone our Level 3 procedure and is properly tuned, outfitted with a pair of our custom chambers, and terminated with one of our custom cables, it becomes part of our premier LA Series line of headphones. A...