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Pro 900 Disappointment

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by twomygame, Jul 11, 2013.
  1. twomygame
    I heard these were the bassiest cans but upon listening I was not impressed. Is there a good sub bass amp like the ZO2 that anyone could recommend for these? I have the Fiio E7 and it drives them nicely however all I'm looking to do is amplify the lows so maybe an amp to set a lower frequency? Or an equalizer? Confused and scared for the future.

    Hugh from Cleveland

    PS- People have recommended the D2000/LP2/DT770's
  2. twomygame
    Also how does the Q-40 aim with these?
  3. DMax99
    I used my pro900 with my Asus xonar essence one and it sounds great.

    I have also the v moda m100, sony Xb500, xb700 and xb1000. They are all very bass heavy headphones. Ultrasone DJ1 Pro has pretty good bass too and it's much cheaper than the pro900.

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