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HRT MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by bobeau, Mar 18, 2013.
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  1. Lohb

    Is the noise/pops only on Windows machines ? OSX OK ?
  2. LajostheHun
    It was Windows 7 64bit,HRT will work with you though if there problems. I don't have any apple devices so don't know if there are problems with OSX as well.
  3. jarrett
    Lowering the buffer to 25-50 ms fixes problems like that
  4. Lohb

    Excellent, may try and pick one up.....kind of off the Sabre style now...will sacrifice a bit of detail for musicality as that is the bottom line...listening to music vs analysis !
  5. Lohb
    Are there any older versions of this DAC that were a bit buggy etc ? I'm thinking of picking one up used vs new.
    Also, does it work with USB 3.0 connections with no problem ?
    Just thinking of any future upgrades of my OSX machine which is USB 2.0 just now and reading some USB DAC's having issues with USB 3.0.
  6. Gilly87
    AFAIK, the only known bugs with this guy are with Windows machines and are fixable by update.
  7. LajostheHun
    it works with USB 3, I used mine on a USB3 hub, but it crashed though from time to time even when I hooked it up directly to the laptop. 
  8. Lohb
    Hi, can anyone tell me the USB port type on the unit ?
    USB female port but then it is one of the smaller USB plugs that insert into it...?
  9. LajostheHun
    USB mini
  10. Lohb

    Anyone know if it has some form of galvanic isolation built-in or should I use a USB noise isolator like Teradak clean 5V USB power to nudge things up a bit with power consistency/black background ?
    This would work with porting the unit to external linear 5V power I think.
  11. ogs123
    Any guesses how good would HRT's new dSp / i-dSp Kickstarter project could be?. It looks like a variation of the microStreamer with just a headphone output. The specs:
    Sample rate                                         up to 96 kHz (same as microStreamer)
    Bit depth                                              up to 24 bit (same as microStreamer)
    Full Scale output                                  1.75 Volts RMS (vs microStreamer = 1.4 Volts)
    Output impedance                                .5 Ohm (same as microStreamer)
    S/N Ratio (A-weighted)                         106 dB (vs microStreamer = 102 dB)
    Noise floor (A-weighed)                         8 uV RMS (vs microStreamer = 18 uVolts)
    Frequency Response (20 Hz / 20 kHz)   +0 dB / -.2 dB (vs microStreamer +0db / -.4dB)
    Power requirements                             50 mA (vs microStreamer 100 mA)
    Here's the link to the Kickstarter page:
  12. Lohb
    Anyone running Fostex T50RP off the HRT MS ? Bass control OK or a bit lacking ?
  13. Lohb
    Anyone moving on up from their microstreamer give me a PM...Looking for one used !
  14. jarrett
    Possibly haha...
    I asked this question in the other thread and want to ask it here too:
    What do mS owners think would be a good upgrade? Anything under $400?
    Needs to have:
    - its own power supply (an obvious upgrade)
    - USB async
    - stereo RCA would be good
  15. Gilly87
    Are you using it as a dac/amp combo or just dac?
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