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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. Oof Oink
    All in all, my findings are in line with InnerFidelity, when the writer stated the following in his conclusion:

    "The HiFiMan RE-262 ($149) and RE-272 ($249) are two highly capable earphones that---sound signatures aside---are pretty much identical despite the price gap. Their modular cable system, unlike most, actually adds value to the product and the fit, finish, and construction all impress. While I happen to think that the pricier RE-272 is the better earphone, there is no guarantee that other listeners will agree. The RE-272 is a little more balanced, clear, and neutral while the warmer RE-262 is more lush-sounding and laid-back. The more colored signature of the RE-262 is magical with certain tracks and even where a mid-centric presentation is less desirable, it does not fall far behind the RE-272. Those looking for a great all-round earphone at a great price will find either of these to do the job as well as anything out there."

    Mimics my own listening experience with either, down to a T.
  2. Inks
    Similar, not identical lol [yes one is warm and midcentric/the other is clearer and thinner]. Resonant points are indentical, exactly like the difference between EQ5 and EQ7. 
  3. Pianist
    On paper they are nearly alike. I also heard them as very similar sounding myself, as I owned both at the same time and AB'ed them. Any differences could easily be attributed to variations in insertion depth, production differences between units, different tips, and the impedance difference which is quite large and means that the IEMs will behave quite differently from each other, depending on which source they are used with. RE262 may sound more dull out of a weaker source due to not getting sufficient power. Alternatively, RE272 can sound audibly brighter than they should out of a source with a high output impedance due to their low impedance, giving the impression that they are more clear or detailed than RE262, when in fact they are just brighter.
  4. Pianist
    That was placebo. I didn't have both when I wrote that. Then, I bought RE262 and when I AB'ed both, I found that they did sound nearly identical. Still, I tried to convince myself that RE272 was better, just because everybody said so and because I couldn't believe that Fang would release an IEM that cost $100 more while sounding nearly the same... Then I saw the Innerfidelity graphs for both and that showed me the errors of my way. lol  [​IMG]
  5. Inks
    Finally someone that admits placebo's precense....
  6. Pianist
    Look at the part that I underlined. The description should have ended right there. It's all placebo.
  7. Oof Oink

    If taken out of context, then yes. Or did you forget the few words just before, which state "sound signatures aside." lol

    We are just running circles here, fellas.
  8. Pianist
    double post
  9. Inks
    Point of the matter is, RE262 is just a midcentric version of the RE272, the RE272 doesn't have anything that justifies the 100$ gap. Yes you can charge a little more for it, but the difference was ludicrous IMO. 
  10. Pianist
    Hmm... that doesn't make sense to me. They are nearly identical, but have different sound signatures? But the measurements sure don't show the sound signatures to much different at all. [​IMG]
  11. Oof Oink
    Let's go back on topic, please. Seriously, what do the RE-400s taste like? Anyone? :wink:

    P.S. If you're unable to read between the lines, there's a hint of sarcasm in there somewhere.
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    I do have both, and volume matched them when listening when I was writing a review for RE272. I think they share some similarity between the two. Given the fact that both are tuned within the same time, if they are coming from the same series of drivers, I won't be surprised. But saying they are identical is a bit far off IMO. At least my volume matched listening doesn't support that. They are two different sounding IEM with different character in sound. They might look alike in Tyll's graphs, but if you aline their FR curves, you will notice there are not actually identical. Of course, this is not to say whether RE272 is worth $100 or not is invalid. Then again, I never think the price of any sound is dictated by their measurement. At least I don't think any manufacturer even take that approach in pricing. If they do that, we wouldn't have to pay over $500 for any CIEM, ToTL or not.
    What interesting will be, if a person who listened to both and found that RE272 is worth the extra, only to turn around and say the opposite after reading Tyll measurement... well, food for thought.
    Oof Oink likes this.
  13. Oof Oink

    He discusses what he meant in length on the first page of that article. Again, when he says they're "pretty much identical," he is referring to everything except sound, as he made quite clear with the above statement. Just like if I were to say that all HiFiMan orthos are identical, what would you think I meant? Sound wise, or aesthetics wise? Hopefully not the former...
  14. Oof Oink

    ^ Very well said!
  15. Inks
    Originally Posted by ClieOS /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Yup, they're both different flavors of the same driver. Based on that the price-difference is not justifiable, then again manufacturers tend to overprice what they consider to be their flagship, it always happens this way, except for the EQ-5 lol. Manufacturers price based on flair, not performance lol. 
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