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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. proedros
    i think every one of us hears in his own unique way. therefore the only thing left to us,  is read every subjective opinion here and make ourselves what iem is good for us and our hearing tastes.
    i , for instance , like neutral sound . reading threads here back in 2010 i decided to get some neutral iems. i am completely happy with my path.
    so should everyone here do , i think. there is not one universal truth , especially when one's hearing perception is involved.
    read,think,evaluate,try. repeat ad infinitum.
  2. Inks

    The remaining difference is due to insertion depth, Tyll doesn't precisely measure depth, Rins is always the reference plane. It's the reason why Tylls graph for the IE800, UE700, etc are so screwed up. Of course compensated results are quite different. I will say that Tylls compensation has much lesser grounds and its a hybrid of free-field compensation which has been debunked many times.
  3. vwinter

    I don't even know why I ask questions around here.
  4. FarCry
    Yea the blog is alright, it just needs a bit of peer review to be more accurate (scientifically speaking)
  5. munchzilla
    soo... any news on RE-600 yet?
  6. FarCry
  7. TheGame21x
    I'm so excited to see what HiFiMan does with the RE-600 after the 400!
  8. dleblanc343
    I have to say my re272 are still better than the re400's i got my brother, but not by much. The re400's for their price are phenomenal and definitely the better buy. The re400's do bass better but lack the high frequency extension and linearity of the 272's. it sounds kind of hollow with a few dips in the upper mids and highs. They also do not image quite as good but it's close.

    I also compared the 262's and RE ZERO at work today and I am not as much of a fan of those iem's.
    I will be getting news about the RE600 in Canada this week; I hope it's coming soon!

  9. Pianist
    Interesting. To my ears, RE400 images better than RE272 with a more filled out center stage and a sharper, more focused sound. I found RE272 a little "blurry" sounding and the soundstage was similar to that of Etymotic ER4 - great left to right stereo separation, but a weak center image. I also think RE400 definitely has the more present, more lively mids than RE272. I agree with you regarding the treble and bass differences between the two. Technically, apart from the treble, I don't feel that RE272 has any real technical advantages over RE400 and personally, I think RE400 has the better, more natural sounding lows and mids.
    Honestly, I don't get all this love for RE272. RE262 is almost the same IEM for a fraction of the price and has a higher impedance that makes it pair better with a wider variety of sources IMO and makes it sound more focused and controlled in many cases IMO. Also, I don't like that it is trying to sound like an armature with a flat frequency response, yet can't match the precision of armature drivers, ending up sound less realistic. IMO, dynamics just can't sound like armatures and shouldn't pretend to. RE400, on the other hand, takes full advantage of its dynamic driver and does what dynamic drivers can do best, providing a warm, inviting, musical sound with a hearty, punchy bass and an enveloping soundstage that only the best multi-driver armatures are capable of matching. In other words, for me RE400 embodies the best traditions of the classic, high-quality dynamic driver design, complete with the inherent advantages of dynamic drivers over single armatures or electrostats - a more full bodied, musical sound with a big bass response that can be felt and not just heard. RE400 for me is like the HD650 or HE-300 of the IEM world.
  10. JosephKim
    wow all this freakin talk of freakin frequency graphs and drivers and blah blah blah. ITS ABOUT THE MUSIC.
    There is obviously value in graphs and such, but it just rubs me the wrong way when it seems people have made this hobby a science class rather than something you just enjoy. Sometimes it seems people determine how much they enjoy a headphone only after they've seen the frequency graph. Ah the power of the mind!
    That is all :). I am looking forward to trying the re400 haha.
  11. Oof Oink

    This is heavily misleading, and blatantly inaccurate. I really don't care for measurements at this point, but it doesn't take a trained/special set of ears to hear that the two sound very distinct.
  12. Pianist
    I think that it is pretty obvious by looking at those measurements that the two use identical drivers in an identical or near identical housing with the only difference being a bit more damping material in RE262 that decreases treble energy a bit. Based on these graphs, both have fantastic bass extension and nearly totally linear mids, but less treble than ideal. With some treble lift, these could be pretty much perfect on paper.
    Edit: Actually, it looks like the differences in the treble level and some minor differences in the other measurements may just be due to differences in insertion depth - RE262 was simply inserted a little deeper, hence the minor decrease in treble energy. Other than that and the different impedances, the two are pretty much the same then. Of course, these are not complete measurements - it would also be nice to the an CSD plot for both. However, I am pretty sure that the decay is nearly identical between the two as well, considering how similar the other measurements are.
  13. Oof Oink
    No arguing that, on paper, they measure quite similarly. But as I mentioned in my previous post, I really don't care for measurements at this point, because the point I was trying to make is that they hardly sound alike. That's what needed clarification IMO, in case any reader misinterprets your above statement to mean what it says literally, when you said that the "RE262 is almost the same IEM for a fraction of the price."

    Now then. I haven't had the urge just yet to try the RE-400, but the RE-600 has really piqued my interest, especially since I've yet to own a single HiFiMan product that hasn't lived up to expectations. :)

    EDIT: spelling error. Meant your, not you're.
  14. Inks

    Actually for the RE272 and 262 they were in the same insertion depth as the resonant points match. RE262 is 272 with more damping as you previously said. 
    RE262 and 272 use the same driver and sound alike, it's as simple as that. I agree, RE272 was way overpriced, heck RE0 v3. is on par...
  15. Oof Oink

    Hmm... I beg to differ. As per Pianists own words, and I quote:

    "RE262 and 272 have much better dynamics than the previous RE series IEMs. I didn't like RE262 though because it lacks treble detail and presence to my ears. RE272 is a completely different beast though and is significantly more technically capable than the RE262 while maintaining all of the RE262 strengths, except for less musical mids at least to my ears. Compared to RE252 and older IEMs in the series, the RE272 is a real step up technically, but for music enjoyment I still consider RE0 the best of the series. I haven't heard RE-ZERO though."

    Original post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/565498/kiteki-review-hifiman-re0-re252-re272-versus-other-iems-post-153/15#post_7662269

    Why such a radical change of opinion?
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