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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. dleblanc343
    Hey guys, I've learned that Hifiman has unveiled a new flagship in-ear and noticed no talk about it whatsoever. I have no clue what to expect from them, but thought it would be good to get a thread going for them.
    What do you guys think of the looks first off?
    And do share whatever you know about these if you can!
    (edit) It appears Fang is also releasing the RE-400, not sure how much those will be, but apparently the RE-600 will be about 500$ usd.
  2. planx
    Interesting. Really liked the RE262 and the RE272 and I'm sure these will definitely perform up to those standards and above potentially
  3. phantompersona
    Ohhhh, can't wait to see what these babies can do.
  4. JohannLiebert
    I dislike the look , but that doesnt matter to me.
    I actually appreciate new dynamic iems. It's a pain taking a portable amp with me just to drive some multi-ba inears
  5. putente
  6. psygeist
    I like the old asymmetric housing. That's just more comfortable and fits snug.
  7. Kunlun
    Should be very interesting!
  8. Kunlun

    I have some bad news for you: Pretty much all dynamic iems do better with an amp.
  9. maguire
    Always interested when Hifiman bring out new IEM.......:)
  10. JosephKim
    Definitely fugly but excited to hear these. Re262 are some of my favorite IEMs.
  11. tinyman392
    I actually like the gold and black design, the colors contrast each other beautifully. 
    My Comparisons (Part I)
  12. Zelda
    and dont forget the RE400
  13. WNBC
    Will keep an open mind and likely will get them but in terms of looks, don't care for the flashy gold colored IEMs.  The body type of the RE-262/272 fits my ear nicely, the IEM in the picture will likely be a less snug fit but who knows.  Bring those bad arse puppies to me.  
  14. noluckboi
    There is actually a review of the RE600 in Mandarin at a chinese website with comparison to the K3003. I have misplaced the link.
    Edit: I just realized this post was actually written by HeadphoneAddict and the people manning the Chinese forum had translated what he wrote to Mandarin for the benefit of their understanding.
    But here is the link to another that I have found.
    You can use google translate to get an idea of what he is writing, but based on my limited understanding of Mandarin, the person mentions how by using the balanced setting of the HM-901, the RE600 comes across as effortless and balanced. None of the frequency stood out as the bass, mids and highs were excellent in their respective areas. The mids are not as forward sounding as the RE262 and RE272 but aren't as recessed sounding either. He mentions that the mids are lush although he didn't compare it to the RE-262. Bass is quick and punchy with excellent timbre, while the highs are typical of the HiFiMan sound signature, one that is smooth and well-extended, translating to a non sibilant, non-fatiguing sound with plenty of details. Soundstage is good with excellent 3D imaging. All in all, he mentions how it is an excellent IEM that can be compared to the more expensive Customs.
    Unfortunately, that is about all I could gather from the website. I did not read every single page of his review - included the HM-901 and RE-600 - as I was getting a headache from the words by then :p Thus, do take my interpretations with a grain of SALT! Thank you!
  15. noluckboi
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