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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    You guy should go and ask Tyll for his option (or to reconfirm it, actually). No need to run in loop on the same arguments. Fang has taken his time to tune RE262, and more so on RE272. If he think RE272 is worth the $100 more because the extra time he has spent to get it right, then that's his decision. None of us has to agree or disagree about it, especially since both have been discontinued. Regardless, same argument can just as well be applied to SE530 vs. SE535, 2X-S vs. K2 SP or PFE022 vs. PFE122 (to a lesser extent). I am sure there are other of such example out there and I don't think you can get everyone to agree unanimously that the price increment is worthy / unworthy of the difference in sound.
  2. Inks
    Well the SE535, ER4, 2x-S, etc. have better build compared to their counterparts while RE272's build is exact. Of course he can price as he wants, but from the consumer's side it doesn't look good. 
  3. FarCry
    well i cant disagree with this point of view [​IMG]
  4. Guest5
    With RE 400 it also A LOT depends on the source. They sound meh from an android phone. But wait till you give'em some real power and you will be amazed at the juice coming out of them. 
    Yesterday I listened to ER4S again and while RE 400 are no match for Etymotic they rather are close to Sennheiser HD 650 in terms of sound signature and quality with HD 650 being more pure a bit. Of course needs to be said I use ER4S only with foam tips which are the best and always were with a good deep insertion, that is the way ER4S should be listened to imo.
    What RE400 is also very good at is separation and soundstage, the 3D scene is easy to see inside the head. Even from my old SONY DNE900 cd player they sound amazingly rich, that was the best sounding portable of the last days when cd players disappeared. An android phone is very bad in sound department, they sound ok at best, there is no richness, I never get shivers of joy from my android phone. Some people can decide that this is the way RE400 sound, but no, the sound of these strictly depends on the source.  
  5. JosephKim
    Just ordered :). Will post some impressions once I receive them!
  6. EraserXIV
    Was holding out for the re600, but the more I think about it, at 4x the price it's setting itself up to be disappointing. I really do hope I am wrong.
  7. Pianist
    Depends on how you look at it. If it will be a disappointment, that will be good because I won't have to spend the money. lol I am pretty sure RE-400 will already be good enough for me.
  8. Oof Oink

    Please, enlighten us. :)
  9. whirlwind
    My RE400 should be here by Friday......I can't wait!
  10. a_recording
    Oof! I forgot to actually give my input on this thread.
    I think the RE-400 is a pretty intensely good package for $99. I've had my pair for a while and I've been impressed. It's got a neutral tone, leaning towards warm with a slight bass tilt and smooth but detailed highs. Really strong sense of definition and clarity, though perhaps not an amazing sense of headspace in the soundstage.
    I think of it as being part of a triumvirate of awesome neutral IEMs, the other members being the GR07 and Sony 7550. The RE-400 is definitely the most smooth of the three, which may or may not translate to boring for some.
    I have a review video up for them if you guys want a closer look :3

  11. Sweden
    Music? Measurement fascist tend to listen to audiophile noises and at times Diana Krall which hardly can be categorized as music [​IMG]
  12. Sweden
    I remember the same things happening with the Beyerdynamic T1. Some people who really liked the sound of this headphone started shifting their opinion when the rather poor measurements started rolling in. Poor measurements in relation to the HD800 that is.
  13. Mimouille
    Very sad...well then we get good headphones cheap for sale :)
  14. SyCo87

    Is there any iems with better headspace for that price range?
  15. Pianist
    That was a very nice review. Personally, I was really impressed with the headstage on RE-400 though. That was one of the first things that struck me when I tried them out - the deep, enveloping soundstage that I am only used to hearing in multi driver IEMs.
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