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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. conquerator2
    And I usually do have a problem with the fit.
    Hifiman is flawless in this regard - no fit problems with both the full-size and IEMs
  2. Katun
    Anyone else use Hybrids with these? I'm curious to find out what tips everyone is using.
  3. munchzilla
    yikes. I just clicked onto this thread to ask if they work with these. thanks for answering!
    though another quick question: no updates on the RE-600 yet I take it? it's painful to wait at this point!
  4. EraserXIV
    Curious if there have been any updates on the RE-600, haven't heard much about it in a while.
  5. dtmhtk
  6. project86 Contributor
    I think it's become a labor of love for Fang, like the HM-901. He knows the price is high and that expectations go up accordingly. So he wants to ensure the sound quality is there, the reliability is there, etc. They don't need any sort of fiasco with either of those releases. 
  7. kyuuketsuki
    Why not post to the classifieds here?
  8. EraserXIV
    I guess that's a good thing, can't argue with how they do things down there, they've obviously been doing something right.
  9. justin w. Contributor
    i finally got a sample RE-400 to decide if i want to stock them.  first impressions pretty good.  extremely comfortable and lightweight.  reminds me of the Klipsch X10 in that regard.  sound seems balanced.  not an attempt to be overly bassy like some of the non-TOTL IEMs.
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  10. dleblanc343
    I got my 12 year old brother the RE400's. His tip selection makes the buds match my Senns in a way lol
  11. Pianist
    I just heard RE-400 at a local meet today. I was blown away by the midrange, bass and soundstage on these things. They are amazingly full, rich, smooth and just plain addicting to listen to. The sound has an inviting warmth and musicality to it. The bass is amazingly deep, tight and punchy. Vocals sounds very clear and lifelike. Imaging is very precise and the soundstage has a great depth to it. The only area where I feel that these could use some improvement is the treble - it's pretty clear and detailed, but I think it lacks some presence in spots - it seems to be a bit uneven sounding and some of the upper frequencies seem to be overpowered somewhat by the lows and mids. Maybe I just got a bad fit though. Despite the treble issues, I still felt that they are a huge step up from RE0 and superior overall to RE262 and RE272. The bass and mids are simply phenomenal on RE400 and remind me of the best dynamic headphones I've ever heard. After switching from RE400 to Ety HF5, the Etys sounded very thin, overly bright, brittle and lifeless - I think RE400 bet them in nearly ever way. ER4 faired better with the midrange quality at least comparable to that of RE400, with more resolution perhaps and more even highs, but the bass and soundstage was definitely lacking compared to RE400.
  12. nkmaggie
    never liked hifiman IEMs, too much high and not enough bass.
  13. Pianist
    If anything, RE400s may have the opposite problem. They definitely have much stronger bass than any of the previous Hifiman IEMs and it's actually borderline excessive to my ears. I think any more bass would turn these into a basshead IEM.
  14. EraserXIV
    Hifiman makes the best dynamic IEMs I've ever heard. They have a natural character to them that no BA IEM I've ever owned was able to completely reproduce (and I've owned many of the top of the line IEMs: SE535, SM3, Westone 4, UM3x to name a few; the SM3 and GR01 were probably the closest). While some of these BA IEMs were technically better, I was not able to get as much enjoyment out of them as I did with Hifimans, namely the RE262, which still holds a special place in my mind (those lush mids.. [​IMG]). The only thing about the RE262 was the darn fit.. it drove me crazy.. which is unfortunately why I no longer own them. Hifiman seems to have gone back to a more standard fit though, which is good.
    To be fair, I've been away from the IEM game for a bit so the new BA IEMs such as the FitEar 334 or the hybrid AKG K3003 may have been able to close the gap in terms of the natural character.. but they are prohibitively expensive and from a value standpoint don't seem close to what Hifiman offers.
    I'm curious about the RE-400, but I'm really looking forward to the RE-600. Really hoping Hifiman comes up with something special, they definitely have the track record.
  15. Zida
    I would agree, the RE-400 have a prominent, but not to the point of bloated, bass. I'm actually pretty happy with their treble, I just find a bit of a high mids peak that hurts distorted guitars for me. Most genres of music seem to work amazing with the RE-400, though.

    At our Toronto meet today I got to try a pair of Tzar 350 that showed me something I haven't found in a pair of universal IEMs before. Some sort of extreme clean, high detail reproduction. Something that just exudes the spirit of a high-end full-sized headphone. I dream of the RE-600 matching those sound reproduction highs.
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