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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. kyuuketsuki
    I'm going to say they are among the best, yes. Especially given their price point. However, having heard some great dynamics myself (EX1000, ASG-1, HJE900), they all have their pros and cons. But all have one thing in common, musicality and a naturalness that BA just has issues reproducing at the same price point. They can compete with headphones several hundred dollars more expensive. There are some trade-offs though. Like most 300+ IEMs now have some sort of removable cable which is a huge plus. But to say that the RE-400 can match some $200-300 is a very fair statement. To say they can compete with TOTL IEMs (FitEar 334 or 1P2) is another story entirely (and in my opinion ridiculous).
    I really look forward to hearing the RE-600 and seeing their price point. If they continue like with the RE-400, they might be close to or might even be giant killers.
    Yes, I agree with this. I wouldn't say they are reaching basshead status (unless I need better sealing tips, since I'm using what they were shipped with, I'll test that later) they definitely have bass that is less than neutral. Their treble extension is as good as to my ears as my ASG-1s, and have more prominence (kind of annoying really considering the price difference). I can imagine, though haven't tested, the music that sounds a bit dark on my ASG-1s being perfect, or close to being perfect on the RE-400s.
    However, in comparison to my ASG-1s, the soundstage is markedly better and imaging is better as well. Instrument separation is surprisingly about the same. Vocal separation the ASG-1s inch out a bit. This is mainly due to imaging though. The imaging is a bit... odd on the RE-400s. Some things don't just sound right, like the positioning seems off, while the ASG-1s seem to hit it spot on. The vocals aren't forward as they are on the ASG-1s so that might play a role in being able to pick out position and individual voices on the ASG-1s.
    I'm really curious to hear the Tzar 350s now. Having had the chance to demo two TOTL Univeral IEMs (the TG!334s and the Tralucent 1P2s), and having extensively auditioned the ER4s, to be told there is something that is as good as the ER4s if not better in clarity and accuracy is intriguing to say the least.
    If the RE-600s can come close to those and be in the $200 price range, I'd imagine that HiFiMan will have many fans.
    Note: I don't own these *yet* but I imagine that I will very soon. For the price point, these will be the perfect back-up IEMs (lets face it, they'll probably be my alternate to my main IEMs the ASG-1s (soon to be G-2s)) for me. I always like to have two, and the reason became painfully apparent to me when my HJE-900s died. Having to use the Samsung earbuds that came with my phone for the one day that I needed to use IEMs was just painful.
  2. Pianist
    I am a big fan of the ER4, but after hearing RE400, I started having doubts again about ER4's accuracy. It seems that ER4 is lighter on the bass and has more upper midrange emphasis than ideal. I think RE400 may have a more natural frequency balance. ER4 also doesn't sound very dimensional - it is mostly left and right with not much going on in the middle, unless you are listening to binaural recordings of course.
  3. Oof Oink

    Price has already been discussed. Stereodesk is already accepting preorders at $399, which I assume is the MSRP.
  4. kyuuketsuki
    You've just stated the greatest pitfall of BAs. Soundstage. On the lower end of the pool (and ER4s are right on the cusp of that) the soundstage is near nonexistent. It has great pretty much everything else, especially considering the price. And painful neutrality and clarity. But the soundstage is not there. I didn't think soundstage was fully capable on BA until I heard TG!334s. That's probably what impressed me most about them. 
    And yes, dynamics tend to be more natural sounding. But your impressions are pretty much spot on for everything though. The ER4s are technically more accurate, but are not natural. The RE400s are still accurate with that natural sound that lacks in many BA IEMs. 
    Really I'm starting to doubt my need for a fully BA IEM. I might eventually get a set for reference, but honestly, I can't see myself without at least a hybrid anymore without going TOTL.
  5. EraserXIV
    As someone mentioned earlier, the price is probably why it's taking so long to tune it. It's by far the most expensive Hifiman IEM to date, people are going to expect a lot.
  6. Pianist
    RE400 can compete with $300+ IEMs IMO, so if RE600 will cost 3-4 times more, then it should compete with $1000+ IEMs, otherwise it won't be worth it.
  7. kyuuketsuki
    Depends on the $300+ IEM and in what areas of sound. I think they can comfortably compete and beat in the $200-300 range. Past that it gets dicey. They can still compete with many, and you might second guess some of the IEMs in that price range, but that's about it. Though I do think they sounded better than UE900s (for my purposes). But I also tend to favour a well tuned dynamic over BA. They really can't compete with TOTL though. I've seen people say that, and wonder if they've spent time with any of them.
    If the RE-600s can compete with TOTL though. I'm not even going to second guess buying a pair. Then again, I'm not second guessing getting the RE-400s either. 
  8. WNBC
    My favorite IEMs were the 262, 272, RE-Zero (2 of 3 I still own).  262 was the reason why I didn't need to try any new IEM for two years.  I liked them that much.  I then stumbled upon the Heir Audio 4 Ai and find that I use these more than anything right now.  They cost more but the clarity, detail and midrange I really enjoy over my Hifiman IEMs thus worth the price paid.  Don't think I will ever try something in the $1000 club for IEMs but I am interested to hear the RE-400 and RE-600.  I am tempted to buy the RE-400 but then how many IEMs does one person need [​IMG].  I could easily see myself parked between Hifiman and Heir Audio for a long time.  Really can't go wrong with these two companies.       
  9. EraserXIV
    I kind of drifted away from the IEM scene so I missed the new wave of "customs in a universal shell" IEMs. It is nice concept and something that I wondered wasn't more popular a few years ago. I think I could dig up a couple posts where I asked why the concept wasn't more popular (or wasn't even in existence):
    I know there's the FitEar and now I see your HeirAudio, are they any other ones?
  10. kyuuketsuki

    Aurisonics ASG series. Literally universal versions of their custom offerings. Though one is dynamic and the other is hybrid. But I for one prefer the hybrid set up. So far only the 334 made me reconsider that. Though I haven't heard the Heir offerings yet so that might change.
  11. FarCry
    if RE 600 turns out to be worse than RE 272 then i am afraid its highly overvalued
  12. Pianist
    I already like RE400 more than RE272 personally. RE272 lacks the low end power, the sweet mids and the soundstage depth of RE400. I don't care if RE272 may be better technically (although I don't think it is) because I find RE400 to be way more enjoyable to listen to.
  13. FarCry

    It definitely is
  14. vwinter

    The TDK BA200, dual BA, produces a fantastic soundstage. Sony XBA series (moreso on the 4) does pretty well also but in a different style. Maybe recent BA based IEM's have come a long way?

  15. kyuuketsuki
    It is entirely possible. Or it could be that the BA IEMs I heard weren't representative of BA IEMs as a whole. I did overemphasize a bit (well except with the ER4, since they really do have a near nonexistent soundstage), but I really haven't heard any BA that comes close to Dynamic Driver (Other than TG!334) in terms of soundstage. 
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